Awakening To Your True Calling

Beams of light pour through the treesWhat if the great depression had never happened?   What if industrial engineering and the dehumanization of workers had never occurred?  Imagine instead the influence of a great awakening to true calling that immersed all in expressed authenticity rather than fear.

How might your life have been different if your parents were raised during a great spiritual awakening? What if they were celebrated and encouraged to find their own authentic sweet spot in service to the world?

What if this great awakening had championed uniqueness and abundance in service to others? What if this great collective awakening honored authenticity, fulfillment and money?

How might your life have turned out differently were you raised in that sort of environment?  Would you have answered your true calling?

Well, it’s not too late.  It’s my desire to serve you as you reconnect your own link between your truest of callings, deep fulfillment and abundantly flowing streams of cash.

Cautious parents who hoarded out of fear and scarcity raised many of us.  But we are more in control of our destinies now than we ever have been. Together we can create a world where our uniqueness is championed.

Imagine the possibilities.  I’ve discovered a way to make this happen sooner.  The missing link is found within the power of connected intention.  We must connect through our callings while demolishing our me-centered, fearful walls.

The answer is to immerse your intentional being in an environment conducive to the discovery, validation and or evolvement of your true calling.   Right now I’m designing adventurous experiences of environmental support.   Soon these one-of-a-kind adventures will be available to you.

For a large part we are products of our environments that’s why we need to theme them authentically rather than fearfully.   Authenticity has something going for it that fear does not.

Authenticity empowers and emboldens.  Authentic callings carry the energy of right momentum.  Work in service to your calling and your environment carries you along with it.

Enroll here for announcements of true calling awakening events.

Please pause and imagine being awakened greatly.  Share where you are on discovering a or validating your truest of callings.


  1. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Hey, you know your blog is doing well when people start resenting its success. I’m looking forward to hearing about your program when it comes out.

  2. This post reeks of bullshit, especially these sentences:

    “Right now I’m designing adventurous experiences of environmental support. Soon these one-of-a-kind adventures will be available to you.”

    I used to ride around on a high horse too. Then I found it is much more interesting to walk.

    If you want people to take you seriously, don’t write fluff.
    .-= Richard X. Thripp´s last blog ..Photo: After the Sunset =-.

  3. Richard – You took this tone with me previously and I don’t understand what has you so riled up. Perhaps your filter can only see my truth as bullshit? But I have to tell you pal, this is exactly what I’m working on right now. There is not an ounce of anything inauthentic in this post. Perhaps it is you sir who doesn’t know what you’re talking about here. I’m asking you to consider that you’ve made an invalid assumption. If you knew me better you would not say what you did. I’m sure you would not appreciate me visiting your site and claiming that you did not take the photos that you’re passing off as your own. How would that make you feel?

  4. All – This is an email exchange I’ve had with Richard in response to his comment above.


    No problem I’ll gladly post this whole thread as a comment.

    Does this mean you aren’t willing to answer my questions?

    I’ll read it again because you’ve asked me to.

    But big words and the lack of examples don’t necessarily make a post inauthentic.

    I really can’t imagine how you can say I’m being inauthentic. There is something seriously off with your radar.

    Perhaps we both feel the way we do because I have experienced such a connection and you may not have.

    In an earlier post I shared that these experiences are challenging to write about and are far more accurately felt than described.

    Check out the comments of folks who participated in my unconditional support experience.

    Perhaps they do a better job of explaining the connection than I have.

    I’ll post this as a comment but for now I want to get back to designing my boldly authentic experiences.



    Hello Tom,

    You should post this as a comment reply instead of an email. I guess you don’t want to.

    I suggest you read your post again with an open mind. Notice how many big words you use. It isn’t authentic at all. You say you will help others develop authenticity but I can tell you aren’t being authentic yourself.

    I stand by my comment. Your latest post sounds like a cheesy infomercial. It gives no examples.



    I don’t know why you’ve chosen to attack my posts the way you have.

    But that is indeed what I’m working on right now.

    It’s entirely accurate. What you see as fluff I see as the connection that needs to be made.

