Five Mood Enhancers for Business Success

How to Feel Like Doing

What You Say You Want to Do

Anyone who wants to figure it all out before taking action, delays unnecessarily.  Read In the Mood,  by Seth Godin.  He points out that we aren’t lacking information.  But we are lacking the proper mood to do what we want to do.

How do you get in a good mood?

What’s present when you’re eager to do the right work?
The short answer is: an abundance of good feelings.

What creates the good feelings?

Often in  small business coaching, I’ve noticed certain ingredients that nourish a good mood.  Without these ingredients we’re more prone to mood swings.

Coaching is an accelerator because it creates a supportive environment that gives the clients exactly what they need, when they need it.

Create the right environment and you can accelerate your life and business.  Feed on regular doses of these five ingredients, and your good mood will be nourished.

1). Recognition

As social animals, we thrive on positive recognition.  When unrecognized, we question our own value.

2). Realization

Wisdom requires fresh understanding. Without realizations, or the occasional epiphany, we don’t know what we newly know.  Thus we cannot adjust in areas where we remain unaware. Rich, questioning conversation encourages realizations.

3). Clarity

When we aren’t clear about what we want, our first work is to determine what we want.

4). Results

In order to feel good about the work we’re doing, it’s necessary to make and acknowledge incremental progress.  If we don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere, we probably aren’t.

5). Accountability

This is your back up system.  All things can’t be done out of the duty of accountability, but sometimes it’s needed to prime the productivity pump. Completion is more accessible with an accountability partner who cares enough to be both firm and encouraging.

In the mood for a commenting?
I’m curious, which of these ingredients are you starving for? Which are you getting fulfilled?

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Two More Mood Enhancers

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  1. This explains WHY I’d rather “work” than clean my house!!!

    I was noticing today that my floors need attention – and it’s gone WAY beyond the ability of my Scooba. There’s some real grout scrubbing that needs to happen.

    This post is helping me to really see this situation for why I’d rather “work” than clean my house!!! Turns out, my work provides an element of each of the 5 mood enhancers while cleaning only offers #4 and #5.

    I’ll bet if I look at all the things I “should” do but don’t, I’ll find that all those tasks don’t “engage” all 5 mood enhancers either!!!

    Brilliant observation Tom! Well done!

    Kathy @ Virtual Impaxs last blog post..Do Small Business Social Media Blunders = Small Business Marketing Blunders?

  2. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Hi Tom — thanks for this post. This will get a little mystical, but I find that I become capable of taking the risks I need to take when I do a “breath of fire”-style exercise and breathe hard into my lower spine/root chakra. When I’m not feeling much sensation there I suddenly become “risk-averse.” Getting into the right mood, in my experience, can have a lot to do with how we experience our bodies.

    Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coachings last blog post..How To Make An Audio CD Program On A Budget

  3. In looking at your list, I would say I was lacking in recognition. And not from a pride standpoint, but from a “does what I do make a difference?” Then yesterday I received an email from a newsletter subscriber with a positive uplifting story on how my newsletters helped her sit, meditate and find an answer to her anxious feelings. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

    Today I saw a woman who had attended one of my stress management workshops late last year. We were seated together at a networking event. She told the group that the framework I provided during the workshop really helped her the next day when she found herself in a stressful situation.

    Truthfully – I feel fulfilled about the rest.

    Stacey Shipmans last blog post..Got Stress? Use it to Your Advantage

  4. I will be honest. Results is what I am starving for lately. Since starting my site in November, I find that my patience is lacking sometimes. I know I am doing the right thing, because I am following my heart, so the clarity is there but…..

    Because of my optimism and knowledge of following my passion can not be wrong, , I know the results are coming, but I would not be upset if they came a little faster. 🙂

    Jays last blog post..The Never Ending Class- Common Dreams #1

  5. Hey Tom,
    Thought-provoking, as usual!

    For me, my lack right now is in results. I need to work on small, incremental steps where I can see progress. And then acknowledge them as such. Maybe they’re already there…hmm…I need to think about this. Maybe I just need to acknowledge the results…

    Recognition, I”m feeling all sorts of good here. And it’s because I do feel recognized. And I’m accepting it (this part hasn’t always been easy). In that same vein, though, I know (know) that I can go a much better job of passing recognition on to others. So, to flip this one – I really need to work on this – as far as giving…

  6. I have a question for you Tom.

    I often find myself procrastinating through plausible deniability.

