Give It Your All & Go For It

iStock_000007136260XSmallGiving it your all is more than investing courageous effort and determination.  Giving it your all means going for it with everything you’ve got.  You have many more resources, connections, energetic intentions and accumulated good than you imagine you do.

You’ll realize this (as some of you already have) once you hold nothing back and accept the sacred mission of acting on your true calling.  I admit I was once skeptical when I read stories of heavenly bliss.  How could anyone be that aligned and feel that good?  I now know that those authors must have reconnected their link between authenticity and abundance.

Each and every one of us arrived here as little balls of determined energy ready to soak it all up and go for our unique greatness.  But our caregivers’ reactions to life challenges and our false assumptions all combined to erode our original essence.  In order to enjoy a right livelihood of abundant fulfillment and financial prosperity we need to reconnect with our original, potent presence.

I’ve been called to deliver powerful experiences so you can feel the very real energy of reconnection.  If you’re just coming to this party read this about authentic reconnection and this for instruction on starting the process.

I intend to create dynamic, supportive environments for immersion into the energy, connection and state of our original uniqueness.

Trust happens in the experience of being accepted, respected and heard. Actual words matter less.  Julio Olalla

These experiences will inspire (those who are bold enough to fully play) to go for it and give it their all.   One concept and process that especially accelerated my progress is the active work of inviting Divine coalescence.

If you are ready to fully commit to this transformative work then listen to this guided mediation that will get you in sync with Divine Coalescence.


Reconnecting this authentic link is a group experience.   You’ll make it sooner if you offer a hand up and describe (by commenting) how you felt after the mediation to those who may think they can’t spare 10 minutes to invest in their bliss.


  1. Tom,

    Bravo! I sat up straight in my chair, closed my eyes, and listened to the whole audio right through. At some points tears came to my closed eyes, especially when you said “You are enough!” and I smiled at the song you sang at the end.

    Thank you for this experience today. You have affirmed me – someone you don’t know and haven’t met, and I’m grateful.
    .-= Daphne @ Joyful Days´s last blog ..My Baby Turns One =-.

  2. I enjoyed the guided meditation.
    How can you be anything less than your authentic self?

    So much joy – wounded

    So much, so much

    Terrific job…Thank you
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Some More Sand in the City Pictures – 2009 =-.

  3. Hi Tom

    This is just what I have started to realize lately. All of my chopping and changing over the years – and hurts – are suddenly starting to come together.

    Once you said that in the meditation, I could feel it – like a huge universal spiral of lights and particles.

    Now and then I feel the fear and the pieces move away again, but this meditation has been a strengthening reminder.

    Thank you
    .-= Juliet´s last blog ..The Test of Three =-.

  4. For the last week or so I’ve been waiting. I think that it was this I’ve been waiting for.

    My heart has been dwelling in ‘mother-night’ and now it feels lighter.

    The experience was focused on my heart. I was also aware of my eyes softening.

    .-= Evan´s last blog ..One Benefit of Listening to Your Fear =-.

  5. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Thanks for this — the quote about finding trust through being heard is what really makes working with people one-on-one worthwhile. Although on the surface it seems like we’re having a conversation, what’s really going on, ideally, is that I am hearing them in a way that is transformative.

  6. Tom, that was beautiful.

    I felt very moved, inspired and full of love.
    And your song at the end brought tears to my eyes…

    When I paused the recording, I was told TRUTH. A little vague and high-level, I thought- but something!

    .-= Keena´s last blog ..The Secret to Happiness… =-.

  7. Daphne – Tears and smiles in one experience – I’m happy for you. You’re welcome that is the least we can do for one another. If you have a chance join us for the phone experience it will be life affirming beyond measure.

    Patricia – You are very brave. The wounds also count for your good. It’s all good and part of your path. Thank you.

    Juliet – Thank you and thank you for affirming what i think about all of us who have never given up short of authentic bliss. Now is your time to both feel and live that shift.

    Evan – Thanks buddy. The heart/brain connection is powerful and cathartic. You are ready for something big to occur. Seize this feeling now.

    Chris – Good comment. Feeling really heard is so very powerful. As you know sometimes all it takes is presence.

    Keena – Got to love truth no matter how high level. I know you’ll stay with it until it clears up. Glad you were able to fully receive and accept my blessing of of recognition in that powerful song.

  8. Hi Tom – you have such a strong message here. Thanks for this – it is always inspiring visiting your blog – I love the way you talk about heavenly bliss! (and how to find it).
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Janni Lloyd, An Aussie Immortalist =-.

  9. Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL message you have to all who choose to listen – sharing this one with my network! Thanks so much for posting it.
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..When your WONDERFUL readers ride to the rescue! =-.

  10. Robin – I always enjoy your visits as well. My voice is getting stronger as my mission inspires me more and more.

    Barbara – Thanks so much for spreading this important word. I’m pleased that it resonates with you.

  11. Divine Coalescence – I like the sound of that.

    This meditation really walked me into a live experience of honoring everything I have done, felt, heard or seen as meaningful, important and something to be grateful for.

    Each experience has been another piece of the puzzle that is my authentic calling. I HAVE been answering the call, and no movement has been wasted.

    This realization gives me room to breathe – to see that I am not my bank account; I am not the “mistakes” I’ve made – there have BEEN no mistakes!

    Whatever I have “lost” has only served to help me find myself again – to embrace my birthright gifts and to trust in the sweetness of being alive in these times.

