Clarity Empowers Progress

When we are crystal clear about where we are and where we want to be, we create less stress and more often hit targeted objectives. It’s darn hard to find our true calling when we aren’t willing to be clear and specific about how we want our life’s work to be.

Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the quest for authentic work is more prevalent when we are confidently clear about what we want. And I don’t mean being clear about being a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. Selecting an already existing profession can be the deadest of ends. I do mean being clear about how we want to feel in the enjoyment of our ideal work.

Don’t Tell Me What You Don’t Want

Most folks when asked what they want, will clearly answer with what they don’t want. They can tell you how unfair their boss is and how uninspiring the work is.

Or they’ll tell you a story about how hard it is to decide on what they really want. Or they’ll try to convince you that the time is not right to dedicate working on what they want. Some will even present a compelling case explaining why it’s not possible for them to get what they want.

Have you ever wondered why so many are so good at explaining all about what they don’t want?

Why do you think so many suck at just saying what it is that they want?
They already hate their job, how much worse could it possibly get?

You Can’t Get There From Here

The clarity of exactness and preciseness increases the probability of intentional manifestation. Maybe that’s what keeps many from choosing. A couple of participants on a recent group coaching call, supporting our community leveraging experiment, admitted as much.

When we definitely state what we want, in stark specificity, we have chosen, haven’t we? Perhaps that’s why folks choose to remain confused and general because you can’t really commit to a generality, can you?

Try dedicating yourself to excellence in vagueness. Yes you can develop the inspired confidence to move mountains but you’ve got to identify the damn mountains! If you don’t commit then you can’t fail but you can’t succeed either. Without clarity and inspired commitment your only choice is to remain safely frozen in whatever waiting hell you’ve created.

You Can Only Get There From Here

The clarity of exactness and preciseness increases the probability of intentional manifestation by creating a living laboratory for evolutionary learning. In succeeding or in failing we see greater openings for opportunity.

Safety is a myth. Certainly more of us are realizing that the only true economic and emotional security is found within self-created opportunities of self-employment. Calling your own shots includes controlling your own firing squad. It’s not pretty when someone else lines you up from dismissal.

What You Can Do Now

You can embrace this lesson and insert greater clarity, decisiveness and specificity into every aspect of your life. Practice being bold and confident; never again ask, “What are you having?” Order what you want in every aspect of life and you will have increased your probability of getting it.

Yes, clarity and specificity forces commitment and that’s a very good thing.

Now I’m going to tell you a little known secret to discovering the work or business of your dreams.

A wild ass guess from the depths of your own gut and heart is far better than any copycat plan designed by another. Career Coach Tom Volkar

How about you? Could you more exactly state what you want?


  1. Evelyn Lim says:

    Being clear in what we want is definitely important; or we may just be “ordering” the wrong stuff from the Universe. Little wonder why we are manifesting things that are not what we truly desire.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Can You Read My Mind?

  2. Jarrod - Warrior Development says:

    I just stated reading GTD by David Allen and gaining clarity on the end result and the next thing you can is something that really jumped out at me as useful.

    Jarrod – Warrior Developments last blog post..Awesomeness Found Within Evil

  3. Hi Tom. Yes, yes, yes I couldn’t be more exact than living from the gut. How it translates into the third dimension, now that’s another story!

    I did a vision board last year when I was starting my first business. Great experience! But, rather than looking for pictures of things I “wanted” in my life I found myself drawn to pictures of things that created feelings of fulfillment. Fireplaces, ski chalets, cozy patios, people meditating and people showing enthusiasm about life…. money $$$ 🙂

    And here is a quote that I was “given” from a teabag of all things… “Live from your heart and you will be most effective”.

    Davinas last blog post..Awakening To A Balanced Life

  4. There are some areas of my life where I am very clear about what I want. For others, I am not.

    @Davina: Your experience with vision boards sounds interesting. That’s one thing I want to try out.

    Avani-Mehtas last blog post..2008 Blog Review and 2009 Plans

  5. Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Services says:

    I got a voicemail this morning from a new client. She said, “I just called to tell you how awesome, awesome, AWESOME you are! Truly, Suzanne…you are just amazing. I am so glad I found you. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing I have you in my corner now. If anyone ever asks you for a reference, please send them to me.”

    Here’s some clarity for you, Tom: I WANT MORE OF THAT!

    Not because it feeds my ego (even though it does, yes…) but because it is me living the EXACT OPPOSITE of the “oh God I hate my job…it just sucks the life out of me” that I used to live. It’s me ‘meeting the world’s deep need with my deep gladness’.

