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What’s the key to earning money authentically? Authentic Abundance for me is more of an inner game than and outer action based game.

Earning money authentically means that you seek to be paid well for expressing who you are. If you don’t care about fulfillment and contribution in your work then just making money could be more about hard work and taking action.

Authentic abundance brings your core individuality into aligment with how you make money. It means that you care about the service you offer and about the people you serve. It means that your work is aligned with who you are.

Making money in a way that makes your heart sing is authentic abundance.

Money is attracted to two things: joyful enthusiasm and confidence.

I keep hearing from clients that they never have enough time to do everything that they fear they must do in order to be successful.

Startling realization$$$$ – One only has to act and do things enough to maintain a high level of confidence and enthusiasm because that’s what attracts money. Good enough is often good enough if YOU feel good about your efforts.

Money doesn’t necessarily come as a result of any one method or action but as a result of how a variety of actions make you feel. That’s the point of massive inspired action.  Abundance comes alongside of your actions because of the vibes you feel and emit.

What work inspires you to be most enthusiastic and confident while doing it?

It’s only the engagement of the most aligned work that always brings forth both confidence and enthusiasm. When your work fits you are fired up for it.  Eagerness and willingness to follow-through is not so much in question when you are fired up.

Making money authentically comes more readily, by being real, while taking meaningful, sincere action.

These things have worked for me:

1). Use marketing and selling methods that you are personally eager to engage in.  Do it your way.  Lead with your unique and natural strengths and preferences.

I have a current coaching client who never enjoyed in-person networking. She would often schedule 3-4 opportunities weekly on her calendar and then beat herself up because she only attended one of them. We made an agreement that she quit scheduling and attending networking events all together.  Her time has increased and her income has remained the same.

Why? It’s because she now honors herself by only engaging marketing that she is eager to do.

2). Sell products/services that you feel proud to talk about and inspired to market because you deeply care.

Which formula works best for you?

Inspiration + Eagerness = Willingness
Discipline + Avoidance = Resistance

3). You must have conversations to sell things. How can you create more conversations? You really only have two choices.

a). You must contact prospective clients with a direct phone call … or
b). Put together a combination of traditional and unique methods that you are eager to do.

Authentic abundance will start flowing for you when bring your heart into your marketing. To do so be sure to continually ask these focusing questions:

1). Whom do I care about serving the most?
2). How can I most effectively serve them in a way that brings me alive?
3). How can I give them what they need, to feel better about what they are doing or where they are going?
4). How can I give it to them in a way that they can recognize as something that they want?

I’d be honored to guide you to your authentic money-making success.  Delay no more.  Your heart wants you to come alive.


  1. > Money is attracted to two things: enthusiasm and confidence.
    I like that distinction.

    One of the best terms I’ve seen for brands that stand out is:
    Energized Differentiation

    Meaning, the brand successfully communicates excitement, dynamism, and creativity.

    I think it’s also related to the idea that the value is in the change. When things are at homeostasis, it becomes the status quo. When there’s movement and change, there’s opportunity to create perceived value with the change.

  2. J.D. Yes energized differentiation sounds spot on. We better be fired up about what makes us unique or it just won’t get recognized by others. yes I also agree value is in the dynamic nature of a service or a product. Needs change so the solution to needs must keep pace.

  3. Clare Inza Tyler says:

    Tom, this is one of those articles I will be referring to again and again. It’s about being successful as yourself, not as someone you are supposed to be.

  4. Clare, thank you. I’m pleased that you recognize the gist of this one. We can be both prosperous and fulfilled and it comes out of being who we are as we do what we can in each moment to express authentically. Bless you and your projects.

  5. Valen Francisco says:

    I want the “Quan”! As it was described in the movie Jerry Maguire. I want it all! The respect, the success, the beautiful family life, the health and the money. The “Quan” fires up my soul.

  6. Hi Valen, Good for you. Powerfully spoken declarations of desire are very creative and will get you what you want. It all begins with deciding on what you can do now. Do that.

  7. Thanks for the info TOM and I agree that confidence plays a big part of being successful.

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