Back Up One Step and Choose Your Right Path

Success can be very simple.Β  istock_000003253553small

We needlessly complicate both life and business.

Use this checklist and locate where you are.

Make the necessary adjustment and get unstuck.

1). If you are not celebrating enough then be grateful more often.

2). If you are not grateful often enough then complete more often.

3). If you are not completing enough then act boldly more often.

4). If you are not taking bold action often enough then ruthlessly simplify and commit to less.

5). If you are not committing to a few consciously chosen priorities then be more decisive.

6). If you are not being decisive enough then go deeper within and tell the truth to yourself more often.

If you are not going deep enough to see your truth then what in the hell are you doing here?

Both life and business need your willingness and enthusiasm in order to thrive.

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  1. Deb Owen says:

    That’s a great list! (And ‘what the hell are you doing here’? That’s fantastic!)

    We should also leave room for some flexibility. Are opportunities arising that we say no to because they don’t fit our idea of what things should look like? Sometimes those unexpected opportunities lead us closer to our destination than the steps we’ve laid out to success in our head. (Of course, that could fall under ‘bold action’, I suppose. Be bold enough to say ‘yes’!)

    All the best!

    Deb Owens last blog post..nobody expects the spanish inquisition (releasing expectations)

  2. Hello!
    Wow! You said a lot and so succinctly. I really appreciate the insights and inspirations I glean from your blog. I’m a fan πŸ™‚

    Tessas last blog post..Don’t Stop Believing

  3. Deb – Absolutely, flexibility is built right into this process. Each step is really a re-evaluation and and adjustment. I enjoyed your expectations post. I like it when you go deep. πŸ™‚

    Tessa – Thank you. That’s what I aspire to do. I love brevity and I don’t see why we need tons of extra words to enlighten. It’s such a short distance form being stuck. Perhaps our maps are too long?

  4. Tom,
    You’re welcome.
    That’s what I aspire to do too πŸ™‚ That’s why I appreciated this post, in particular. When I feel even momentarily stuck, it helps when I ask myself, “What can I do to make this really Simple?”

  5. I am extremely grateful for the success I’ve experienced this past year. I do think I need to celebrate that success more often. I don’t give myself permission enough to just hoot and holler praise and thanksgiving for the blessings I have.

    Thanks for the reminder Tom!

  6. Tom,

    Your writing is full of clarity and I love the concise checklist. I feel that over the last few years I’ve come full circle, and need to go right back to number one and start celebrating again.

    Daphne @ Joyful Dayss last blog post..Energize Your Home and Life with Feng Shui

  7. Hi Tom – great advice – I think life and business are indeed connected, and both require willingness and enthusiasm to really thrive. – R

    Robins last blog post..Sondra Ray – Rebirthing And Physical Immortality

  8. Tessa – Simplicity is a wonderful prescription for getting unstuck.

    Laurie – You have a lot to hoot and holler about. Got for it!

    Daphne – Full circle is good, more than good. You are evolving and coming at things form a much wiser perspective now.

    Robin – Willingness and enthusisam to live forever as well. πŸ˜‰

  9. Tom,
    I am printing off your post and putting it up on my mirror – Thank you

    I have been working off another Tom quote for awhile:
    “You can’t choose the wrong advice, if you’ve gone to your own well.”

    Today I am having trouble with my own decisions – lost a bit of faith in myself….

    simple goodness Thank you

    Patricias last blog post..And The Winner Is!

  10. Hi Tom. What I like about your steps is that they work both forward and backward. Moving backward… if you’re HERE, be decisive, commit to taking bold action, complete, be grateful for completing, and then CELEBRATE!

    Davinas last blog post..Mindful Melancholy

  11. Excellent list, Tom!

    I love it!

    Slade | Shift Your Spiritss last blog post..Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

  12. Patricia – Somewhere within you’ve got the strength to push through this challenge as well. Either that or the faith can come form setting a firm intention. You are enough.

    Davina – Yep in fact they were intended to work forward. the back-checking is most useful when we’ve lost our way.

  13. Suzanne @ vAssistant Services says:

    I got a face full of my own truth today, and while it wasn’t pretty or comfortable and it didn’t make me tingle all over with joy, it did give me that quiet calm I’ve come to equate with being on the right path, a certain-ness that helps to quell the scariness of breaking old patterns in favor of figuring out exactly what the hell I am doing here.

    Suzanne @ vAssistant Servicess last blog post..The Easy Way to Put YouTube Videos On Your WordPress Site or Blog

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