    I’ll leave your comment up because I think all points of view are valid.

    I’m inviting you to go back to the post and read it again and then ask yourself this.

    What is all of this is true? What if I could attend one of these experiences as they are described?

    What might that do for me?

    If you’d like to comment again please ask any question you like about my so-called fluff and I’ll answer it for you publically.


  5. Tom — I admire you for letting Richard have this forum. I don’t know what his problem is. Reading someone’s post is an option. If you like it, leave.

    Also, as someone who has followed you for a long time, I know that what you write IS NOT FLUFF. You are very sincere in your desire to help people find their authenticity and their passions in life. That’s a good thing:~)

    This is a wonderful site and I always get something inspiring from it. I recognize that you have a business and that you do encourage people to learn about you do, but I’ve never felt pushed into anything. It’s up to me to make a choice about your business. In the meantime, I really enjoy what you have to say.

    I will be back again and again…so keep talking Tom. There are many of us who appreciate your words:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..KindLike.Us: A new kindness community =-.

  6. Hi there Tom – must say I have to chuckle at the above – he’s probably trying to get attention, otherwise he wouldn’t engage.

    I love this… “Together we can create a world where our uniqueness is championed” – great stuff! – love from Rob x
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Love Gives Us Life =-.

  7. Hi Tom,

    Ditto to what Sara, Chris and Robin said. You have my support, too.

    In response to your question, “Share where you are on discovering or validating your truest of callings.”

    What I found is when I started blogging, I also found a platform from which I can be of service to many (which I feel is a calling). By sharing what I’ve learned and by listening to others, I feel not only do I grow as a person, but others can too. Although I could do this is the real world, it would be on a much smaller scale. Plus, if I were in a room full of people, some may not want to listen.

    But, when I share on my blog, my visitors can make the choice to read, comment, and/or click off. I see it as having an audience who wants to be there, and… the reach is much larger.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to the unveiling of your new project. I know it will be a huge success.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Recipe For Blog Success =-.

  8. Sara – Thanks so much for taking the time to endorse my writing. I truly appreciate your remarks coming from a regular reader.

    Chris – Thanks for stopping by and giving me the thumbs up. Your presence is always appreciated.

    Robin – Yes it would be quite if most of us had reconnected the link between authenticity and abundance. Business would then be a delightful breeze. Thank you.

    Barbara – Thanks so much for your support and for your interest in my new calling. You’ll be one of the first to hear about it. Indeed it’s coming soon.

  9. Tom,
    I love reading your words and I find you most authentic and honest in your sharing. I am having a rough computer – week as they hook up the solar panels on our house and keep turning power off and on – I have the lunch break to write now.

    I am looking forward to your new project and partaking of it – thank you for your generosity of information, exercises and the project.

    I think you are in your peak of creativity part of your life – full of abundance and those who are not aware of that or are not striving to enjoy it in their own lives seem to get very closed minded and high handed about their “rightness”

    Blessings to you and your work….it feels like something new and inventive. Again thank you for generously sharing with your readers.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..I Have Been There =-.

  10. I think I understand Richard. I think he has been ripped off by those using big words and promising the earth (yes some Internet Marketers and self-help gurus I do mean you). He concluded that big promises and big words are the signals for being ripped off.

    It can be difficult when surrounded by grandiosity (so much of marketing is grandiose in my view) to distinguish the truly grand and to know that we can live a large life. It is possible to think big and not suffer from inflation (I think our world needs this desperately at the moment). It is possible to have our eyes fixed on the dream and still walk step by step on the ground towards it.

    This is why I like your blog so much Tom – that you manage to pull this off (it is rare in my experience).

    Very much looking forward to hearing about those adventurous experiences.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Change the World (One Bite at a Time). Making Utopia Real #5 =-.

  11. I love the way your passion comes out in your post Tom. To say that you are not being authentic is ironic. You are one of the most authentic folks I know. You tell it like it is without being concerned what others might think.

    Is this post a tease to something coming down the road? Yes.
    Is there anything wrong with that? No!
    Building up an atmosphere of anticipation is good business. You keep the your world rocking and let’s see how many can get the beat as you move forward!

