Self-Awareness for Business Results

Self-Awareness starts by identifying nine authentic career elements that essentially make up who you are. Once these are known then you have a decision-making foundation from which to choose business possibilities and actions that are in close alignment with your core self. self-awareness

There’s a special business that you can start and develop, in your way that will light you up and once you increase your self-awareness you’ll more clearly see it.

This is the work that you were especially meant to do.  And it could very well be that you can’t see it from your present perspective.  Cognitive scientists have determined that our minds can only solve puzzles by searching in our past experiences. Give yourself some credit. If you knew what to do – you would have already done it.

Discovering, creating and developing the business that only you can do in the way that only you can do it requires an increased self-awareness to see possibilities that you can’t now see.

Once you reach that level of self-awareness no concerns remain. You’ll launch that business. Boredom and confusion will be a thing of the past because you will get very clear on your natural eagerness. That eagerness will shine a spotlight on new insights and choices that will payoff in the eight business results below.

1. Decision Making Ease

Once you know yourself greater you will be more aware while developing your business. Business success comes more readily by making the most optimum choice in every situation.  When you know who you are it’s infinitely easier to see how aligned specific choices are with your individuality. Alignment brings clarity which lessens confusion and self-doubt.

2. Increased Natural Confidence

Confidence is a special state of being that isn’t easily generated without some depth behind it. Depth comes from either experience or thorough preparation. When you take the time to really get to know yourself then confidence is earned by the depth of practice and the thoroughness of self-discovery.

3. More Time

When you know who you are you create the space to honor yourself by becoming more purposefully driven. You say no thank you to invitations and distractions that don’t lineup with your priorities and most meaningful work. That creates more space which frees up the available time you have to play.

4. Clearer Vision

It’s real hard to get where you want to be when you don’t know where that is. Once you know who you are – you’ll know what you want. Choices become so much clearer because you can feel them as either expansive or deadening to your being. Then you just tune into your feelings and sensations and choose the choices that bring you alive.  Soon you’ll imagine a vision that lights you up just thinking about it.

5. More Supportive Environments

It’s hard for the universe to have your back when you keep showing up within environments that do none of the work for you. In the supportive environments you are in the flow of life cruising downstream. In resistive, non-supportive environments you’re guard is always up in defense or caution. This leaves little energy and awareness for creativity and joy.  Once you get in sync with your place in the natural order you’ll allow your environments to support and stimulate you by choosing on those that do. For more on environments grab my free eBook, 9 Compass Points of Core Calling.

6. Less Stress

You become more grounded and peaceful. Because you regularly connect with your inner wisdom there is nothing to stress out about. Stress is created when you want to be somewhere else and don’t know how to get there. When you know who you are you’ll see choices to put you on the path to where you want to be.

7. Greater Productivity 

Knowing who you are allows you to tap your purest vein of inspiration so you don’t have to use will power, discipline and self-control to get things done. Inspiration is the only natural effective antidote to resistance. Go ahead and keep sucking it up if that turns you on but if you’re ready to get more done, more naturally then really get to know yourself better.

8. Bottom Line Clarity

Once you know and acknowledge who you are you’ll become dedicated to a set of personal business standards. Choosing projects and partners becomes a breeze because you know the bottom line that you will not cross. Whether you’re changing a job, starting your own business or getting involved in a new opportunity the clarity of your non-negotiable requirements will cause you to only seek your own wise counsel.  These requirements guide your decision-making with assuredness that becomes increasingly evident.

elements of self-awarenessThese eight business results of increased self-awareness allow you to see many more choices in every aspect of your business. This journey begins by getting very clear with your coach as you identify each of the nine authentic career elements in the graphic to the right.  Once you know yourself that well you can select business actions and opportunities that are in alignment with who you are. What if business success didn’t have to be difficult?  You can contact me here to take the first step in your self-awareness journey.





Is Your Life Purpose Keeping You From Making Money?

Silhouette of man and sunshineYour life purpose could be holding you back from making money and enjoying your work.

Could you have set yourself up with a life purpose that’s so big that you never seem to get traction? Do you hesitate because you don’t feel up to the task or you don’t know where to start?

Or worse, perhaps you’ve started and failed to earn enough money so you began to doubt yourself.  Or maybe you doubt that you’ve discovered the right life purpose?   Sometimes it’s as simple as aligning your purpose with an offer and marketing it so people will buy it.

