Five Disturbing Ways To Make More Money

If you want to make more money you must radically disturb your current money making methods and disrupt your money earning patterns.  istock_000007398707xsmall

To earn more money you must vigorously shake things up.

In this post I talked about doubling your income.  By March I had increased my income but I was falling short of doubling it. I knew that I’d have to adjust to achieve my annual objective.

The thing I love about being a one-man conglomerate is, I am the company. The self-employed can turn things around on a dime, try more stuff, fail faster and adjust.

Earning money is such a wonderfully twisted, emotionally laden experience.  Perhaps you’ve recognized the futility of trying to figure it all out.  Even those who earn a ton of the stuff are still in fear of it, or more accurately in fear of losing it.

When it comes to making money about the only thing we can count on is confidence.  Somehow income increases along with confidence.

But the part that most folks miss is the brilliance of individuality in creating confidence.  Moneymaking methods that universally work well are more hype than fact.  What works for someone else is most likely will not work for you.

So how can you confidently express your individuality to earn more money?

Shake things up.  Disturb the hell out of what’s not working.

From a state of being shaken you’ll be more likely to take frequent action, embrace mistake making and choose again.  That doesn’t happen from a state of certainty.  Certainty encourages us want to stand pat.

Trial and error are crucial to unearth your freedom.  As long as you are willing to fail again you are as close to freedom as you’ll ever be.  Egbert Sukop

Here are five agitators that have seemed to work for me.  I can’t tell you what combination will work best for you – that’s the beauty of individuality.  But if you want to make more money, begin by engaging the strategy that scares you the most.

1). Triple your service and double your fee. Step up and play a bigger game.  Increase the value of your service by increasing your commitment to your client.  Increase the value of your service by increasing your consciousness about your client’s business.  Increase the value of your service by coming up with ways to make your client’s clients more prosperous.  People pay you what YOU think you’re worth.

2). Flaunt your individuality. Really how are you different?  What quirks define you that you can bring forth in service to the world?  Our world is half-empty without the expression of your sweet spot.  Our world is half-full when you have the balls to even consider coming all the way out.  Being your wild self is liberating as hell and others want to encourage your liberation by supporting you.

3). Carry a flag that rallies your niche. Understand what that flag represents to those who are drawn to rally round it.   I carry two flags.   I carry the flag of self-employment because self-employment offers the most supportive structure for freedom and individuality.

I also carry the flag of coaching because the essence of coaching is insight discovery.  Coaching accelerates realizations and demands living an examined life.  At least the way I do it.

I absolutely love coaching the self-employed who want to earn more money and freedom by flaunting their individuality.  I also love coaching courageous first time entrepreneurs through the process of business discovery, launch and startup.

I carry the flag by challenging first timers to leave the slavery of employment and by challenging the already self-employed to express themselves even more boldly.

That is my sweet spot and the world is a better place because I’m fully engaged and fiercely serving there.  If you can’t boldly make a statement like that – then you are playing too small.

To make more money – play a bigger game.

4). Ruthlessly simplify. Simplification encourages clarity.   Clarity empowers focus.  Quit trying to be all things to all people.  Start saying no thank you more often.  Cut down on everything.  Become a missile of destruction to everything that does not serve you well.  Constantly question your activities by asking these questions.  “Will this increase my earnings?  Does this directly increase the value of my service?”

The more simple and focused your life is, the more wealth will be created.  Steve Chandler

5). Increase your willingness to choose.
Then see what happens, adjust and choose anew.  Delay is always costly.  Delay almost always signifies the victory of fear over choice.  What would increase your willingness to choose?  Do that.

Make your decisions more valuable by seeking out many more options before deciding.  Anything you can see in hindsight was there in foresight; so keep looking and expanding your options.

After deciding then commit with every fiber in your being.  Really go for it.  Come alive by backing your own choices until it’s clear that they aren’t working and then swiftly repeat the process.

Commitment without attachment to results is empowerment in action.

Quit standing pat.

Shake things up.

Be your bad ass self and earn more money.

