First Comes … The Courage To Listen

iStock_000009645441XSmallWhat made you begin to listen to your still, small voice within?  Was it the pain of not doing so?  Most of us put off facing even the possibility of true calling for as long as we can stand it.

I think on some level we are aware of the pain and suffering we’re causing ourselves but the alternative of trusting life and the fear of what a calling might demand of us is even greater; so we continue to endure the pain.

I can tell you from first hand experience that following a calling does not make us immune to chaos.  Often things don’t work out the way as planned.  But the decision and ongoing commitment to honor an authentic path does pay off.  The courage to first listen and then accept what we hear is both necessary and deeply fulfilling.

We must be willing to get shaken up, to submit ourselves to the dark blossomings of chaos, in order to reap the blessings of growth.  Gregg Levoy

Recognition + Less Resistance = Increased Clarity of Calling

When you’re on the right track you can feel it.

When you are being more fearless than fearful you know it.

What you might not know is that you are enough. You are strong enough and talented enough to answer your call.   It’s yours and yours alone to be expressed in only the way that you could express it.

But it begins with trust, with trust and with powerful questions.

It will increase your trust and give you some powerful questions.

Face up to this dear reader.   There’s a good reason why you’re drawn to read about true callings.  You can sense the sacred invitation to follow your path.  It comes first as a whisper, then a nudge and eventually a violent shaking of your life.   You do have the courage to listen now.

It’s more fulfilling and magnificent to call on your boldness in the good company of those who also are committed to answering their call.   Take a small step forward and you’re life will be changed forever.

Don’t make it about the money.



  1. Thank you Tom for this lovely post! This is exactly how I feel lately 😉
    I am learning to trust and let go … consistently to honor my highest priorities/and calling in life to be authentic. It hurts more to be out of alignment then to be with that which who I am. hugs, Sharmila
    .-= Sharmila´s last blog ..Shifting Roles: 2010 is a New Season!!! 😉 =-.

  2. Hi Tom. “Following a calling does not make us immune to chaos.” That is for sure! And I mean that in the most positive sense 🙂 Things don’t always go as planned. A friend said to me the other day, “I make a plan and then God makes it better.” I thought that was cute. Being flexible and persevering… and as you say, listening is key. Just stopped by to say “Way to go Tom!” You’re gearing up for a big day. Woohoo…!
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Night Before Christmas — Rewritten =-.

  3. Sharmila – We really have little choice in the matter. Once we are aware of our authenticity it’s impossible to return to living an unexamined life. Cheers to those who honor themselves. I’m honored that you are with us.

    Davina – Yep the chaos just keeps coming to remind us that it really is all about the journey. Heck we take for granted when things work out any way. Might as well count on a rough ride and enjoy the wind. Thanks for your well-wishes. I’ll take em. 😉

  4. True calling is more neglected than heed to. This is one of the reasons most people are not fulfilled about their lives. It takes courage, wisdom and awareness to follow our true calling. 🙂

  5. Hi Tom – What I struggle with is being able to recognise the right voice. Just as I think I’m getting better at listening to my instincts, I ignore a warning that something major has happened. It’s something I’m determined to work on.

  6. Walter – How right you are. In fat it takes courage just to begin to look and courage to admit that the possibility of calling even exists. After the courage then the awareness is necessary to see and act on all of the signs of calling.

    Cath – Work on developing your intuition. You might also find muscle testing or a pendulum will help you. It does take a certain level of trust to begin following your one true voice. You one true voice is never the easy way out of any situation.

  7. Too true Tom,

    Asking the powerful questions is the one that counts, but also being able to take some time to relax, step back from a busy life & have a good think.

    I hope that people can use their Xmas break to focus on what’s important and decide what they REALLY want.

    Nice Post.
    .-= Andrew´s last blog ..On the Eighth Day of Christmas – US Options Trading Part 2 =-.

  8. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — yes, it does seem that many of us are stuck in that dilemma of knowing what we really want to do, but fearing the awesome responsibility it seems like we’d take on by really embracing it. The calling seems like a fragile thing that the slightest mistake could shatter. But when we actually pursue it I think we tend to find it’s just as open to exploration and mistakes as anything else.

  9. Andrew – That’s an excellent suggestion. I love this time of year for the opportunity it provides to reflect and adjust. Stepping back and looking at the larger view is always a grand idea.

    Chris – I like that. Calling as an open exploration takes much of the pressure off. Obviously whatever fear and pressure we feel is all self-created and can be just as easily released.

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