Everything Counts So Make It Count

In a creative Universe every thought, word, feeling and deed is somehow combined and coalesced to return to us the predominant focus of our attention.

There’s been a lot written both for and against the Law of Attraction. Yet most folks don’t disagree that somehow the predominance of what we think about, feel, talk about and take action on, all coalesces and comes about.

Random happens only when we are unaware of our power to influence outcomes.

Since every thought, feeling, word and deed combines to create the life we experience, it’s wise to increase our awareness in order to observe what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing. This increased consciousness has been called deliberate creation or intentional manifestation. It’s important not to let this debate about the law of Attraction get in the way of using what works. Our thoughts, feelings and words do attract like experiences and so do our actions.

This could be why many disagree with attraction presented as if it’s a law or a principle. It appears to over-emphasize less actionable capabilities like thinking, feeling and speaking without giving appropriate credit to doing. All four count, all the time, even the stalwart doer will tell you he’s more effective when he’s enthused and speaks more confidently.

Everything counts, nothing is missed; all four creatively imprint our experience and the wild card is our spiritual alignment (meaning how close we are to the work we were meant to).

Each of us operates in four realms of power, and the choice is ours to do so deliberately – or be less than aware and create unintentionally. It’s obvious that unintentional creation is more hit and miss. Conscious creation is simply choosing how you use your power in all four realms, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Let’s look at how an employee could deliberately increase the probability of success in making the move to the freedom of self-employment.

Intentional four realms creators:

Dig to discover the work they were meant to do. An aligned calling exists for each of us and the closer we get to it, the more creatively effective and efficient we are.

Deliberately choose thoughts that most matched their deepest desires and boldly express those thoughts. If you really want the freedom of self-employment then you’ll be well served to cease thinking how miserable you are in your job. Instead think and express how your job likely holds the key to your freedom.

Deliberately feel as though those desires were already a reality. Imagine how grand you’ll feel calling your own shots and what a wonderful boss you’ll soon be to yourself.

Strategically take actions that are most likely to accelerate their progress towards those chosen desires. There is always a small step you can take that will get you closer to what you want. Take it with every confidence that it is coalescing with your thoughts, feelings and words to move you closer to seizing the opportunity that’s right for you.

Everything’s connected. People come into our sphere of influence for mutual learning experiences. Situations are drawn to us to give us the opportunity to respond to them in new and different ways. Something or someone in your job is there to show you how to grow beyond it.

Everything counts, it’s all connected, we’re all connected, how could it be any other way?

Everything counts. So wise up and make it count.


  1. Ebuka Ezeh says:

    Yea, I am writting from Nigeria. I have been practicing on deliberate creation and I came to the conclusion that you can actually create your dream job while still working as employee. When I saw it in your site, I now know that an authority in work – life – freedom have spoken.
    Welldone Tom. I am trying to spread your kind of message in Nigeria through my site.

  2. Evelyn Lim says:

    I really enjoyed this article on conscious creation and hope that you don’t mind if I print it out for my reference. My observation is that more of us are not aware enough about our own power and what you’ve shared in this short article holds the key to leading a fulfilling and great life!

    A fan from Singapore,

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Guest Post: 7 Tips On How To Handle Rejection In Life

  3. Welcome Ebuka, absolutely you can begin claiming your freedom while employed. Not all of us need to jump as soon as we get the idea. Lot’s of folks have created their dream on the side while earning paychecks. You sound confident and ready – congratulations.

  4. Evelyn I’m pleased by your praise. I’d be honored to have you print out this article. Thanks for the stumble as well. You are quite the student of conscious creation in your own right. Perhaps by all of us carrying this torch we will help to make more folks aware of our wonderful inherent abilities.

  5. Love this article! We’re always creating … whether we’re doing it consciously or unconsciously, everything shows up in our lives because we attracted it. It’s only fear of responsibility that keeps us from stepping into our power of deliberate creation, I think.