    For example, I’ll put off a task I know I need to do but use the presence of other tasks as an excuse. I know deep inside these other tasks are not more important, but I use them as a shield.

    I think what I’m lacking is #5: Accountability. It’s easy to shed that when you’re the owner of the business — who’s going to tell you what to do?

    What do you suggest in this case? How do you acquire accountability when it’s socially unacceptable for others to demand it?

    Jason Cohens last blog post..Ignoring the Wisdom of Crowds

  7. Hi Tom. In a word… RESULTS! I do feel good about what I’m doing. However, the results do not equal the doing. It’s a 75% do and a 25% result equation. How’s this for an equation for success…

    75% do + 25% patience = 100% result

    That should keep me going.

    Davinas last blog post..Blog + Comment = Win

  8. Hi Tom, all…
    Nice piece. I agree that good feelings can lead to motivation, action, and results. The key, though, is to get motivated, take action, and produce results — even when you don’t feel like it. This ability differentiates between amateurs and professionals in all areas.

    Here’s some great advice from a true professional in her field, author Joyce Carol Oates:

    “One must be pitiless about this matter of ‘mood.’ In a sense the writing will create the mood. If art is, as I believe it to be, a genuinely transcendental function—a means by which we rise out of limited, parochial states of mind—then it should not matter
    very much what states of mind or emotion we are in.

    “Generally I have found this to be true: I have forced myself to begin writing when I’ve been utterly exhausted, when I’ve felt my soul as thin as a playing card, when nothing has seemed worth enduring for another five minutes… and somehow the activity of writing changes everything.”

    I applied this advice to my own writing, to running, and to my business with great success.


  9. LifeMadeGreat | Juliet says:

    Hi Tom

    Great post. I think I’m needing a number of them in a few different life areas.

    One question:
    I can really understand the need for recognition (and it is definitely something I would like), but how does this fit in with the theory that you “should not need / be reliant on external validation”?


    LifeMadeGreat | Juliets last blog post..What Are You Thirsting For?

  10. Stacey – How wonderful to be validated for your fine work. It’s clear to me that you must have recognized others to be touched in such a heartfelt manner.

    Kathy – Love your “dirty” house example and the similarities between that and other “shoulds” in your life. Perhaps hiring a cleaning service is your best bet. Glad you have fulfillment on the work that counts.

    Lance – You are one of the most giving folks I’ve bumped into online so let me recognize you for that. You mention a good start, acknowledging yourself for results. You’ll accomplish even more, (if that’s what you want) by getting very clear on where you’re headed and what the incremental milestones are.

    Jason – Join the club. Lots of folks are aware that they put off doing what they say they want to do. How do you secure accountability? Hire a coach. No kidding, it’s amazing what happens when we pay someone else to hold us accountable. All of a sudden we get serious about it and committed. But a good coach would also help you identify the root of where your resistance lies.

    I’ll do an entire post on accountability down the road but for now I’d start with these questions. What am I resisting that’s become more of an obligation than a desire? What objectives could I simply delegate, hire out or let go of all together? See if you can discover themes to your resistance. I’m sure you do have natural flow in some areas of your work, could you re-frame the task you put off in order to see them in a different light? Let me know which of these approaches work for you.

    Chris – There’s an EFT practitioner on YouTube who does a similar breathing exercise to gather energy. It works well for me also. I agree making a body adjustment can work well. Just sitting higher in our seats engages greater confidence.

    Davina – Whatever works for you. Remember it’s all about the good feelings. If you like that equation go for it.

    Bruce – Thanks for the quote. Getting started is more than half the battle isn’t it? I can’t disagree with what you say and I’m very happy it works for you. Yet at the same time I’m careful to watch that I always don’t have to get up for something or gut it out to get going. I’d rather be so in love with my work that I’m naturally eager.

    Also the ingredients I wrote about are all present in effective coaching relationships. That environment is sacred and special and it makes forcing oneself unnecessary.

  11. Hi Tom: You know, I had glanced at that Seth Godin post but didn’t really pay much attention to it. But now that you point it out, there’s a powerful message there: the first requirement for action is, you need to be in the proper state of mind.

  12. Suzanne @ vAssistant Services says:

    I’m quite happy to report I am not “starving” for any of the 5 ingredients! Finally!

    I get abundant recognition from my clients, you and – holy cow, even my kids, here of late!

    I am a pot at full-rolling-boil with realizations!

    I have results out the wazoo!

    I have accountability to match!