    What’s particularly lovely about this voicemail is that the project was one where I wasn’t absolutely sure I would be awesome…but I decided to be bold and confident and have some faith in myself and take the risk anyway. Now, not only am I awesome for stepping out in faith and trusting myself, I am awesome in something new to my repertoire!

    This is me trusting my strengths, being my bad-ass self with gusto and getting paid for it! And oooooohhh boy it feels good!

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Servicess last blog post..Project Powerful and Positive

  6. I wrote a lengthy comment that WordPress apparently gobbled up!

    So, I’ll just say this. Great post.

    Bamboo Forests last blog post..Make This Halloween a Ghost Dad Halloween

  7. To me, clarity comes with time. But I know for some people, opposite is true. It really depends on the personality type.

    The reason I have clarity about where I’m headed now, is that this vision was preceded by 13 years of trying many many avenues and failing. I learned what doesn’t work, but diligently knocking on every door without anybody on the other side. What’s left, HAS to work because I have little else to try. That creates a sense of certainty and urgency. Both are great ingredients in crafting success.

    I’ve learned to sleep on bigger decisions — because when I’m faced with decisions, the most immediate thing that comes to fore are my feelings. (I’m an NT — feeling intuitive) That is followed by my logical thinking. It’s only after I clear those two that I find my true clarity, my intuition-based direction.

    For others, the clarity arrives first yet by waiting, then allow other elements to creep up and cloud the vision. That’s understandable, too.

    You just have to figure out your personal style, and learn not to settle for vagueness — just keep driving until you reach clarity. It will come.


    Ari Koinumas last blog post..What I Force My Children to Learn, or Not (Digest)

  8. Hi Tom –
    “Safety is a myth. Certainly more of us are realizing that the only true economic and emotional security is found within self-created opportunities of self-employment.” – great stuff. It is indeed a myth.

    Clarity is so important – for example there’s no point in getting a lot of money if managing it is only going to be time-consuming and stressful – particularly if you wanted the money so you could have a peaceful life!

    Robins last blog post..How A Lot Of Wind Changed My Plans

  9. Clarity is what helps us make the hard choices. Sometimes we are presented with several really great directions to go in. Life isn’t always a choice between what sucks and what doesn’t. So when you come to the crossroads and you have to choose between awesome direction #1 and awesome direction #2, having clarity about what you really want is the only thing that will help you make the right choice.

    For instance right now I could put my nose to the grindstone and achieve great success in my day job and I know there’s a promotion waiting for me if I want it. That would be great. Yet working from home and being there to take my daughter to school and pick her up is what I really want, so that’s the path I have to head down.

    Melissas last blog post..Grateful in Disney World

  10. @Tom–I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what you’d suggest when you know exactly what you want (that is, what you want the results to look like) but executing the “how” trips you up. On the group call the other day we talked about succumbing to lack of clarity as a way to avoid commitment. Do you believe we sometimes cloud our thinking/decision processes subconsciously to provide ourselves with another excuse? How do you overcome this? Thanks for any input.

    @Suzanne–your joy is contagious and leaps off the screen. Congrats to you and thanks for the inspiration lady. I want some of that!

    Christines last blog post..Personal Coaching: How Can it Propel Your Small Biz Success?

  11. Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Services says:

    @Tom – Thanks! I must admit, I sat and stared at that comment for awhile before I clicked ‘submit’, wondering if it was tooting a little too much. But then I realized, when you’ve spent your life not tooting AT ALL, even a little can feel like ‘too much’. So I took a deep breath, and clicked submit. I’m glad I did, because that stuff just feels too good to keep it to myself.

    @Christine – a big lesson I’m learning is to keep my mitts off the ‘how’ as much as possible. Boy howdy, that is HARD to do, but when I manage it, things happen that I know I never could have orchestrated myself.

    I don’t mean we should just sit still waiting for what we want to drop in our laps. I mean we should just do what we know to do, as fearlessly as possible, and trust that the Universe is on our side and will present us with opportunities, people and events that will bring us that desired result. That’s what’s happening over here, so I know it works. And quite frankly, with all I have on my plate, it’s a big relief to not have to figure out all the ‘how’ all the dang time. And it’s so fun to be so pleasantly surprised with how things work out.