I wonder, could you be happy, fulfilled and prosperous without ever trying to fulfill a life’s purpose?

What if terms like life purpose are loosely thrown around by the fortunate few who have experienced making money from doing what they love? What if these well-meaning folks, in their attempt to explain their own success, have mistakenly set you up for failure?  Here’s why I think that could be what’s happened.

Life Purpose sounds so colossal, so final and so very singular. By its very definition it limits you to fulfilling one big meaningful purpose.  What if you change your mind?  What then?

What if you experience an earth shattering event that changes the way you see everything? Should you stubbornly try to make sense of your life purpose within the context of that event?

I don’t think so and for own sanity and prosperity please consider an alternative to life purpose.  How does contribution sound to you?

Each of us has a special capacity to contribute something unique to humanity.  As your life experience changes and expands so does your capacity to contribute from that special perspective.

Your experience through this life will never be repeated. You will experience — every day — things that no one else will ever know. To think that we each have only one Contribution that can lift and expand the capacity of the human race is silly. We have an infinite array of possibilities that lay before us.  Jeff Bollow

Life Purpose seems so final and singular while contribution is ever-evolving and plural.

Contribution is a dynamic series of gifts that we realize and share with others as we reach new milestones of insight.

The real possibilities in life show up when you are willing to be in question – recognize you have choice, get that you have possibilities and be the contribution and receive the contribution the world wants to give.  If you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy. Gary Douglas

Douglas wisely claims that a life purpose is too limiting and fixed because it acts as a foundation.  Foundations have walls that act as boundaries.  Nothing new may enter outside the closed walls of a foundation.  When refreshing new possibilities approach a life purpose they are often judged as not fitting within pre-concluded boundary definitions.

Those judgments then continue to block the expanded awareness of more possibilities that don’t fit within the stated life purpose.  The all or nothing perspective of life purpose is restrictive and limiting.

As an alternative consider the structure of contribution.  The many pillars of a contribution can support your business with both strength and flexibility to allow in new opportunities.

Isn’t it time for you to bring forth your special contribution for the good of all?

Your contribution is the actualization of your unique being expressed as inspiration, ideas and energy.  You are the only one who can deliver it in the way that you can.  Until you do, humanity will be missing an important linchpin of inspiration.

Want to take the first step to discovering your contribution?  Just leave a comment below and I’ll send you the info and prep to join us for a special free, phone class, Going Within to Bring Forth My Brilliance. 

How to Start Over In a New Career

Start over in a new career possibilitiesWhat if starting over in new career was far easier than you think it is?  If you’re dying from the inside trying to live in a toxic work environment – rejoice!  That dissatisfaction is your life trying to get you to see that you can make a move and start over.

That’s the purpose of contrast. Without those deadening work experiences you might remain blind and deaf to even the possibility of making a fresh new start over.

The first step is to be grateful for that feeling that you’ve got to get out.  Honor the urge to escape the corporate politics and unexplainable management decisions.  Just look yourself in the mirror and say thank you.

Thank you for presenting enough pain in my life to urge me to make my move.

Then you must being to tell yourself a story of hope, gratitude and possibility instead of a prison-locking story of despair. Statements like those that follow only keep you locked into one possibility.

I’m stuck because I’ll never make as much money on my own.  I hate my job but I don’t know what to do about it.  It’s a tough economy I’d be crazy to leave now.  I can’t start my own business because I don’t know where to start.

You must let go of all of those limiting one-way conclusions or that’s the only options you’ll see.

Instead declare and acknowledge out loud, that you are at choice to start over in a new career.

The swiftest change comes from asking the most positively powerful questions like this one.

Thank you for helping me to see that I have choices, what are all the possibilities?

Right there is your key on how to start over in a new career because it combines gratitude, choice and possibility.

Most who remain hoping but never act do not allow themselves to dare ask, what else is possible?

Did you notice that I did not talk about the specific new career you might start over in? That’s because the possibilities only can surface after gratitude is expressed and choice is acknowledged.

One more important tip – do not try to answer a possibility question with your conscious mind.  Just ask it and live with the question unanswered for a while. That way the Universe can go to work by helping you to see all the possibilities.

