Building Career Confidence by Feeling Deeply

How do you see the connection between feelings and confidence? passing the baton

How about the connection between awareness and confidence?

If I bring more consciousness to what I do when I am angry or afraid — I will see that other options exist.  Nathaniel Branden

How do you view the connection between awareness, confidence, feelings and career or business success?

If we are willing to stay fully present to our emotions without denial or disowning, the result typically is not the collapse of reason but the emergence of more lucid awareness.  In other words, feel deeply to think clearly.  Nathaniel Branden

What does this quote inspire you to do differently?

I’ve written a much longer post but my intutition told me to first ask you.   There is no one right answer.  I’d like to know your answer to any of the questions above.


  1. Powerful quote. I know in the past (and sometimes in the present) I tend to deny the negative feelings in order to not deal with them. I notice while working with my dreams that the ones I push aside are the ones that deal with the negative aspects of my life, and that holds me back. I strive everyday to remain lucid, but it is so easy to be led astray sometimes.

    Jays last blog post..Life Lessons from a Japanese Tea Master

  2. Hi Tom…

    What came up for me is the other way around…

    If we think clearly first then we can feel deeply…thinking clearly indicates that we have indeed embraced what is before us thereby allowing the feelings to emerge without fear or condemnation…

    Thanks for a short yet intensely provoking post!


    Henies last blog post..What’s so Funny?

  3. Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment says:

    I feel that the problem with a lot of people in this day and age is that they have stifled their feelings to the point that the feelings aren’t doing their job anymore. People ignore the instinct to enjoy life, and do other things such as work a job that they hate, or other things in an attempt to please others. No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants!

    When people can regain their natural abilities to harmonize their lives with their desires, then we’ll be on the right track. In other words, once we dig into what is troubling us, we can figure out which direction to go.

  4. Hi, Tom. Your last quote’s final statement is what’s true for me: feel deeply to think clearly.

    I’m all about feeling, first, and so am like Jay, easily caught up until I can get my head around it. BUT…if I am aware enough to notice that I’m feeling in a way that won’t ultimately serve me well, I (usually) consciously shift my feeling into one of the BELIEF in confidence, mentally reminding myself of hope and faith and courage. Once I do that, all my feelings settle into proper place—and then so does my thinking.

    I like that you said “first.” It implies you will show us your longer version of the post… 😉

    Julies last blog post..A Storm is Coming

  5. Confidence is interesting.

    As soon as you realize confidence is a decision not something you strive for (just like happiness), then things fall into place. I used to think competence precedes confidence but that was backwards (competence is possible through confidence in yourself and your potential.)

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Avoid Mental Burnout

  6. Jay – Just for a week, try feeling everything as it comes up. You’ll gain tons of energy and power that way. Your feelings can’t hurt you. However unmade decisions can cost you dearly.

    Henie – That’s an interesting perspective. I’ve always felt first before thinking anything. That way I’m processing raw vibrations without judging them. I’ll have to ponder your way for a bit.

    Trey – Well said man. We’ve got to dig into what bugs us. That’s the road map that life provides.

    Julie – Yes, I’ll answer these questions as well in my post after a few others have commented. Thanks for giving us a snapshot as to how you process.

    J.D. – You’ve said a ton in so few words. Kudos man. I’ll be sure to reflect on your competence/confidence distinction. Very well said, confidence is a decision just like courage is. Two fine choices there for sure.

  7. Tom — These questions were challenging. If I let it, ego stuff can easily drag my confidence down. It’s when I trust myself and believe in what I’m doing that my confidence soars.

    The quotes you used were great and I like that you listen to your intuition. To me, you gave us just enough to really make our minds ponder. Thank you.

    Saras last blog post..A Picture for Your Thoughts

  8. The second quote inspires me to act less on the analysis and research, and instead to act more on gut feeling, instinct and reason when pursuing a business idea.

    Very interesting, thanks for the quotes!

    Matt Thomass last blog post..How to Avoid Getting Trapped at a Job

  9. I think when you feel deeply about something it makes you search for everything to do with it and gives you a better understanding to what ever it is you are engaging in the moment. It makes you motivated when you have deep feelings. It makes you curious and more ready to learn.

  10. Sara – Thanks, yes that was the idea. That ego can be a bear to wrestle that’s for sure.

    Matt – Good insight, intuition is often a lot smarter than our conscious minds.

    Diane – Curious and motivated is an outstanding combination.

  11. I always assumed it’s a choice between being rational and being emotional. This quote tells me otherwise. I’m not sure I agree, but it’s certainly an interesting idea. I will give it some more thought.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Sex Sells? You Tell Me

  12. Wickedly provocative post Tom!!!

    It’s been my experience that when someone is trying to “suppress” an emotion – well – that’s the time when it INFECTS everything they say and everything they do!!! It’s the old – “Who you are speaks so loudly , I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

    I don’t think we can HELP but feel – the only “option” is whether we acknowledge those feelings. By acknowledging and processing those pesky “feelings” – only then can we be TRULY “rational”.

    In other words, a hearty AMEN to the Nathaniel Branden quote!!!

    Kathy | Virtual Impaxs last blog post..Social Media – Information Moving in Real Time

  13. For someone that wears his feelings on his sleeve, I found the quotes very inspirational. I really like this blog and will be back for more in the future. Topics are well written.

  14. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Definitely with you on this Tom. When I let my natural enthusiasm out, rather than stifling it to make sure it doesn’t upset or weird out anyone else, I have so much more energy I can use to contribute to the world in my working life and elsewhere.

    Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coachings last blog post..Inner Productivity, Part Four: Some Exercises For Self-Listening

  15. I’m writing this without reading anyone’s answer so I can be authentic with my response so if I am a copy cat, oh well…

    I believe there is a real connection between feelings and confidence. If I am aware of my feelings and do my best to understand then I know the cards I hold in my hand and can make decisions based on those cards. I can only understand my feelings if I am self aware. By knowing myself , I can interpret my feelings well, and in doing that gain confidence in myself because I know what I’m about and not about. Make sense?

  16. I don’t think I would have made near the amount of progress I have if not for increased awareness.

    I often feel that entrepreneurs have reached a state of awareness that so many others never do. Maybe that’s just me being biased.

    But on the whole they must be wired differently to do the things they do and take the risks they take. Is it due to a higher state of consciousness? I’m not sure. But I know for me awareness has led to huge leaps in confidence. And I’m nowhere near done. 😉

    Christine | Communicate Values last blog post..Twitter Dos and Don’ts

  17. Vered – That’s interesting, I guess that thinking it’s a choice gives us the illusion of control that we really don’t have.

    Kathy – I guess we are all pretty much in sync here. Without feeling our feelings we clog up the entire thinking function with fear and other junk.

    Grog – Welcome, we look forward to our return. Keep emoting at will.

    Chris – Yes, that’s such a no-brainer yet so few folks follow their energy. I guess we all get lost from time to time. Ease is normal, dis-ease is not. Ease flows with enthusiasm.

    Laurie – Yes absolutely confidence follows authenticity and awareness is necessary for just about any determined state.

  18. Hi Tom – I like what JD said about confidence being a choice. I never thought of it, but that’s true. Even if we don’t feel confident, we can act confident. Soon it becomes natural and people react accordingly.

  19. Christine – That’s a very healthy bias. 🙂 I don’t think we entrepreneurs are wired all that differently. I do think we risk because we have increased our awareness of the possibility of freedom.

    Barbara – Yep, choosing confidence creates confidence. It’s a powerful realization!

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