    @Melissa – you’re absolutely right – sometimes the choices seem to be between Great and Great! Knowing what we REALLY want DOES make the choice easier. For example, when I lost my job 6 years ago, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to work from home. (Like Scarlett O’Hara in the field, shaking her fist at God, vowing never to be hungry again – picture me vowing never to have a j.o.b. again!) Over the last 6 years, that decision has gone beyond decision to the point of being part of how my life is set up – period. And I know it’s been what’s carried me through to here more times than I can count. It’s not a decision anymore – it’s just a fact of my life. THAT kind of intent, I’ve found, creates all kinds of amazing results. 🙂

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Servicess last blog post..DIY SEO: Step 4 – Keyword Density

  12. Jarrod – No wonder it jumped out at you. In my boat clarity is way beyond useful – it’s essential.

    Davina – Tried the vision board thing once and it felt too much like grade school project. Not to sound too sexist but I think you gals like cutting and pasting much more than guys do. We like to set things on fire and blow things up. Perhaps I could create a guys version and call it explosion boards. I’m with you here though. It’s ALL about the FEELINGS and what they evoke! It was good to see you shamelessly talk about your desire for money. 🙂 ore spiritual folks need to be clear on that.

    Avani – I know what you mean bu selective clarity. Sometimes we choose not to be ready and it’s not always a bad choice. I often decide to put things on the side burner until I can get to them. That’s way different than procrastination.

    Evelyn – We can’t read this message enough. Manifestation works both ways. Giving attention to it means that you’ve asked for it. It seems like one of the simplest things to learn but one that I need to learn again and again.

    Bamboo – Sorry for the gobbling. It happens. I’ll imagine that you wrote the most delightful comment that I’ve ever received. Thank You!

    Ari – I’m very pleased to see you address urgency. Urgency is such a powerful clarifier. You offer a well-thought out perspective on clarity. I agree that our learning styles, personalities and conditioning all have an effect on how we process information and come to decisions. Glad we agree on vagueness being the death of creativity.

    Suzanne – Here here! I’m so pleased to see you shamelessly tooting your own horn. It’s so refreshing and an activity that I truly encourage. You deserve the praise not only because you do excellent work but because you’re doing from a foundation of authentic expression. Life couldn’t be sweeter. 🙂

    Melissa – Absolutely! Clarity is often about first seeing and then discerning the specific payoff and consequences of each choice. Sounds like you’re going into it with your eyes wide open and your heart concurs. As a recovering workaholic I can attest to this. Kids want two things, your attentive presence and your happiness. Congrats on your heartfelt clarity.

  13. “Selecting an already existing profession can be the deadest of ends.”

    I had to momentarily stop reading at that point. This has been one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving clarity for my career choice. I’ve tried to pre-define it based on what profession looked like it might fit ME the best.

    Perhaps I should step back from that approach, and try instead to define ME first, then let my profession reveal itself TO me.

    For Christine: about the “how”—as long as we have clarity about WHAT we want, the Universe works out the “how”. We humans are limited in what we are able to imagine in our brains. That is why the “how” trips us up. The Universal Source (call it what you will), however, knows every single one of the INFINITE possibilities available. That is why we define the what, and let the Universe define the how. Our job is to be aware, listen for the internal nudges that direct our steps, and to keep our eyes and ears always open for the next opportunity that will lead us to our goals (the “whats”).

    JBs last blog post..Closer

  14. Clare Tyler says:

    I couldn’t resist responding to this one.

    Here’s how I want to feel in the enjoyment of my ideal work:

    1. Anxious to start my work each day

    2. Fearless and inspired communication with all the elements of my work, including the people I’m dealing with

    3. Joy and willingness in what I’m offering through my work

    Thanks Tom!



  15. Christine – You said.. “Do you believe we sometimes cloud our thinking/decision processes subconsciously to provide ourselves with another excuse? How do you overcome this?” Sure it’s possible, but this sounds like a lesson we’ve already discussed. Might you be trying to understand why you’re doing something because you believe that in understanding it you will be able to quit doing it?

    If so, that’s the long way around. I don’t mean to sound flip, but why seek out these difficult whys when often even upon solving them we don’t believe ourselves enough to do anything about it? I think it may even be perfectionism in disguise that’s driving this quest for self-understanding.

    Understanding how we sabotage our own intentions does not necessarily lead to effective action. It’s a trap that looks good but is often unfulfillable.

    The lesson here is to get very clear on what you want and then instead of getting stuck within the details of “how to” – just ask what you CAN do today. Then do that, see what happens and adjust. It may not seem that comforting but with practice one sees that really that’s the only way to make progress with sanity.

