Four Ways To Be Who You Really Are

How about we skip all the bull and just come out as we are?

When you can boldly be who you are, then you can serve from the core of what you were meant to give.

Coming all the way out and risking authentic expression, is more confidently accomplished from a supportive platform.

Self-employment is the most direct route to being who you really are.  Working for someone else is seldom a supportive platform. 

Sure self-employment can be scary and messy but wouldn’t you rather have scary and messy freedom over soulless imprisonment?

I’m writing this for you if you’re deadening your spirit by doing the same purposeless work day after day.  I’m writing this for you if you’re already self-employed but under-earning.  What good is freedom without the means to enjoy it?

Authenticity and money are connected via confidence.   Money is attracted to confidence.  Confidence expresses most naturally from being the person you really are.

The solution to both under-earning and a lack of fulfillment is the same.  The solution is authentic expression and it’s impossible to express authentically if you aren’t being who you really are.

I admit it.  I’ll use any challenge, urging or encouragement I can to get you to be you.   You think the decision to be self-employed has to be a big deal but it doesn’t.  You can begin here for 77 bucks and 12-15 hours of sweat equity.

Success is really all about alignment.  When you’re out of alignment, with who you are and with what you came here to do, then you must make up the slack with effort.

Have you ever driven a car that was out of alignment?  I have and it’s a bitch to hold the steering wheel steady.  A misaligned vehicle takes much greater focus and much more physical strength just to keep it pointed in the right direction.  Your life isn’t any different.

That’s why you’re so stressed out if you’re unfulfilled in your work.  Your authentic alignment is all out of whack and it’s taking its toll on your body and mind.

Just “be who you are” and bring your gifts wherever you are and wherever you go, and this change that has begun, will begin to show itself as the movement that it is.  Mari Perron

Four Ways To Be Who Your Really Are

What does it mean to be who you are?  That answer is different for all of us but there are four pathways to authenticity.  Each is a conscious choice and for each choice, half measures do not work.

To be who you really are you must:

1).  Express and create your boldest, most authentic, original idea. This path is where authenticity meets creation.  This is how you fulfill your sacred covenant of uniqueness.  Have you chosen to bring about your biggest dream?  If not then you’re acting in a less than fully authentic way.

Don’t let the thoughts of “that’s too big” stop you.   All big dreams begin with single, small, bold steps.

2). Engage that idea and bring it to the marketplace in the way that only you can. It’s not enough to simply choose your biggest, boldest idea – you must also deliver it from the core of your individuality.  This is your authentic edge.  Are you driving your dream in your own special way or are you copying the methods of others?

Don’t look around at the way it’s always been done.  Blaze new trails, in ways, that could only have come to one who is being who she is.

3).  Create in service to those you care about the most. This is where your life experience rubs up against what you came here to do.  Who you are now is different than who you were when you arrived.   You’re an individual who has uniquely responded to challenges.  Are you working in service to the group of people that you most care about?

The fierce and compassionate qualities of your heart will give you strength only when you really give a good shit.

4). Show up and stand up, in ways that fire you up the most. Are you fully alive while working?  Are you enthused just thinking about your work?  Is it a joy to experience others appreciating your work?  Can you feel your special juice even when you must be open and vulnerable to express?

The only person who can ultimately save your ass is a stronger more determined version of your true self.

Those are the four ways to be who you really are.  What’s your authentic batting average? Are you 0 for 4, .500, batting a thousand?

If you aren’t yet being who you are, do you really want to be?

Self-employment is the most direct route because it presents more options with far less restriction.   But even being your own boss doesn’t have to be an all or nothing leap.  You don’t have to risk everything.

But you do have to risk looking like a fool for the love of who you are.

Why not lighten the risk?  Why not put your toe in the waters of self-employment by starting part time?  Here’s one way.

I’ve created a process where you in less than a week, you can weave in all four authentic ways while creating and completing your original information product.  In five days at least you’ll have something to sell that you really care about.

Are you ready to cash in on who you really are?

Work a Creation/Completion process that inspires your to create authentically.  Get your copy of Create Your Inspired Info Product In 5 Days.

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  1. That truly is the beauty of today’s knowledge-worker world … You don’t have to risk it all, and the world is a big marketplace to find your arena.

    I think information products are a greay way to leverage yourself, and experience sells.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..My Top Ten Lessons In Life – Ali Hale =-.

  2. J.D. – I like that term knowledge worker. Andrea Lee likes to refer to us as wealthy thought leaders and I like that as well. In the days of the Roman Empire I always pictured myself in the garden listening to the masters and speaking up myself. Now we get to do it online. When we can create a product from the depths of our soul the creations alone is worthy of the expression.

