Five Essentials to Choosing the Right Business

"choosing the right business."How did you choose your business?  Did you choose it based on who you are or did you allow the circumstances and relationships in your life to choose it for you?

If you think you may have chosen incorrectly or if you haven’t even chosen yet – these five essentials will show you how to choose the right business.

I work with corporate employees who want to confidently quit their jobs and start a business.  Choosing a business that brings you alive is essential for your success but just doing what you love isn’t enough.

Just like the prospective entrepreneur who has yet to choose, existing business owners will benefit from knowing the five essentials for choosing the right business.

Existing business owners could be just one small adjustment away from success.  New business owners can start right the first time.

Money and clients are attracted to confident enthusiasm so both need a small business blueprint that inspires taking frequent action confidently and enthusiastically.

These five essential elements are not linear.  Instead imagine  a five sided pentagon of success.

  1. Sell the product or service that you are most eager to create. Eagerness leads to willingness which leads to action which leads to success. Eagerness is a natural response to authentic desire and only exists in the absence of fear.  Business can be a drag without natural eagerness.
  2. Work in your business on the activity that gives your deepest gladness. Deep gladness goes beyond love. Gladness is love with deep meaning.  What really matters to you matters because it is deeply aligned with your core makeup.  Isn’t it kind of stupid to start a business that doesn’t take into account the whims, talents and values of the founder?
  3. Start a business serving who and what you care about the most.  There is good reason for your experiences. Life is not a random event.  You’ve seen what you’ve seen and been though what you’ve experienced in order to give a damn about someone or something.  It’s time for you to take a stand and serve where you really care.
  4. Make a difference by giving customers the solutions that they most need.  In order for your business to thrive someone, somewhere has to really need what you’re selling.  There has to be some meat in your offer that someone is emotionally hungry for.  Quit talking about how you do what you do.  That’s too light of a meal.  Instead hit them hard with direct messages that speak to what they really need.
  5.  Finally offer your customers what they need in the way that they want it.  If you don’t meet them where they are they won’t recognize how much you can help.  Speak the language of those you are selling to.  Be strategic and smart by entering the conversation they are already having with themselves.  That’s how they want it.  They want it clear and understandable.

Eagerness, deep gladness and deep care enthusiastically served in a dish of what they need in the way they want it.  That’s the recipe for small business success.

So how many sides does your startup business pentagon have?  Without all five you aren’t really building a business that will last.  But you can change that.  You can choose to start a business that is right for you and for your clients.

Each month I offer five free strategy sessions to help prospective business owners get really clear on:

  • Understanding the person you need to be in order to make the leap.
  • Discovering the number one thing stopping you from starting
  • The right timing for you to make your move.
  • Identifying the next step that will give you the confidence to take the leap.
  • Exactly what you need to do next to make your move.

To claim your session send me an email  telling me why you want to be self-employed.



  1. Christine Hoke says:

    Why would anyone not take advantage of the “The 5 free strategy sessions?” I am particularly interested in “The right timing to make your move.” As a perspective business owner, I think these sessions are a valuable resource.

  2. Christine, Indeed why not? I think that prospective business owners mostly fear the startling clarity of a powerful session. If they attend then they may have to actually take action and create what they say they want.

    That is very scary and tremendously freeing all at once.

  3. “Start a business serving who and what you care about the most.” Best advice that anyone who’s thinking about starting a business can ever get. There are some who only want to go for what is trendy and popular, even if they don’t really care about such products.

    • Susan,

      All business decisions are better when made form the strength and wisdom of within. Looking outside at what’s popular is fleeting and questionable.

  4. Good suggestions. I’ve been very hesitant in choosing business. Thanks for sharing helpful ideas that I have to consider in making decision.

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  6. Marta Ayuso says:

    These 5 elements are a way to clarify what are we here to contribute, which is the same thing that can really fulfill us, as long as we don’t fall on the trap of letting our mind take control on the subject once we have clarified it – something that can happen when going through the 4th and 5th elements.
    Another powerful element is to really tap into Why that thing is so important to us. What we are trying to right -very much related to your 3rd element. That gives us powerful energy to go through tough times.
    Thank you for sharing Tom

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