    The only ingredient which I feel there is more room for right this moment is clarity – not so much about what I want (though there is a little room for more of that) but where I’m headed.

    However, 6 months ago, I would never have believed I’d be getting the results I’m getting today, so you know what? I’m just going to concentrate on letting the recognition feed me, the realizations guide me, the results astound me, and the accountability keep my head screwed on straight. At the moment, I don’t need to know exactly where I’m headed, as long as I continue to move forward. I’m content to let the Universe surprise me!

    Suzanne @ vAssistant Servicess last blog post..Color Schemes for the 2.7 Dashboard

  13. I am a big fan of the writings of Seth Godin. His books are always filled with great information and are a good source of inspiration in my work.

  14. The book, Ready, Fire, Aim, by Michael Masterson argues a very similar point. He explains that if we delay too long in analyzing a project that interests us, we will loose interest and it will fall to the wayside. He says that we should act quickly while we are still excited about the idea in order for it to be completed with the same enthusiasm. If we actually act a lot quicker, we will learn by doing it instead of suffering from analysis paralysis.

  15. Mare – Yep, Godin writes so many that we can easily miss a nugget. I find your choice of words interesting. Even though both my post and Godin’s speaks to the need to be in a good mood, which is clearly emotional; your comment changes the point to a state of mind, which is intellectual. I find it interesting how business minds try to make everything logical. Do you?

    Jay – Yep the absence of results can create doubt and cause impatience. If you really want to get things going then read and apply this post on how to engage massive inspired action.

    Juliet – Good question. Needs are fascinating. If you have a need for recognition it will get in the way of everything else until it gets filled. If we’re thirsty we will remain needy until we get some water. Needs must be filled in order for us to be our best. The best way to get them filled is to make a request of family and close friends who care about us. Once filled, you will be no longer needy in that area. If you want a tool to work on this, send me an email.

    Since needs go away once they are filled, we don’t develop a reliance on them. The reliance you’re speaking of has more to do with decision-making. I would not want to rely on another in an area where my core self is the best judge, for example.

    Matt – I haven’t read that one but the theory you share is sound. I like that reasoning as well.

  16. Thanks so much for steering me to that post. Your help has been priceless. Thanks!

    Jays last blog post..How to Go on a Criticism Diet- Part 1

  17. Accountability is where I need to make more of an effort. Not to say that I’m not trying, but maybe just keeping track of each action I take.

    I think it all stems form recognition. I love to hear a positive thought from an commenter or a friend. The thing is we won’t always get this and we need to give it to ourselves. This can be tough when patience is wearing thin, but this is when we need to encourage our own greatness.

    Karl Staib – Work Happy Nows last blog post..Help Employees Connect to a Larger Vision

  18. LifeMadeGreat | Juliet says:

    Hi Tom

    Thank you for the explanation. Very good and beneficial insights.


    LifeMadeGreat | Juliets last blog post..What Are You Thirsting For?

  19. Hi Tom!

    Love you article I think it hits the mark keeping the flow going….

    I have worked in my line of business for 15 years….got any tips on burn out? I ‘ve alreaady done some of the norms as far creatively looking at it in different ways…but sometimes I guess the recognition just doesn’t drive the punch it used to in me. The freedom has always been a giant attractor for me. I love the people I am around and the creativity but…..Best description is some days I still love what I do and others not so much anymore.

  20. As a coaching client of Tom’s, I can say that all 5 of these elements were part of our work together. In creating my own business based on my passion and who I really am and choose to be, each was critical.

    Tom has a gift for helping people examine which elements need attention, and how to make what was a weakness a true strength.

    At different times, I needed to focus on clarity and realization, where I needed to choose how best to focus my energy instead of chasing after yet another great idea or “shiny object.”

    Sometimes I just needed to recognize and celebrate what I HAD accomplished rather than looking at the long list of things not yet completed. One of the best things was learning how to give myself permission to make a “fresh start,” if I hadn’t quite met the goal or kept my agreement with myself.

    As for accountability, he’s got the perfect blend – yes, I can make a fresh start, but he endlessly invented foolproof techniques that motivated me enough from the inside, to get things done.

    I use them all to this day! I guess this is starting to sound like a commercial, but I just want everyone to know how much working with Tom changed my life. The world needs more of us to live authentic lives and do the work we love and were meant to do – so don’t be afraid to invest in the help you need when you see yourself stuck in one or more of these “good mood” ingredients.