  3. The only person who can ultimately save your ass is a stronger more determined version of your true self.

    Amen, amen, AMEN!!

    A year or two ago, I commented here that I worried the world might not be ready for my “real self”.

    Luckily, we’re like onions…with layers we can peel away to get to the authentic core. I’ve been on a conscious onion-peeling mission for some years now, and as each layer comes off, I get more and more positive feedback.

    I’m well past sticking my big toe in the authentic expression waters, but I’m not all the way in yet, either. But the water level is rising every day!

    Ha! Finally – someone will soon tell me I’m “all wet” and it’ll be the greatest compliment I could imagine! LOL
    .-= Suzanne Bird-Harris´s last blog ..8 New Background Colors! =-.

  4. Hi Tom,
    this is great!
    2). Engage that idea and bring it to the marketplace in the way that only you can. It’s not enough to simply choose your biggest, boldest idea – you must also deliver it from the core of your individuality.

    I’m working on this/
    Coming “all the way out” and “risking authentic expression”, is more confidently ‘accomplished from a supportive platform.’ ..and I do find a lot of support here with your network and resources..

    ~I like that you push just as hard from the other side of authenticity that we should be who we are, it is a refreshing change rather then to just not care about others.

    I feel like a turtle that comes out for a bit and then it takes awhile to coax her out again –that real self that keeps wanting to hide. I can feel more improvement sticking though and a lot of barriers dropping off, root issues being dealt with so after the huge struggle part I always feel more peaceful and ready for the next step to authentic discovery

    thanks for sharing, Jenn
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Strawberry Shortcake & Tea, Plus Videos & Living Transparently =-.

  5. Suzanne – You’re all wet! 🙂 Well at least 3/4s the way there and when you’re giving me shit – you’re all the way in. Love you for it!

    Jenn – Your welcome. Authenticity is like pregnancy you can’t partially it. Or you end up with some watered down, lessor version of yourself. Four points s that’s all I’m asking for folks and the will feel great. You’re fine. The turtle is still the turtle when she pulls back in. Pull back and rest – then climb new heights.

  6. Tom, I’ve moved over, a new launching pad! And your inspiration was very much a part of that shift for me.. thanks so much for the strong cheers to get me fully over! 😉 xx Jenn
    Happy Easter!…. from my heart’s definite “sweet spot” 😉 I found it! you can see my shift at /2nd post if you want the video news.. 😉 so thrilled! 😀 now, back to the manuscript for the next week! I am so excited!! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Sweet Talk on Quality Relationships =-.

  7. Jenn – Excellent! Beautiful, your heart’s authentic sweet spot will lead you to identifying the service or product that the world most needs. You are well on your way to fulfilling the promise of your uniqueness.

  8. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — “Messy” is definitely a great word to describe entrepreneurship, at least for me. It forces us to take the risk of “not looking good” and “not doing it right,” which many of us design our careers and the rest of our lives to avoid. At the same time, taking that risk has led to incredible personal growth for me.

  9. Chris – I love the risk of not looking all together because that’s where cool, unexpected possibilities show up. Yes personal growth and much more comes form getting down and dirty into the mud and grit of it all.

  10. Hey, I totally agree with ALL this, Tom! And see I am finally letting myself be me — a wonderful wild fun beautiful place to embrace. All it takes is realizing the little fears I encounter as I try new wacky things, is telling me I am so on the right track!!

    And lol on the self-employment thing, because in my second-to-last post, one gem I shared was my daughter saying this…

    “My dad is so smart and awesome to own his own business, because he can never get fired!”

    Out of the mouth of bold authentic babes, eh??



  11. Hi Jannie – Indeed she must be brilliant! Glad to see that you are still pushing the envelope and doing what turns you on the most even if you fear it.

  12. Hi Tom,

    As you know we are self employed, and it can indeed, be scary – especially when you’re in a business that can and has been negatively affected by the dip(?) in the economy.

    Just last week my husband and I were discussing our plan to diversify and having studied how others are “doing it”, we thought we had to do it the same way, too. Then the light bulb went off and my husband said, “I don’t know what I was thinking, we don’t have to do it THAT way. We can also do THIS and have the same end result!”

    Just like you said, “All big dreams begin with single, small, bold steps.” So true…..
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Save Your Best Posts For Later, Or Not? =-.

  13. “All big dreams begin with single, small, bold steps.” -> i like your statement here. it’s really true.. we all should begin with small things and just go on dreaming and slowly making our dreams come true.

    God bless!

  14. Barbara – Yes what you and your husband have realized is that individuality can be followed every step of the way. Authentic business building is not just determined by what business you choose to build but also by how you build it and to what ends.

    Aaron – Welcome and thanks for your note and blessing.

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