If you allow your mind to answer the following question, it can only respond by giving you options that you already know.

Thank you for helping me to see that  am at choice, what are all the possibilities?

So here is your action step. Right now ask this question 10 times in a row and then comment on how you feel about your possibilities.

Thank you for helping me to see that I have many choices, what are all the possibilities?

If you are ready to make your move even faster contact me now to discuss the possibilities.

Discomfort Is Necessary For Transformation

Digging deep and really feeling the discomfort of transformational change is the fastest and surest way to business success.   You’ve got to feel the full pain and discomfort of where you are to transcend it.

The slow way to business success is to exhaust yourself on a worldwide search for an opportunity that already fits your current state of comfort.  Quit looking – they are disappearing faster than you can find them.

Well-paying, comfortable jobs with good benefits are rapidly disappearing.  Most of those remaining can be found within dyeing institutional bureaucracies.

If your work is without challenge and without discomfort then it’s already disappearing.

Look at the toll-takers sitting in little tollbooths on the turnpike.  Automated toll collection is far less costly.  These toll-takers have absolutely no uncomfortable challenges in their duties.   Thus they bring absolutely no transformational value to humanity.

If you really want to find work that makes your heart sing – then first look for challenges and value points that make you heart ache.

Look for messy opportunities that make others run because they are uncomfortable.  Only these opportunities matter in providing true transformational value.

If it’s not messy, it won’t hold meaning.  If it doesn’t mean anything, then it doesn’t matter to anyone.  If it doesn’t matter then the money won’t come because the value will be too low.

I’m Betting On Your Authentic Good Sense

Have you ever been left with a feeling of frustration and empty promises after watching a video from a big name guru? Here’s the tipoff. If they say it will be packed with lots of content – it usually isn’t.

I wasted about 12 minutes watching one recently because the link came from someone who I used to trust.

But I smelled the stink early and checked the comments and that made me feel good. Sure 90% of the comments were of the brown nosing variety but it was the 10% that spoke the truth.

Some of these guys are so good at repeating the “what” 20 different ways that they confuse you into thinking you missed the meat. You didn’t miss it. Real meat wasn’t served, only the come on.

Then I realized. I already know more about how to treat a seeker than this guy does.

I already care more, share more and know more, than this seemingly well-respected guru was willing to share in his entire 90-minute webinar.

I bet you’re just like me. I bet you’ve read enough and experienced enough to be of great value to many.

I bet you know what’s authentic and what’s bull.

I bet you’re more ready, than you think you are, for whatever big change you want to make.

Readiness is a choice not a state of being.

Who are you when you dream big? Be that person.

I’m betting that you’re ready to make your move, right now. You are the source of your best career change advice.

Sometimes we simply need to quit seeking. Sometimes we need to quit following the guru and become the guru.

How about you? Are you ready to put your authentic good sense on the line? I’m betting you are.

Make Your Best Business or Career Decision Now

Most either delay making tough, important decisions for far too long or decide much too quickly.  What’s up with that?  When did we begin associating discomfort with making the right career or business decision?

Decision-making means that when we say yes to something or someone, we must say no to some other thing or someone else.  Is it simply saying “no thank you” that brings up feelings of conflict?

Is that what causes poor decision-making for you?  Obviously both delay and impulsiveness can cause missed opportunities.

So how can you make your best career or business decision now?  You could call me today for a no-obligation coaching conversation  to see options that you are presently blind to.

Most of us have a major career or business decision to make and we aren’t making it.

I’ve recently come to believe that career decision-making is even more important that career discovery.

You might think that you just have to discover your true calling and all will be well.  But until you act on that calling and live it, you’ll remain unfulfilled.
What I know about you:

  • You know more than you give yourself credit for knowing.
  • You’re closer to seeing the right decision for you than you think you are.
  • You’re better equipped to follow-through than you think you are.
  • Your optimum choice of a business or career decision has already flown across the fleeting landscape of your mind.
  • You just need to validate your right choice and feel the right encouragement to make it.

If you knew the above to be true would you make your vital move now?


The Curse of Too Much Time Off

As a career coach, I’m often coaching folks in transition. Perhaps they’ve been laid off or they’ve cashed out and taken early retirement. Some take sabbaticals or extended disability leave, to get a clearer perspective on their life’s work. So far so good.

