Exploiting Your Authentic Edge

Do you know your authentic edge in the marketplace? Are you exploiting it for maximum value? Your authentic edge is the value that only you can provide in the way that only you can provide it.

I’ve never understood or agreed with those who claim that everything has already been invented, thought up or created.  That belief dishonors your individuality and your unique purpose.

I believe that each of us has an authentic edge that is a combination individual identity, desires and meaning. That combo, when enthusiastically expressed, is your positional advantage in the marketplace.

So how can you best identify and cash in on your authentic edge? This previous post will help you sharpen your edge.

But the best way to identify it, is to boil it all the way down to its core value.  Blow away everything but the three drivers (identity, desires and meaning) and see what paths become apparent when all distractions are removed.

Less is more. Simplicity is more attractive than complexity.  In my experience, the more complex a situation – the longer it takes to change it.

It takes longer because it requires more thought.  Since we tend to over think important decisions, more thought almost always leads to even more thought and costly delay.

If you really want to make the most optimum decision and take confident action use the following formula.

Simplicity leads more swiftly to clarity. >

Clarity encourages decision. >

Decision leads to action. >

Action further clarifies. >

Authenticity increases the probability of your decision being the best decision you could make now.  When it’s your best possible decision, then you are going to be at your highest level of confidence while following through.

Trust yourself.  You know far more than you think you do.

Less is more.   I wonder if my coaching clients would be better served if the only thing I coached them on was how to best identify these three critical drivers?

Identity > Who you are
Desires > What you want
Meaning > What matters most to you

The combination of these three will point to an obvious decision and follow-through actions.  Work it and you’ll begin to see clearer paths.

We all have a major decision to make that we aren’t making.  The best way to make it, is to ask more powerful questions to drive your quest.

What decision once acted on, would best honor who I am, get what I most want and positively change what matters the most to me?

The answer will point you in the sure direction of your highest value, which is your authentic edge.  What’s your authentic edge?

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  1. Hi Tom,

    I sometimes do an exploration like this one with my clients to help them get to know themselves better and build clear, focused personal brands for themselves.

    On thing I’ve learned from doing this is that you cannot make progress at a fast pace if you don’t really know who you are, what you like and where you’re going.

  2. Eduard – You’re right man. Clarity on these drivers leads to accelerated change. We don’t have to move so slowly when we know who we are and where we are headed. Clarity rocks!

  3. My identity: in relation to others – a catalyst
    My desire: to become wealthy doing what I love
    My meaning: connecting deeply with others is what makes life worthwhile.

    At the moment I’m a self development blogger. I’m experimenting with doing a live call – at the moment I’m learning about Skype and recording calls before I go public with it.

  4. Evan – Thanks for sharing your highest value. That’s your positional advantage and needs to be used for every business decision to be sure alignment is in tune. I’m with you on the deep connection.

  5. Thanks fo the post. Yes, keeping it simple and bringing out what is authentic in you are pretty key. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  6. Hi Tom,

    You have put a new twist – new wording – on helping people find their purpose and mission.

    Everyone is best served by knowing their purpose in life!


  7. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — yes, in my experience that’s one of the hardest things to do — actually doing, without holding back or “softening the blow,” exactly what I want in each moment. It’s actually much easier, at least for me, to “follow the rules,” or do what I think everyone else is expecting or wanting. When I’m doing precisely what I want in each moment, interestingly, the question of whether I’m making money or getting anything else doing it no longer becomes important.

  8. Doug – Welcome. It’s my pleasure to inspire and encourage.

    Keena – I have to laugh. 🙂 It seems like every time I explain an authentic work concept in language other than what you use, you translate it back into the language you’re most comfortable with. In this case I see authentic edge being more than life purpose. I see it as the evolution of purpose in the form of something you can leverage in order to serve and earn authentically.

  9. Beautiful points and yes, simplicity does lead faster to clarity.

  10. Chris – Well said man. You have found great clarity and purpose in following your desires. It’s cool how it seems to have made you immune to what others might think or say.

    J.D. – let’s continue to celebrate simplicity even in the most complex situations.

  11. alex johnson says:

    That’s true. The belief that everything has already been done prevents you from doing anything new.

    The greatest inventors in history were the ones who were able to ignore the critics for long enough to achieve their “unrealistic” goals.

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