    Kays last blog post..Stress Free Girl Goes from Sad to Glad

  21. Suzanne – Hands down, you win this month’s Most Delightful Comment Award! Your prize is even more recognition. I’m aglow in happiness for you. 🙂

    Jay – I’m pleased that you’ve found it useful. Very wise of you to enroll in this free fresh START phone start class. I’ll be sending out your notes today.

    Karl – You sound very clear about your need for greater accountability. When you say, “keeping track of the action” for what purpose? Do you mean to be sure you’ve followed through? If so, a good place to start is to recognize yourself and celebrate when you do follow-through.

    Juliet – You are welcome.

    Taylor – What’s your favorite Seth Godin marketing advice?

    Diane – I’ve been self-employed since 1973. I’ve never tired of the freedom and perhaps it’s because I’ve dabbled in many interests over the years. Even though life and small business coaching has been my primary business since 1998, I’ve worked multiple business streams so that I can follow my energy form project to project. Perhaps you need a fresh project as a source of stimulation? What could you create, part time, that would feed your soul and your pocketbook?

    Kay – Thanks pal, from the bottom of my heart. I don’t care that it sounds like a commercial. The important thing is this, you are living authentically and by happily doing so you make it possible for others to see that they can as well! I’m so grateful for loving clients like you and Suzanne who are willing to support the hopes and dreams of others by giving testimony to what’s possible.

    ** Important point. ** Like you’ve said, coaching finds a way to get the client moving in the direction they want to be moving in.

    If anyone out there reading this would like to experience confident movement – do yourself a favor and contact me for a no-obligation conversation on how coaching might fit for you.
    Now that’s a commercial! 🙂

  22. Wonderfully said. I say positive measures at all times could revitalize bad moods either from you or from your surrounding groups. I once persisted to my friend to just take it nicely through calmed approached so they can make it through their problems and stress.

    Raphnixs last blog post..2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 1

  23. Evelyn Lim says:

    Right at the beginning of this year, while I was doing some kind of review, I was wondering whether I should carry on with my site. A good friend told me that if it even helped one life, I would have succeeded. Then, I started receiving testimonials in my inbox.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Mouths Are Flapping

  24. What’s cool is your five ingredients are consistent with some interesting studies on satisfaction in the workplace.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Actions, Insights and Notes

  25. The one I am tackling right now is accountability. Having a business partner who is a 50 % partner, I am now in the place where we have to figure out how to hold each other and ourselves accountable in a way that is productive and not destructive. We have to be able to discuss things. For example an exit strategy. We need to discuss this. We need to have this well established in the event of something unforeseen happening. It is not a sign that I feel that we won’t make it by setting that up, it is a sign of a healthy business. So we are now at the point of establishing ways to hold ourselves and each other accountable without it having to devalue or question one’s expertise. We need to have the “come to Jesus” conversation (for us both) as to what business practises are going to be the basis for our way of operating.

  26. Raphnix – Yep we are at choice to decide on the mood that will serve us and others well. Welcome. We hope to see you commenting here again.

    J. D. – That is cool. I used to look at those studies all the time when I did more corporate work. Thanks for recognizing the link.

    Evelyn – I’m so glad that you’ve gotten the recognition you wanted at the right time. No one can serve just the way you do and I’m sure you’ve touched many more than one.

    Laurie – Sounds like you’re right on top of that one. Partnership agreements need to be very clear, spelled out in detail and written so that you do not have to rely on selective memory.

  27. Results. Am I getting what I want? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately and this post really made me stop to think about it.

    Results don’t always happen over night. Building a business, brand and name recognition takes time.

    I know what I know. I know I don’t know a lot. How to bridge that gap in the great unknown.

  28. You just gave me a wonderful insight with this post. People are inspired to work for their goals or projects a great deal if they have good feelings and motivation within them. This good feeling will help create clarity in mind to determine what they really need to do achieve for a certain time or period.

    And that focus usually brings good results!

  29. Christa – I’m pleased that you’ve identified results as the ingredient you need most to add. Look for the smaller completed steps and be sure to pat yourself on the back. Like most of us, you probably have more results than you think you do.

    Chris – Well put! Welcome and enjoy creating the good feelings. Inspiration is so much more fun that obligation! 🙂

  30. I think that, even with all of the above things, if we are unbalanced in some other way, like overly stressed about other matters or immersed into something in our personal lives, those things can overshadow being “in the mood” for anything else.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani | Poetry, Photographys last blog post..My Flickr Meme – Creating A Mosaic


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