These folks all have a few things in common. They are in the enviable yet temporary position of having the time to think, without the pressure of earning new money any time soon.

So what do they do? They celebrate. They go overboard enjoying their freedom. Then a few months down the road, they start to panic because they still need to make a right work decision.

Then the real trouble begins. They start thinking too much. Too much thinking, with too little action, spoils a good time. Before they know it they’ve placed themselves in the unnecessary danger of wasting their wonderful opportunity.

I understand what contributes to this crazy behavior. Most folks have lots of unpleasant and unfulfilling work memories.

If this is you, I get it. I know that you may have never felt so free and alive when working and you do deserve a break.

I also know that you sense that there must be something better out there. Some of you even harbor secret thoughts of making your emancipation permanent by seizing the freedom of self-employment.

Some of you eventually get around to talking to a career coach, like myself, who specializes in career exploration and in building a true calling inspired business.

But here is the key. Most of you wait too long to get down to the serious decision-making. Why is that?

My theory is that your work memories are so challenging that you have put all future work in the same basket. You judge all work as something to be avoided and that makes you want to delay the process as long as possible.

Of course a calling isn’t like that. Your true calling is the work you were meant to do. But even a true calling inspired business, is better built in a relaxed, non-pressured environment.

You can’t really take a break from life. Making the right decision is an active process. Taking time off from work, can work for you, if you leverage it so that you know more about your options as your time off dwindles.

You might think you are putting off the decision to relieve tension but the more you avoid the decision the more tension you create.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is this. Anxiety is my friend. It signals a call to wiser action. It’s telling me to turn into the very storm that I want to run from. It’s telling me to drop down deep into my body and feel.

Already self-employed business owners do the same thing. You might have a strong hunch of a needed change but you avoid it because un-embraced anxiety feels scarier than the status quo.

Use your available time as the blessing it is. It’s only a curse if you squander it and invite pressure where there was once only curiosity.

Can you recall a time where you would have been better off to get right down to making a decision sooner?

If you’d like professional coaching, on turning into the storm and making your biggest life and work decisions, contact me and let’s talk. Your freedom waits.

Stop Career Insanity

Dear Frustrated Right Career Seeker:

Are you vocationally frustrated and confused?  Do you find yourself at a career crossroads without a map?  Tired of guessing and doubting?

If so look into your gut and see if you can believe in the following statement at least 51%.

You came here to fulfill a special purpose and the value of that purpose is best delivered by you.

That means that until you identify and engage your right career, some special group of waiting individuals will be missing the original product or service that only you are equipped to create, in your own special way.

They can’t get what they really want or need, until you wake up and do what you were meant to do.

With me so far? (If you’re one of those special few who is already enjoying career bliss, please email this post to a lost soul of you acquaintance.)

Here’s what’s nuts about the way you’ve gone about finding your life’s work.

You try to be who you are without first knowing who you are.

Your try to do what works without first knowing what works especially well for you.

You try to go for what you want without first knowing what you really want.

Understanding your essential blessing of uniqueness could lead to your life’s purpose and career clarity. No one has a specific core makeup just like yours. But even if you know yourself well – it’s not enough.

That’s why searching for your right career feels like madness. Just knowing who you are is only one third of the right career equation. If you were still a toddler we could bank on that alone.

But you’ve lived some life and that has formed you into a special dynamo of perceptions, preferences and possibilities.

No one has experienced the exact life that you have.

You must not only know yourself as you arrived but know yourself now, as a fully functioning adult.

The trouble is that a lot of the life experiences you remember, are the challenging ones, so you don’t see yourself as functioning well but as the sacred little kid who was unrecognized and under-celebrated.

Understanding this valuable combination of core makeup, life experience and life competency is the key to solving your career/prosperity/fulfillment puzzle.

So the real question is this. Are you ready to end this insanity?

Right career discovery is what I do best. I’ve been career coaching since 1998 and it still floats my boat better than anything else. I’ve written the playbook and I’ve traveled the paths so I can guide you there.

Going it alone is really pretty silly. The trouble is that you are far too close to the challenge to see through the fog.

On this page and podcast I’ve identified 15 blocks that fog your career clarity. Take a look or listen and see which are slowing you down. Perhaps you’ll realize that there is a right career discovery process that works.