  12. Tom, I read this post and was like, RIGHT ON! this is beautiful and pure authenticity! Every part you shared resonated with me like fresh water from an ancient stream!
    The parts that I loved most and found especially healing was to just imagine: ‘our parents living in a spiritual awakening’ – I never saw it like that before.
    I had a similar experience of this slight ‘re-framing’ of a past memory that was at the root of ‘feeling unloved or different’; however, when it was re-framed IN Love and lead by Love, then it changed EVERYTHING about the event and I was able to imagine my life differently from that point on! It was so enlightening! 😉
    Often we simply need the ‘fear’ plug pulled out. then let the Love in.
    I love how you shared about themes for our environments to focus on our authenticity! I do that and I find it restores peace and harmony!
    I love how you ended your post: ‘Please pause and imagine being awakened greatly. Share where you are on discovering a or validating your truest of callings.’ This reminds me of Eckhart Tolle and I love how he simplifies, simplifies and breaks it down into spiritual awakening exercises. I need someone to do this for me, and it helps me stay in the power of the moment. Love is here!

    I find lately the greatest challenge I have is actually something you just experienced:
    Committing to sharing enthusiasm of spirit – light and love and trusting that we have done our complete part (before response) as the spirit of truth works behind-the-scenes. It is not up to us to control the responses, but to continue to birth more passion from our heart – a pure source. In this way we are not receiving glory or doubt, we are simply living our lives in love -callings do not need gains, they simply do not need another’s approval! This was a pure delight to read!

    Thank you for leading a transparent life of love!
    It is an honor to know you in this network!
    .-= Love’s Leading Companion´s last blog ..Leading Transparent Lives and Giving a Loving Response =-.

  13. Tom, It is my prayer today, that you may be blessed with a strong illuminating hope, spiritual abundance, wisdom, peace, love and prosperity in your every endeavor that is your sacred calling!

    I felt a soft nudge,
    I wanted to leave a blessing for you today:
    “Deep peace of the running wave to you.
    Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
    Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
    Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.”
    – ancient gaelic runes

    .-= Love’s Leading Companion´s last blog ..Leading Transparent Lives and Giving a Loving Response =-.

  14. Patricia – It is something totally new and inventive and that part fo it makes it even more important that I’m as transparent in development as I believe I have been. I appreciate your interest and support.

    Evan – Thanks man. it means a lot to me that you recognize the grounded nature of my grandiosity. As you’ve stated it’s real. I also can see somewhat where Richard is coming from. I do believe his comments are sincere and we just have totally different views on how to talk about a calling. Clearly greater writing time would have made this post more clear. But I did say that I was going to write it as it came to me. After all if we can’t be pumped up about our callings what can we be enthused about? I’ll never apologize for my sincere enthusiasm.

    Laurie – You have been one of my most steady supporters and I am deeply grateful. Interestingly I wasn’t trying to tease and build anticipation. It had been too long since my last post and I’ve shared to the extent of the projects development. I’ve actually covered some very important points in this post and I do that so those who want to work along can do so.

    Jen – Beautifully put and I’ve read your prayer a few times already. You are a gift to authentic pursuits everywhere. Thanks so much for not holding back and being real in the moment. Love and light to you and yours. Thanks for reaching up high so that others can see the ligth from your torch.

  15. Hi Tom,

    When I imagine the world as you describe it above – one where we are fully encouraged to realize our true calling – oh! It’s so beautiful – shining, radiant and full of love and abundance.

    It gives me hope that there’s still time to create that world!

    And Jen – I love your gaelic blessing – just beautiful!

    .-= Keena´s last blog ..Create more financial abundance in your life! =-.

  16. Keena – Yes that indeed would be quite a world and I think we are headed there. More and more folks are tiring of wearing the mask.
    We can tip the world in blessed favor by following our bliss. Just talking about it begins to get things flowing.

  17. Wow, Richard really has trouble seeing other people’s perspectives. I personally like your writing voice. You may have a bit of extremism, but after talking to you on the phone, you are 100% authentic. That’s all that matters.