Ready to make your courageously leap to the prosperity and freedom of self-employment? Then enroll in this free coaching expereince to identify your next best step.


  1. Bold stuff Tom – I love it!!

    Especially you stating your “sweet spot” – that screams passion to me.

    How am I doing? I am shaking things up and taking some steps. The question I have to ask myself – are these steps bold enough? Good for me to think about (and then act upon).

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  2. Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul says:

    Oh, I love this. I’ve more than doubled (almost tripled, actually) my income since last October … and this is exactly how I did it. I went big and bold. I got myself out of the comfort zone of what I thought of as the value of my work.

    We can’t make more money by doing more of the same things we’re already doing. There is unbelievable magic in embracing our value, raising our rates, and bringing ourselves to our work with more commitment, passion, and responsibility.


  3. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Thanks for this — I particularly liked the point about commitment without attachment to results. That definitely goes against the conventional wisdom, which seems to be that you’re more productive (and perhaps even more virtuous) the more you worry, but in fact that just leads to a lot of waking up at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat.

  4. Monika Mundell says:

    Awesome stuff Tom. The statement: “Increase the value of your service by increasing your consciousness about your client’s business,” is worth gold in itself because only when we learn what our client REALLY wants is when we can seriously make money.

    Monika Mundells last blog post..Rewind. Or The Art Of Reflection

  5. Hi Tom,

    I like your bold approach to life and work. I’m inspired by how much you love and believe in what you’re doing. I’m very happy with my state in life, yet reading your post makes me want to jump up and do something different (until I remember that I’ve never been this happy and am already in a good place).

    Daphne @ Joyful Dayss last blog post..Book Review: Not of My Making

  6. Evelyn Lim says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I am inspired to get much bolder than I already am, shake things up and create more value for my clients! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Lance – Always good to see your smiling face. Here’s abetter question for you. What bold step am I aware of that I am not taking?

    Andrea – I love how you keep going bolder and bolder in service to your clients and to the world. Our only limits are self-created and you act like you know that for sure.

    Daphne – We are inspiring one anothe and that’s the symbiotic relationship that authentic inspiration offers. Glory be to us! 🙂

    Chris – Hey Deep Thinker – good catch. Commitment in the absence of attachment to results is one of the most empowering states in which I g find myself. Could it get any better?

    Monika – Thanks for that. It’s truly amazing how much value can be recognized simply by frequently thinking well of ones clients in between the times you talk to them. I also use prayer and EFT on their behalf and it is felt by them.

    Evelyn – See the question I left for Lance. Your higher self already know the next bold step and you are more than capable of taking it. Go for it!

  8. Wow these are all excellent. My husband lost his accounting job a couple of months ago. April 16th to be exact.

    We are now shaking things up! Besides interviewing for firms we are putting up a website for his own tax practice. Going to look at purchasing an ice cream biz as well.

    Who would have thought…shaking is good!

    Tess The Bold Lifes last blog post..Dr. Christine Northrup Freebie/Magic Monday

  9. To take my career to the next level I must think outside the box. I love these ideas. I’m not at the level to charge double for my services.

    I do need to make sure every decision I make I’m heading in the right direction. That means making sure that I keep focused and stop doing projects that won’t help me build my income.

    Karl Staib – Work Has last blog post..How to Build Confidence at Work

  10. Deb Owen says:

    “Commitment without attachment to results…..”

    Uh huh.

    I find it interesting that when I do the work, and do worry so much about the outcome….do the work, adjust as necessary, and keep doing the work….things tend to happen and open up and I make more than I thought I wanted to to begin with.

    Action beats sitting around trying to figure out the next move any day. 😉

    All the best!

    Deb Owens last blog post..get your creative groove back and get back in the zone

  11. I’m a fan of simplifying. There’s just too many good ideas that fail to take off due to complexity.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Productivity Personas

  12. Karl – Yes, it sounds like the ruthless simplification strategy will serve you well. When you have more clients singing your praises you’ll feel as though you can raise your fees. You’re well on your way because you are already delivering high value.

