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Discomfort Is Necessary For Transformation

Digging deep and really feeling the discomfort of transformational change is the fastest and surest way to business success.   You’ve got to feel the full pain and discomfort of where you are to transcend it.

The slow way to business success is to exhaust yourself on a worldwide search for an opportunity that already fits your current state of comfort.  Quit looking – they are disappearing faster than you can find them.

Well-paying, comfortable jobs with good benefits are rapidly disappearing.  Most of those remaining can be found within dyeing institutional bureaucracies.

If your work is without challenge and without discomfort then it’s already disappearing.

Look at the toll-takers sitting in little tollbooths on the turnpike.  Automated toll collection is far less costly.  These toll-takers have absolutely no uncomfortable challenges in their duties.   Thus they bring absolutely no transformational value to humanity.

If you really want to find work that makes your heart sing – then first look for challenges and value points that make you heart ache.

Look for messy opportunities that make others run because they are uncomfortable.  Only these opportunities matter in providing true transformational value.

If it’s not messy, it won’t hold meaning.  If it doesn’t mean anything, then it doesn’t matter to anyone.  If it doesn’t matter then the money won’t come because the value will be too low.