In the podcast I explain engaging the process of Divine Coalescence to gather all of your resources and gifts into one workable structure that leverages who you are for the highest good of humankind and for you.

Until now this beautifully empowering process of Divine Coalescence has only been discussed as a concept and as a guided meditation here.

But now I’ve decided to work with a very select group of frustrated right career seekers to put my theories to the test.  You’ll have my special support  in a real life research and development laboratory.

At the very least, reclaim your sanity by valuing your core makeup, your experience and the competency of what has worked well for you.

Top Ten Tips For A Confident Career Change

confident career decisionConfidently making a career change comes first from you knowing and believing in yourself. Assured action then kicks in to confirm the  right move for you.  Use these ten tips to move from confused, doubtful and uncertain to enthusiastic confidence.

One framing, bonus tip before we begin.  Career wisdom most often comes in the form of active verbs rather than final professions. Fulfilling work is more about what you’d be doing rather than what you’re called while doing it.

Too many career seekers try too hard to see the end game.  They first try to identify the profession and that’s wrong.  Trying to imagine whether you’d like to be a butcher, baker or candlestick maker is putting the cart before the horse.

I’ve been career coaching for 12 years and here’s a question I ask every potential client.  “If the best career change for you, happens to be creating your own business, are you willing to seize the freedom of self-employment?

Any response less than a strong yes, generally means that a client is either unaware of or doesn’t agree with, one of the following career change truths.   If you’re hesitating with a career change decision, carefully look them over.  You’re solution is to understand and embrace the truth(s) you find yourself resisting the most.

1. The absence of risk often indicates that you’re playing too small. There is no such thing as authentically playing it safe.  You can’t compromise yourself into a fulfilling and successful career change.  Getting real has nothing to do with being realistic and everything to do with self-honor.

2. You can’t see around the bend without getting off your ass.
No matter how good a career decision looks on paper you really won’t know until you step into it.  You can’t see what doors may open until you walk down the hall.  Knowing that truth will allow you to keep your cool, stay present and observe.  Adjusting actions and seizing opportunities as they arise, can make a once shaky decision a brilliant one.

3. Ease into change or make the big leap but don’t straddle. Straddling the fence is painful because it hurts no matter which way you fall.  Change doesn’t have to be a big leap off the cliff.  You don’t have to immediately quit your job and leap.

Entrepreneurship isn’t right for everyone.   You could even begin taking control of your career and advance your professional goals by earning one of these online degrees MBA.  Some of us love the leap and don’t sweat burning bridges.  Others have more of a toe-in-the–water style.  Be who you are.  If you’re naturally an ease in to it person, be that in your change.  You can start small in scope but remain large in authenticity. One way of starting small authentically is to create an authentically inspired product.

4. You really won’t care as much about the money following. Money doesn’t always follow doing what you love.  However, do what you love and fulfillment does follow.  Once you taste fulfilling work you just won’t care about the money as much.  Then a funny thing happens.  Once you’re not so afraid about making money you become more confident. And money does follow confidence.

5. As long as you choose you can’t really lose.
The only way you can make a big mistake is to ignore the longings of your heart and stand pat.  Settling sucks, for a day or a decade.  Don’t waste another day in soulless work. The instant you know in your heart, that you’re unfulfilled, decide to choose another path.

6. Desire = Proof of Capacity.
If you didn’t have what it takes to turn your idea into a business or a fulfilling position – that idea would not have come to you. You are enough.  You have what it takes.  You are more than enough to live the purpose you came here to complete.

7. Quit worrying about looking like you know what you’re doing.

Fear of looking like a fool will keep you from getting what you want.  Egbert Sukop.

Few of us ever do actually know what we’re doing.  But we are remarkable beings in our ability to land on our feet.  Every thought you have about what someone else might think of you is pure bull.  They just don’t care that much.  Start being your own authority this minute. What you think about you is the only thought that counts.

8. Find and follow your enthusiasm. Journal. Observe. Take notes of every appealing idea.  If a certain business or career change appeals to you, dig deeper and identify exactly what you find appealing about it.  Look for and record all themes of enthusiasm; they are valuable signposts.  Your life has been nudging you in the right direction.  Open your eyes and notice the nudges.