  6. This is interesting because I’ve just been posting about alignment, which I think is the most important key to using the law of attraction consciously. I agree that we are already using the LoA all the time *unconsciously*, which is why so many of our lives are so chaotic!

    Thanks for this useful perspective on LoA. I especially like the diagram. So may people concentrate on only the mental side of things. Others realize the importance of the emotional element. But alignment and actions, in particular, tend to be overlooked.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  7. This is a very thought-provoking post Tom. And it’s got me thinking about how everything counts. And the more I stir this thought around in my head, the more I see it to be true. And that’s a great reason to plan our actions to be in alignment with where we desire to go.

    Lances last blog post..Sometimes You Just Have to Take That Leap

  8. Hi Tom,

    I truly believe that this is the truth. It’s all a matter of energy and what your putting it toward. And yes, the synchronicity guides us on the way. We can choose what we think is a clue to how we should proceed in the “outer” world.

    Lately I’ve been drawn to reading Echart Tolle’s the Power of Now. The book was given to me by a friend about a year ago and I picked it up again. It seems I’m always getting the right knowledge at the right time. It all depends when I’m ready to listen. E

    Ellen Wilsons last blog post..The Forward Momentum of Bloggery (continued)

  9. Hi Tom – I totally agree with what you’re saying. And if we want to make a positive change – eg. go into self employment and leave the job we hate, it’s far better to concentrate on the positive – eg. the job holds your key to freedom, as opposed to concentrating on how much you hate your job and want to leave it.

    By concentrating on the negative, I guess we’re far more likely to attract it.

    In some ways having a job that sucks does give you more freedom to achieve your goals. If you had a job that was ok, or quite good, you wouldn’t have so much incentive to go ahead and leave.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Internet Popularity – Are You Faking It?

  10. “Deliberately feel as though those desires were already a reality.” That line really stood out. I believe a common reason why people sabotage their own progress is because they don’t believe in the possibilities of a better reality.

  11. Andrea I like what you said about the fear of responsibility stopping us form more often deliberately and consciously creating. Some won’t even consider that they are responsible for what happens. Too bad they don’t realize that random creating can often have less than wonderful results.

    Simon welcome, alignment is so essential and efficient. You’re correct about the over looking. That’s why I like the diagram, it reminds me to at least consider engaging all four realms.

    Ellen are you getting the right wisdom agt the right time or are you attracting it because you’re ready for it? I vote for the later, there is nothing accidental about personal growth.

    Lance, I know what you mean, everything, all of it, all the time, without exception, has meaning. That idea will keep stirring within and it’s a very good thing.

    Cath you bring up a very good point using a sucky job to motive oneself to freedom. Many wait until the layoff or the firing to make their move. But there are always early signs before that that we can use to wakeup and declare our freedom.

  12. I do believe that a positive attitude can make our life better. It’s helpful to believe in ourselves. Others do react better to a positive energy than they do to negativity.

    BUT I think I’m probably your most skeptical/ cynical reader.

    A dear friend of mine used to quote his grandpa as saying “it’s all random nonsense”. I mostly agree. I tend to believe that life IS mostly random and that we have very little control over things. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact it is freeing.

    I hope it’s OK to express an opinion that is quite different than yours and your readers’. I share it often with Evelyn and she doesn’t seem to mind at all… I hope you feel the same.

    Vereds last blog post..Obsessed With SEO?

  13. I don’t believe in the LOA. I think we attract things into our lives by our attitudes and actions but it’s not a “force” out there waiting to be maipulated. The saying Misery loves company comes to mind. If you enjoy wallowing in your misery, you’re going to attract others that think that sound like great fun. I have a good deal of control what I allow into and out of my life just by my actions. But to believe I can control things like LOA suggests wouldn’t make it through any scienctific investigation.

  14. “There is always a small step you can take that will get you closer to what you want.”

    This is so true. In the simple realm of self mastery this is true. If I want to accomplish something – the more I visit that something during the day, the more I instill inside me that desire. Then, the more likely I am to act on it in the moment of truth.

