What if they have it all wrong?

What if what the experts have been telling you about their success formula is something that mostly only works for them?

What if successful marketing and business success strategy was totally unique to the individual?

I am a big fan of uniqueness.  It is no accident that we are all so distinct from one another.

What if that uniqueness came into play not only with the gifts and talents we have to give but also in how we operated our own small business?

I’m coming to see that truth more and more clearly.

Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.   Frederich Buechner

That’s my favorite career coaching quote yet I now believe that there are two additional roads intersecting at that essential crossroads.

I believe that your core business calling can be found only at the intersection of these four paths.

1). the product or service that you are most eager to create.

2). the work activity that gives your deepest gladness.

3). who and what you care about the most right now.

4). what value point others most need from you offered how they want it.

Let’s look at eagerness in this article.

Just like fear cannot exist in the presence of love, resistance cannot exist in the presence of inspiration.

You can’t run out of inspiration either. I’m talking about a special vein of inspiration that is tied to right action.

I’m talking about eagerness.  Right now think of something that you are eager to do.  Does any resistance come up at all?  I didn’t think so.  Here’s a powerful distinction for you.

The relief or avoidance of resistance is, running away from what you want.

The inspiration of eagerness is, running towards what you want.

Nike is wrong! Inspiration works better than discipline. Just doing it is the old way. 

When you find and engage your natural eagerness it’s easier to get what you want because a natural flow takes over.  Here are my principles of eagerness that will tie it all together for you.

Eagerness leads to willingness which leads to action which leads to success.

Eagerness is a natural response to authentic desire and only exists in the absence of fear.

The fierce and passionate qualities of the heart are more prevalent when we are actually doing something, so the more active the experience the more authentic the desire.

Two of our most basic desires are to create and to connect.  When we are creating or connecting we have already moved from eagerness, through willingness and into action.

Can you see why the most certain route to success begins within?

Would you like me to coach you in the discovery of your eagerness free of charge?

 In your comment please share which of your paths are the most underdeveloped?



  1. Tom,

    You said –

    “Two of our most basic desires are to create and to connect. When we are creating or connecting we have already moved from eagerness, through willingness and into action.”

    I agree whole-heartedly.

    When I jumped-in with both feet and lots of inspiration, I eagerly completed a long-held goal to create a safe space where I could connect with those who share my interest in personal growth.

    During the brief Eagerness call you facilitated last week, you boosted both my eagerness and my inspiration. That boost led to willingness to act and then action itself!

    Thanks a million!


  2. John, That is powerful man! It always feels good to be in the presence of colleagues who follow-through and complete what they say they will! Congrats!

  3. Hey Tom, I agree on you especially when taking these four paths of yours. And the eagerness to motivate your readers and inspire them to stand out, make a difference and be the person they can be to succeed. This is a good one. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Tom,

    “The inspiration of eagerness is, running towards what you want.”

    After attending your “7 Aspects of Eagerness” on Jan. 10, I was inspired and eager to get my website/blog launched.

    I did it!! http://www.thecambridgecafe.com
    Thanks for the kick in the pants!

    I am really looking forward to the Core Calling class on Jan. 24.
    Anyone interested in joining us can go here:


    • John, I’m inspired by your action. Eagerness rests within us all just waiting to come alive. It is the tip of our calling barely showing itself, hoping that we will step into full honor.

  5. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — I like the acknowledgment that everyone’s “marketing strategy” actually needs to be unique to them, as opposed to the claim I often see made that there are five surefire keys to success or something like that. And I think it’s actually a lot more enjoyable to discover what my unique offering is, rather than trying to imitate what someone else brings.

  6. Hi Chris, I am certainly with you there. I find all this one secret talk extremely arrogant and distasteful. Let’s just call us discerning consumers of information. Everyone has their own way and I encourage the expression of that unique way.

  7. I agree with your statement on uniqueness. We should not confine ourselves to what people say is effective for them; it would be best for us to find set our own way to success.

    • Jake, welcome. Yes whatever worked for one may or may not work for another. That’s why we were all created so uniquely; we are supposed to honor that unique creation through unique expression.

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