    Suzanne is spot on. The search for the “how to” slows us down and gives a false sense of security anyway. When the how to doesn’t work we are doubly crushed because of the disappointment and the investment in lost time.

    But by simply asking this. “What can I do to move me a little closer to this objective today?” And then by doing it – we do get closer and even if we miss the mark not as much time and effort was lost.

    Does this help?

    Clare – I’m pleased that you can clearly list out how you want to feel within your ideal work. Question, even given your circumstances what could you do this week to get closer to enjoying work like that?

  16. Liked your secret quotation! I have been trying to use this concept of clarity and you are absolutely right — it works every time. Any time I am hazy and not so sure of my end goal, I end up blotching it; however, when I have had a crystal clear vision of the project, miraculously it gets completed just as I envisioned. Great site too, I like it. Thank you.

    Raj Krishnaswamys last blog post..Thermal Spray Credit

  17. Clare Tyler says:

    To get closer to enjoying my work as I have described, I can draw something which really interests me – perhaps something from my living environment. I’ll do it first thing in the morning so that I will feel an anxiousness to start upon arising. Thanks! ct

  18. JB – Welcome back. I’m glad that realization hit you like a ton of bricks. Trying to hard to fit into and pre-existing description can be hell. We’re all unique so why not create our authentic work from a base of who we are?

    Your advice to Christine is splendid and accurate. Although trusting can be a challenge for many. I like to think of that trust as my own ability to withdraw at will from the bank of Universal Intelligence. It’s there for the asking and I have a bankbook as we all do.

    Raj – Isn’t it great when we can prove a concept to ourselevs through actual application. I love it.

    Clare – Outstanding! I’ll think of you tomorrow as I bounce out of bed, I’ll know that Clare also as the big ass smile of eagerness on her face! 🙂

  19. I’m at the point of knowing exactly what I want, but as it’s not yet producing money I have to work doing stuff I don’t enjoy particularly, which leads to frustrations and worries about money.

    The success will come, but it tries my patience at times…

    Alex Fayle | Someday Syndromes last blog post..Choosing Happiness and Action: Monica Ricci Interview

  20. Christine says:

    Thank you everyone who responded.

    Tom, you asked if I wanted to understand why I may self-sabotage–I don’t really have an interest in why at this point. I know focusing on that just keeps people stuck longer. My question truly was about the how-to. However….

    @JB–I think it’s fascinating the way you’ve described the universe working out the how. I knew this already, but it doesn’t always hit home. Tom mentioned perfectionism and I think it does play a part. To me I see figuring out the how as very logical. It’s like, “Of course I need to know the how before I do something!” It feels as natural as the air. I think most of us are brought up that way. It’s something I need to play with.

    @Suzanne–I like how you say it’s a relief to not always have to figure out the how. When I think about that I get a tinge of nervous excitement–it’s exciting and scary and delicious all at the same time and I think I need to start using this. Just do what I know to do as fearlessly as I can and see where that takes me.

    Christines last blog post..Personal Coaching: How Can it Propel Your Small Biz Success?

  21. Clare Tyler says:

    Ah yes, clarity does empower progress. I had a realization while I was doing my drawing this morning that even more important than the potential for profit from my art, is the fact that I am creating instead of being created upon. Much of the time I have been taking in the creations of others in various forms. This is fine, but it’s great that I am generating my own creations as well. I’ve decided that I am going to filter out some of the things I don’t want to be affected by and focus more on my own creative instincts. I will no longer just focus primarily on whether or not something is good enough or whether it will sell. My work will improve with practice. The important thing is that I put my own unique expression out there. One of my artist’s blocks has been lifted!

  22. What a great thread this is! Thanks everyone for putting so much heart into this topic; it is palpable 🙂

    What I’d like to add is that after clarity, comes courage. Suzanne pointed this out in her post about pausing before hitting “send” ~ even when you’re clear, even when you know exactly what you want and what to do, you can still hesitate for about a thousand different reasons.

    When the desire to be/do/have pulls you strongly enough. or the pain of not being/having/doing gets so overwhelming that there seems to be no other choice but to act ~ that is the magic moment when it all changes.

    I say “magic” because from that instant, what you intended begins to take form, to mold itself into the shape you saw in your mind. And that can feel both wonderful and frightening at the same time.

    Maybe it’s why we hesitate.

    Things that we can’t see or feel are happening as a result of our own thought processes ~ and I think maybe we have to get ready to experience ourselves this way.