    Everyone will have trouble with people that put themselves out there. Bloggers, musicians, and artists of every kind will be judged. We just have to do what is right and keep on helping people.
    .-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s last blog ..Team Building Activity – Hint – Colorful Balls =-.

  18. Karl – Thanks pal. Like I told Richard those who know me understand that I’m the real deal. I’m actually pretty cool with it. Since I have been putting my calling out there he has not been the only one who has challenged me. But a true calling can withstand earthquakes and tsunamis. How’s that for an extreme view? 🙂

  19. I think Richard is missing the point that we ALL have so much grandness in us, if only we had the courage to tap into it and go for it – like you do, Tom.


    I LOVE what you say about it never being too late. I know that to be true, boy howdy do I. You probably don’t see a lot of mid-forties gals (gee, am I really that old now,) 🙂 thinking they are gonna win Kerrville New Folk next spring!

    But blogs like yours keep me realizing I CAN DO IT!!
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Just Plain What The Heck? — Funny Keyword Searches, 5 =-.

  20. I admire your character Tom. You have showed it here. Keep your craft, I believe in you. 🙂
    .-= Walter´s last blog ..How to unleash your true capacity =-.

  21. Jannie – Perhaps that’s it. Right now I can’t think smaller and I’m certainly not going to be smaller just to make someone comfortable. I am what I am and I embrace that man. I’m so happy that you are going for it regardless of your young age. It’s all so damn relative anyway. I’m sure you’ll be the loosest performer on that stage. Break a leg!

    Walter – From my heart – thank you. Support means so much when we are out on the edge building something totally original. I still can’t believe that some folks think there is nothing new. How sad. Every interaction is new and different and every concept may have been though of before but when you or I consider it – it is new to us and therefore fresh with possibilities.

  22. Jackson Matthews says:

    Enjoyed the post! gr8 work
    .-= Jackson Matthews´s last blog ..Thanks to my dad =-.

  23. Tom- Great stuff! Your points are so fundamental that they may sound cheesy and fluffy to some people who want to bash it. However, I don’t think it is necessary to leave negative comments on your site. You have a right to manage whatever is up there, and I think that this Richard guy’s comments are distracting and negative. I wouldn’t even entertain criticism unless it was that of the helpful sort and not laced with resentment. Congratulations on your success! You are a great guide, and I look forward to more posts. You are an example of courage and authenticity. Most people don’t have the guts to bare their spiritual side to the entire world. But only through courage and authenticity can we really be creators in our own environment. Kudos.
    .-= Jess Sides´s last blog ..title of stuff =-.

  24. Jackson – Welcome man. Tell me more next time. I always love to hear your points of inspiration.

    Jess – Welcome and I appreciate every aspect of your comment. I remember the first time I used the G word in a post and got 15 unsubscribes. Some folks think business and spirituality can’t coexist. I know that it already does. Thanks again for your strong support.

  25. This website is delightful and inspiring too… Business spiritualism is given in depth..thanks
    .-= lisa blair´s last blog ..Downtown San Diego Zoo: The Best San Diego attraction =-.

  26. Cynthia Miller says:

    After having known Tom for years and being personally coached by him, I know he is as authentic as they come. There are many of us who are here to do big things, REALLY BIG things. Sooner or later we do have to go out there on a limb and just not take into ourselves those opinions that don’t uplift. I sure hope that someday Richard will know people like us who talk big and actually mean it and will be able to experience just how ligit we are. I wish for him to feel safe and loved as he is his authentic self. But I agree with whoever said it was kind of like a testing ground. Sooner or later we will run into naysayers out there in the world, and we have to be strong enough inside ourselves to deal with it. I know for my own self many times I wasn’t strong enough. I am working through that now. I have quit doing what I love to do in the past because the voices were just too strong. But each time I went back because the calling was stronger. Now I am strong enough and will follow through to completion what I know that I am here to do. Maybe one step at a time, but nonetheless it will get done. I am grateful that there are those like Tom that inspire us to finish what we started and get our juices flowing. Thanks Tom for just being YOU!

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