    Knowing what we want, as a matter of fact, is often not enough. But, when we work really hard to instill deeply what we want, it goes from a passing thought to a part of who we are.

    When it becomes who we are, we are truly able to execute.

    Bamboo Forests last blog post..Why Having to Say Hello Twice can Be So Awkward

  15. Al that’s right, when folks don’t believe in expanded possibilities the alternative can really keep them stuck in victim mode.

    Vered please feel free to speak your mind and disagree frequently. I’m all about freedom and the freedom to express is one of my favorites. Once I began coaching I got to observe all kinds of interesting belief systems. Here’s the funny thing ANYTHING works if you really believe it does. You’ve really made me think about random being freeing. I don’t know which role would find life to be a bigger adventure, the random responder or the conscious creator. Bottom line is I take no pleasure in trying to win folks over to my way of thinking. That’s too much like religion.

    Laurie I won’t even attempt to debate the scientific proof of conscious creation. I don’t use the phrase LOA on purpose partially because it sounds to woo-woo for some to accept it. I only KNOW what works for me and I can tell you that by consciously lining up all four realms of my power I more often create the results I want.

    Hey Bamboo, yes practice works in everything. Frequency of practice is one of my personal breakthrough processes. Some erroneously think that we conjure up everything with our minds alone. That doesn’t work for me but solidifying through re-visiting does.

  16. Laurie I won’t even attempt to debate the scientific proof of conscious creation. I don’t use the phrase LOA on purpose partially because it sounds to woo-woo for some to accept it. I only KNOW what works for me and I can tell you that by consciously lining up all four realms of my power I more often create the results I want.

    How do you think it works that by lining up the four realms of your power you create the results you want? How is that different than doing things that increase the probablity of getting the result you want? :O)

  17. “I don’t know which role would find life to be a bigger adventure, the random responder or the conscious creator. Bottom line is I take no pleasure in trying to win folks over to my way of thinking. That’s too much like religion.”

    I would argue, that even those who believe in LOA – many of them will probably not agree on all facets of it! People may deviate on certain points of it.

    In any respect, regardless… We are all *always* conscious creators. *Even* if what happens to us is not what we desired. Still too – we are conscious creators.


    Because we choose how to respond to what happens to us – and here in lies great power. In life, there is always one of two responses to challenge… “I can become bitter or I can become better.”

    That’s conscious creation if I’ve ever seen it!

    Bamboo Forests last blog post..Why Having to Say Hello Twice can Be So Awkward

  18. Laurie that’s an outstanding question. It works primarily because of my faith that it does work. From your previous comments I know you are a person of faith and you understand that somethings we simply believe because we know in our gut.

    That said you asked how using this four realm process is different from simply doing things that will raise my probability of success. Because doing things is only one realm of power. Conscious creation gives us powerful enhancements to physical action. Let’s say we need to drum up some business and see no better way than picking up the phone and calling prospects cold.

    The act of calling them is the physical realm. If we imagine prospects graciously receiving our call and enjoying the buying process then we have engaged the emotional and mental realms. We can further feel better about the call by imagining them truly benefiting from our products or services and by simply stating that out loud. This will shift the energy to them and when we forget about ourselves the results are often better. Finally if we are working in alignment with our talents and desires then most likely we are doing the work we came here to do. Can you see how in this scenario both our enjoyment of the calling and the results from it would be considerably enhanced?
    It’s different because than just doing because we have in full awareness lined up everything for the maximum probability of success. Without that awareness we definitely would not take the same energy to the calls.

    Bamboo that is very well said. Being a conscious responder is ideal of course. Otherwise we are simply reacting.

  19. Everything and everyone – each thing I see and experience, and each person I meet, whether pretty or not, is a reflection to some degree of me. When I honor each thing, and each encounter, I honor myself.

    Tom, I honor you. Good work. Namaste

  20. Yup, everything counts, especially this article that helps inspire others and makes us appreciate even the little blessings we have each day!

    Jocelyn at I TAKE OFF THE MASKs last blog post..Fear Not My Child (poem)


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