    It can be easier to believe “it’s magic”, than to own how powerful we are when we are clear ~ and then take action anyway despite our misgivings and doubts and fears.

    I’m a big believer in cause-and-effect. Sometimes I’m wrong, but the game is bigger when I play in a field of possibility rather than one with too many of my own rules limiting me!

    Would love to hear what you all think about this point.


    Nancy Boyds last blog post..Your Hidden Link to Create Whatever You Want In Life

  23. Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Services says:

    @Christine – that’s it, exactly!

    @Nancy – Re: ‘It can be easier to believe “it’s magic”, than to own how powerful we are when we are clear ~ and then take action anyway despite our misgivings and doubts and fears.’ I think you hit the nail on the head, at least for me.

    This is another place where not knowing the ‘how’ monkeys with things. You’re much more likely to attribute something great to ‘magic’ than your own creative powers when you don’t understand the ‘how’ of it all. Because you know – if you owned that greatness, without knowing the ‘how’, replicating it again would feel like a helluva tall order. So it’s easier to give credit to ‘magic’…something no one really expects you to understand or control…or pull off again and again.

    Oooooohh…look at that Christine – there’s that not committing thing again….! Told ya I knew something about that…LOL

    But I comfort myself with the knowledge that awareness is the first step to purposeful change…so hey, I’m on my way!

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Servicess last blog post..DIY SEO: Step 4 – Keyword Density

  24. Alex – I’ve been there man and I have an effective solution that might be tough to swallow. Sometimes the best adjustment is to simply change the way we think and feel about what we “have” to do. I know it can be challenging but how you look at necessary, but temporary work that’s not fulfilling can actually place you in resistance. And I know that you know what we resist persists. So re-frame that work as necessary for now and even as holding the key to your transition. Be grateful for it and you’ll sooner move from having to do it.

    Clare – way to go! You took fresh action and realized something powerful as a result. We really can’t ask for more than that. It’s a great creative cycle to act, realize adjust and act again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Nancy – Both wonderful and frightening is an apt description of authentic expression. You’ve written a beautiful explanation as you see it. What we all need is more magic and courage is often the doorway we need to first walk through.

    Christine – I’m pleased to count you among the newly converted
    who are willing to act regardless of your fears.

    Since Christine is a coaching client of mine I sent her an email to be sure that we had communicated. This is what she sent me back. 🙂

    “I think the crux of my original question was this: I see the end result I want and know what it looks like. (Satisfaction, freedom, autonomy, expert status, money, all that stuff) Clarity around that is not really needed. It’s the how stuff. But I know you and I are working on that and I have decided to start experimenting with trusting and stepping into it although I may be scared shitless as well as kicking and screaming about “but I need to know HOW!!!”

    My reply to Christine – “Cool – scared shitless is really a place of delightful possibility. You need to voice that more to other entrepreneurs who can appreciate that bold swagger of living with the unknown. Employees just don’t get it.”

    This is good advice to all of us. Here at Delightful Work solo-entrepreneurs gather to challenge and support one another. It’s safe to be bold here because we get it. Thank you all for being who you are and for having the courage to intend to make many bucks from your authenticity.

  25. Great post Tom. I have clarity on the business I am working on. I feel really good about that and taking your authentic work class confirmed what I was doing business wise. Now I am being more intentional with my personal life. I am working on living without the bondage of unhealthy behaviors that cause me to crash and burn. It may take a while. I need to write out how I want my life to look at the end of this personal work. Backwards design is a great strategy in education as well.

    JB you should sign up for Tom’s authentic business class. I learned so much about myself. If you took it, you would learn about your core values and strengths etc that would help you home in on what you would enjoy doing. Let me tell you, working in a way that hits that zone between my passion and the needs out there in the world is a wonderful high!

  26. Hi Tom;

    Great article. I our business we are always surprised how many people don’t know what they want. They come and say I am not happy, I don’t have this and don’t have that.

    When you ask them what do you really want – there is a long silence. It is great to see the transformation though, when they start changing the way they think.

    Clarity plays a big part of getting what you want. Be precise or you may be surprised of the result.

    Click A Life Coachs last blog post..Productivity

  27. @Click A Life Coach, you’ve probably heard this coaching joke. it goes something like this:

    Coaching Prospect: “I want to be coached on getting clarity.”

    Coach: “Great! What do you want to be clear about?”

    Coaching Prospect:” “That’s the problem. I don’t know.”

