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Reaching Your Full Career Potential

reaching your full potentialPotential is within the realm of possibility but not yet reached. We talk about reaching our full potential like it’s a good thing, but I don’t think it is.

Potential is somewhere in the future, yet the only place we have any power is in the now.

When folks talk about reaching their full potential it’s always a self-judgment. It’s a judgment based on something they may have heard, or a comment that someone else made about them, that got stuck in their head.

When someone tells you, what he or she thinks would be good for you – it usually isn’t good for you.

Any mindset that passes judgment on unrealized performance, is likely to cause more stress and suffering than motivation to change.

In the process of career coaching I’ll often ask my clients to decide what they most want from a career change. When they say, “I want to live up to my full potential.” I dig deeper by asking.

If you lived up to your full potential what would be happening then that isn’t now?

Tell me the top three benefits of living up to your full potential.

What kind of a career would you be working in if you were living up to your full potential?

Full potential is an unreachable illusion. It’s a state of unrealized perfection that is not clearly defined.

Reaching full potential is like being all that you can be. Who could ever be that? Where would they find the time?

It’s funny, we hear folks all the time talk about reaching their full potential but how often have you heard someone say. “I’m done. I’ve reached my full potential.”

Reaching an undefined, full career potential, is impossible. Even if, at some future time, you reached your full potential, you wouldn’t know it or feel that you had.

However, full potential in present moment fulfillment and as a desired level of prosperity can be defined. Identify what that is for you and go for it.

There is nothing else that anyone wants for you other than for you to be you. Byron Katie

Byron Katie through her illuminating process The Work has helped thousands realize the crippling affects of believing false assumptions. Watch the short video below as she challenges the mindset of full potential.

If you want career clarity, then ask for an exploratory, career change, coaching session to challenge your limiting mindsets at CoreU Coaching.

Are you reaching for your full potential? How’s that going? What might you go for instead?

When Doubt Is Good

Sometimes you just have to say, “fuck the keywords” and write what’s on your mind!

Doubt is good when you know you’re ready for what’s next, even though you don’t yet know what’s next.

A lack of clarity and certainty is very good news when you can see it for what it is.

When the light of understanding is temporarily replaced by the darkness of doubt, the doubt can be very good when you frame it within an anticipation of coming good.

What if that precarious resting place between the completion of one stage and the beginning of the next is nothing more than your soul catching its breath?

I know what I’m talking about because that’s exactly where I am right now, with my writing, my marketing and the next iteration of my calling. (You didn’t think you find your calling and it’s game over, did you?)

You might know that place. It’s the place where everything you think and write (at least to you) smells like shit.

It’s that place when you feel like you don’t give a shit but you really feel that way because you do.

It’s that place when you begin to question every move and wonder when in the hell am I ever going to get my shit together? (At this point in my writing I thought about all the good shit (literally) in my compost pile and I almost went off on a metaphorical tangent about the benefits of combining shit.) See what I mean?

(Early in my blogging career I used the word ‘God’ in a post and lost 60 subscribers overnight. So I figured maybe I’d get them back by using ‘fuck’ in this one. Oh shit those aren’t the same scaredy cats are they?)

(Maybe I was simply ready to go public with the shit-hell-fuck trifecta?) That’s the darker side of the swinging doubt pendulum but it was an accurate read on my mood before I realized I was simply in a state of gloriously good doubt.

(One of my best web buddies, Suzanne Bird-Harris, says I should write more as rugby-playing Tom than deep thinker Tom, so you can credit her inspiration for the off-color candor in this post.)

Self-Doubt Warning

I am not talking about the kind of self-doubt that has you searching the web and comparing yourself to everyone else and coming up short. That shit will kill you. (Maybe I should have called this post Good Shit & Bad Shit?) (Jeez!) (Am I going to end up writing more in parenthesis than not?)

I’m also not talking about the kind of self-doubt that has you questioning anything personal about your capability, talents or identity. That shit stunts your growth and will eventually kill your spirit within.

Good Doubt

Good doubt is simply a lack of clarity of direction. You’re all dressed up and ready to go but you don’t know where you’re headed.

Good doubt is having the balls to hang in there with the unknown. Good doubt is actually embracing the unknown and immersing yourself within it because you know that everything happens for your good.

Hang onto that. The Universe conspires on your behalf.

Everything that happens happens for a good purpose to benefit you. If you can’t believe that, then life really does suck and then you die.

If you’ve ever been where I am right now you’ll know this feeling. You reach the crossroads, all the signs are down and even your inner sense of direction feels foggy.

Halleluiah! Praise the Gods of Change! You have been blessed with the good of uncertainty.

Life is about shifts, adjustments and punches in the gut. Rolling with the punches means not resisting them but using momentum to see the good.

Sorry folks, I have no answers today. I only have questions for those of you who want to leverage your good doubt to arrive at newfound aliveness.

Don’t fight it – roll with it. Just live with some very good questions and see what comes to you. Here are some of my favorite good doubt questions. Use them at your own risk of startling clarity.

What’s missing?

What good purpose might my impatience serve?

What’s next for me that I can’t quite see?

How would Ben Franklin (or respected thinker of your choice) solve this one?

For what good purpose am I experiencing this unpleasant circumstance?

What insights can I almost grasp that would explain where I am?

How can I change my point of view to see things differently?

If I could plug my brain directly into Divine Intelligence, what surge of brilliance might come?

I’m off to meet the Wizard. Tell me what you think of this shit.

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