9. Be sure to imagine the upside.
So much of change seems to over-emphasize the downside of what might go wrong.  Remember; the reason you’re seeking a career change is to be fulfilled and happy in your work.  Imagine how gloriously delightful it will soon be to bounce out of bed each morning eager to face the day.

10. It’s all about fit, first and foremost. If you are miscast in your work you are out of place.  Out of place means out of authentic alignment with who you are.  Out of alignment means out of luck and good fortune.  Be authentic and make your own luck by understanding your authentic career change elements.

Which tip do you need to embrace the most right now?

Want to discover your right work once and for all?  Contact Tom for an exploratory coaching session to find your career clarity. 

When Doubt Is Good

Sometimes you just have to say, “fuck the keywords” and write what’s on your mind!

Doubt is good when you know you’re ready for what’s next, even though you don’t yet know what’s next.

A lack of clarity and certainty is very good news when you can see it for what it is.

When the light of understanding is temporarily replaced by the darkness of doubt, the doubt can be very good when you frame it within an anticipation of coming good.

What if that precarious resting place between the completion of one stage and the beginning of the next is nothing more than your soul catching its breath?

I know what I’m talking about because that’s exactly where I am right now, with my writing, my marketing and the next iteration of my calling. (You didn’t think you find your calling and it’s game over, did you?)

You might know that place. It’s the place where everything you think and write (at least to you) smells like shit.

It’s that place when you feel like you don’t give a shit but you really feel that way because you do.

It’s that place when you begin to question every move and wonder when in the hell am I ever going to get my shit together? (At this point in my writing I thought about all the good shit (literally) in my compost pile and I almost went off on a metaphorical tangent about the benefits of combining shit.) See what I mean?

(Early in my blogging career I used the word ‘God’ in a post and lost 60 subscribers overnight. So I figured maybe I’d get them back by using ‘fuck’ in this one. Oh shit those aren’t the same scaredy cats are they?)

(Maybe I was simply ready to go public with the shit-hell-fuck trifecta?) That’s the darker side of the swinging doubt pendulum but it was an accurate read on my mood before I realized I was simply in a state of gloriously good doubt.

(One of my best web buddies, Suzanne Bird-Harris, says I should write more as rugby-playing Tom than deep thinker Tom, so you can credit her inspiration for the off-color candor in this post.)

Self-Doubt Warning

I am not talking about the kind of self-doubt that has you searching the web and comparing yourself to everyone else and coming up short. That shit will kill you. (Maybe I should have called this post Good Shit & Bad Shit?) (Jeez!) (Am I going to end up writing more in parenthesis than not?)

I’m also not talking about the kind of self-doubt that has you questioning anything personal about your capability, talents or identity. That shit stunts your growth and will eventually kill your spirit within.

Good Doubt

Good doubt is simply a lack of clarity of direction. You’re all dressed up and ready to go but you don’t know where you’re headed.

Good doubt is having the balls to hang in there with the unknown. Good doubt is actually embracing the unknown and immersing yourself within it because you know that everything happens for your good.

Hang onto that. The Universe conspires on your behalf.

Everything that happens happens for a good purpose to benefit you. If you can’t believe that, then life really does suck and then you die.

If you’ve ever been where I am right now you’ll know this feeling. You reach the crossroads, all the signs are down and even your inner sense of direction feels foggy.

Halleluiah! Praise the Gods of Change! You have been blessed with the good of uncertainty.

Life is about shifts, adjustments and punches in the gut. Rolling with the punches means not resisting them but using momentum to see the good.

Sorry folks, I have no answers today. I only have questions for those of you who want to leverage your good doubt to arrive at newfound aliveness.

Don’t fight it – roll with it. Just live with some very good questions and see what comes to you. Here are some of my favorite good doubt questions. Use them at your own risk of startling clarity.

What’s missing?

What good purpose might my impatience serve?

What’s next for me that I can’t quite see?

How would Ben Franklin (or respected thinker of your choice) solve this one?

For what good purpose am I experiencing this unpleasant circumstance?

What insights can I almost grasp that would explain where I am?

How can I change my point of view to see things differently?

If I could plug my brain directly into Divine Intelligence, what surge of brilliance might come?

I’m off to meet the Wizard. Tell me what you think of this shit.

Good Upcoming Shit:

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