    Fortunately most people DO have some idea about where they are stuck and want help to get clear ~ they just need to have the guts to say so.

    And I think it does take guts to admit you need help, in a world where too many of us grew up thinking we needed to have the answers (or else.)

    I remark sometimes, “Wouldn’t it be better to ask for help BEFORE you need to call the Fire Department this time?”


    Nancy Boyds last blog post..Your Hidden Link to Create Whatever You Want In Life

  28. @Nancy, haven’t heard that one before, thanks for sharing. You are correct that most people know where they are stuck, many of them just have it buried under many layers.

    A good coach is able to peel away the layers, so the person has the clarity to see what they truly want out of life.

    Click A Life Coachs last blog post..Productivity

  29. Did you ever hear the same words but one day they mean something different?
    When I took this challenge I was disappointed by my answers. They were not different than others I have written. But after a minute they meant something different and then, yes, I would have gotten out of the room…just in the nick of time.
    Thank you Tom.

    Irenes last blog post..WE GOT MAIL!

  30. I’m a believer in clarity, vision, and setting specific actions. It’s finding the time to clearly set a specific vision that is often difficult. This post is inspiring me to get my personal vision on paper.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..How Do You Practice the Art of Life Balance?

  31. @Tom

    Thanks for the advice. It’s true – for example I was getting really stressed about the English classes I give because I wanted to make sure that the students actually learned something even if they didn’t want to. Yesterday I let that go and stopped battling with the students and my stress level dropped significantly.

    Now I need to let that sense of control go about other aspects of how I earn money and build my business…

    Alex Fayle | Someday Syndromes last blog post..Having a Good Wallow

  32. Suzanne – I absolutely love awareness. It is essential to any situation perhaps more so than any other concept. It’s interesting when I read someone referring to magic it doesn’t have the same connotation for me. I just do an instant translation to Universal Intelligence, which I know I can tap into any time.

    Laurie – It’s so delightful to see that you are working your plan and adapting as you go. The internal adjustment scan become automatic over time.

    Click a Coach – Welcome. Coaching sure can be a slower process when a client doesn’t allow themselves clarity. I think that’s when we really earn our fee because it’s then up to us to try different approaches and questions that can get by their resistance.

    Nancy – courage or guts could be what’s necessary to drive the clarity but it’s not always the case. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know and we need to fill in a vital piece of understanding first.

    Irene – That happens to me all the time. Now I understand your comment you’re referring to the challenge here.

    Alex – Glad it worked for you. Re-framing our challenges is a very effective approach. Whatever works to get us feeling better temporarily is often all we need to get to over the next hump. It sounds like you could also use a good strategic session where you looked at everything to consider where the optimum adjustments need to be.

  33. Ian Peatey says:

    This article reminded me of one of my favourite passages from Alice In Wonderland….. a conversation between Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

    ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’

    ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.

    ‘I don’t much care where —-‘ said Alice.

    ‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.

    ‘—-so long as I get somewhere,’ Alice added as an explanation.

    ‘Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, ‘if you only walk enough.’

    Ian Peateys last blog post..Making up stories

  34. I’ve learned to become more clear with my direction of my future business. It’s not easy. It’s actually scary, but scary is just another word for excited.

    When we can create the direction that we need to take we can tackle a purpose. Without a purpose we are lost lambs, just trying not to be killed.

    I’m still working on my direction and the more I become aware the more I become confident in my choices. It’s this confidence that will turn scary into excited.

    Karl Staib – Work Happy Nows last blog post..A Steve Pavlina Interview on How to Build Your Career

  35. Ian – welcome, your very creative comment made me smile. 🙂

    Karl – “It’s actually scary, but scary is just another word for excited.” I like that and I’d take it a step further. Excited is just another word for eager. This reminds me of the Abraham-Hicks process of moving up the emotional scale. It’s all about how we feel as we act on our clarity!

  36. Hi Tom,

    I enjoyed this article. I think that most of our problems can be contributed to indecision! Yes we are an authority on what we don’t want. The trouble is that what we don’t want, is rarely the exact opposite of what we want, and this diminishes the clarity. Usually there is a small portion of what we don’t want, surrounding what we want to achieve. We have a habit it would seem of thinking in terms of “I do, but I don’t… Ultimately we need to determine our true preferences without using avoidance of what we dislike.

  37. Sandra – Welcome, thanks for your well put comment. You’re absolutely right. Indecision carries all kinds of needless complications like avoidance and emotional unrest. Just choosing one action and following through often clears things up quite well.


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