    Deb – I love it that you are into action so frequently and doing it with the best of intentions as well.

    J.D. – Wow, isn’t that the truth? They fail because we’ve made them complex with our over-thinking and self doubt.

  13. I believe that #2, Flaunt your individuality is the point that has caused the majority of my success. I am the only thing out there like me. No one else offers my service. My service hits a need here in the public schools of TX, a need that if, missed, carries a huge consequence for principals!

    I need to carry my flag higher and prouder. I’m going to a conference tomorrow. I’ll have to fly my flag at pull staff and rally supporters to book my service!

  14. I’m in the process of many of these things right now. I’ve spent 3 years figuring it all out, stuck in confusion, but realizing I was caught up in the should’s instead of the wants. Admitting truth is the freedom I needed to go for it…Regardless of what other’s around me say. And as a result I can now flaunt my individuality, and choose what I want out of life…many changes to come in the near future and I’m excited about the possibilities!

  15. Molly Gordon says:

    Wow, Tom, you lit a fire under me! Your points are spot-on and the writing crisp and exciting. Way to go!

  16. Tess – Yep, even thought your husband’s shaking came at the whim of another he can still seize this opportunity to explore new possibilities and various approaches to his work. Sounds like you are an excellent shaking Partner. Reminds me of the song – whole lotta shakin going on!

    Laurie – We all are one of a kind. But you my friend, have manged to express your individuality and that has worked well for you. Keep raising that flag high and tooting your own horn!

    Stacey – I love your bold expressions and confidence. You ought to bottle that stuff and sell it.

    Molly – You normally are so fired up and an staunch advocate for the self-employed so I’m glad to have fanned your flames.

  17. Katie West/The Levity Coach says:

    Tom, I am into what you are saying! The flaunt your individuality piece really resonates with me. Remember your post (was it early in the winter) about authentic work? I have been thinking about that all winter and just re-envisioned my business to be more true to who I am and the kind of fun I like to have…and business is coming in more than ever before. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and great insight!
    [rq=3446,0,blog][/rq]Peaceout Beansprouts!

  18. I want to be my bad ass self and earn more money!!! This was a really interesting post and I loved the ideas you’ve shared here. Thanks for writing this!
    [rq=2712,0,blog][/rq]dip your toes into the moment

  19. Dani – If you want to then you will. Wanting it badly enough to boldly act is key.

    Katie – Thank you, it warms my heart and cracks a big smile when readers follow through to create the life and business they want. I’m proud of you. 🙂

  20. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Heh, I felt a little nailed inside when you said “deep thinker,” because to some extent I think that’s a role I try to play, and it’s based on a very old belief that “my intelligence or insight is my only good quality.” And I think it turns some people off, and they would like to see the side of me that’s more raw and less intellectual. I am going to bring this more to my blog and writing in general, I think.
    [rq=19410,0,blog][/rq]How To Escape The “Chicken Or Egg” Mentality

  21. I liked “Ruthlessly simplify” the most. I think it is the basis for the rest.
    [rq=22095,0,blog][/rq]Powerful Consulting – #1

  22. Some pretty interesting ideas. I think part of what makes taking bold action and expressing your individuality profitable is that it generally leads to being more passionate.

    If we are doing the same thing over and over again, we can lose the passion to do it well and in a unique way. By breaking away from that, we get re-energized and do more meaningful work, leading to bigger wallets (and/or purses for the women or purse carrying men).

  23. I love this article, and I actually read it a long time ago, saved the link, and just read it again. I think this is the type of motivational stuff that many small business owners need to read, and to then go out and do something about. Thanks; very well written.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Marketing Vs. Promoting =-.

  24. Chris – I’m sure tat deep thinking is only one of your many fine attributes. Most coaches worth their salt are modern day philosophers.

    Alik – You can’t beat focus as a strategy. Simplification is the essence of focus.

    Humorist – Yes, agree there is a connection between passion and individuality. It sure makes it easier to boldly express what we are pumped about.

    Mitch – Thanks buddy. That’s a big part of my message.


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