    Last, but not least, I was reminded that no one has to go it alone. We humans are hard-wired to live in groups! In community there is a lovely dance of give and take, and the chance to support and empower one another.

    Looking forward to being part of the group focused on Divine Coalescence – thank you Tom.
    .-= Kay Grace´s last blog ..“Counter Intention” The Root of Self-Sabotage =-.

  12. Reconnecting our self back to our true potential is a must if we are to live life to the fullest. We must challenge the negative habits of our mind in order to achieve this state. Nice sharing Tom. 🙂
    .-= wa´s last blog ..Powerful blog secret: Affective writing =-.

  13. Chris Posti says:

    Tom – You say (and sing) things I have only thought about, and you do it much more eloquently. Thank you for stepping out and leading. We will all move ahead together. Looking forward to the teleclass.
    .-= Chris Posti´s last blog ..Quotes =-.

  14. Tom — This was a powerful meditation. I kept getting the message, Trust yourself…which is something I struggle with.

    When you told the story about being a exuberant six-year-old, I had an image of myself, dressed all in a cowboy outfit which even had chaps!

    I remembered that when I played, I really felt I became whoever or whatever I dressed up to be. I think this scared my parents at times:~) Yet, when I became a parent, I saw the same thing in my own daughters.

    The song you sang at the end brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing this:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Kindness Can Improve Your Health =-.

  15. Kay – Beautifully said Kay. You’re right, there have been no critical mistakes. Each one has served you as you boldly move closer and closer to your authentic calling. I know you and I know that giving up is not an option. Hang in there smiling and know that the great coalescence that we work together will have you singing joyfully and taking action fearlessly.

    Wa – Welcome and thanks for your kind confirmation. Please return – this bold journey is just beginning.

    Sara – Your comment gave me goosebumps. I’ll bet that you can still feel that pulsing wildness within. Yes indeed trust yourself. If you were not capable of grand expression the idea would not have even come to you.

    Chris – Thanks so much for the visit and for your kind words. I actually think that my eloquence is a direct result of the true nature of my calling to guide this reconnection. I am but a vessel for my soul’s mission and it feels so good to say that.

  16. John Morlan says:

    Tom –
    How exciting to be with one who knows the true nature of his calling. It also feels good to me to hear you say those words. Your guided meditation reminded me of a time in my life when I had no doubt, no fear and no hesitation about expressing my essence and joy. Thank you for that and thank you for reminding me that there have been no mistakes. Rather, an accumulation and now hopefully a coming together (coalessence).
    I am fondly recalling the first time that I heard ‘Namaste’ used as a greeting and as a farewell. I feel it now with power and know that in this shared experience it truly applies to us all – “That which is of the Divine in me greets that which is of the Divine in you.”
    My best to all.

  17. Dear Tom,
    wow, i came here to read a wonderful blog, and was delighted to find so much more! 😉
    I listened to your meditation and it was wonderful!
    I found what most connected with me was asking for ‘a divine order’ to take place within me. I sure need that! I find myself getting overwhelmed easily. It was also healing to be reminded that nothing is without value. Also the originality as a youth, that was also very good to lighten up about a few things there.
    I think I know more that I allow myself to and I find it hard to believe it could simply be a timing thing, and not something more that I need to do, but in the same line – you are right, and I know this. It perfectly resonated with me. To believe that I’m enough, and where I’m at is all I need right now, is quite scary.. but also empowering!
    Thank you for blessing my life today! I’ll continue to follow your blogs! 😉
    Namaste! ~Sharmila
    .-= Sharmila´s last blog ..’Struggling Free’,, Into the Light! =-.

  18. John – I look for meaning in every connection and in my book there is no doubt that we are connected in order to connect your link. Yes the coalescence is happening for you. Stay open to the possibilities and keep re-building your once clear confidence.

    Sharmila – Beautiful! Welcome! I’m so glad that it is really resonating with you. Divine order is a wonderful thing. Keep coalescing s you imagine Divine Intelligence infusing your being. I so look forward to your return visit.

  19. I’m 56, still overweight by any and all measures but I have good strong legs and this fire inside me that refuses to flicker and die. Being 56, I’m old enough to know better, but I still harbor the notion that I can achieve goals. One of the goals I have set for myself is a bicycle trip back across the Allegheny mountains on the Allegheny Trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. I see Tom at our favorite gym as he chases his own dream, while a row or two in front of him, I ready myself to chase down mine. The trip is about 320 miles give or take a few hundred yards. I plan on doing it either late this autumn or early next spring. I ride twice daily at the gym for a total of forty miles to build leg strength and lung capacity. The outdoor portion of my training, by some measure the easier portion is done five days a week, generally in the late morning. I find it easier because I can breathe deeply of the fresh air. I’m figuring the trip for about a week down with the return trip done in my recovery vehicle,my van in which I expect to sleep in at pre appointed stops on the route. This should be a challenge which will go a long way to giving me validation and fulfillment. Do not bet against me .

  20. That was great Tom, Thank you! I loved your song at the end. You are a special soul!

    I have kind of adopted the linked song for my theme lately. This post and meditation reminded me of it.

  21. Jack – I love public declarations. Glad you found the inspiration to do something big for you. Go for it. I’m betting with you!

    Laurie – I just watched the video and I love its message. Powerful and many young women would be blessed to see it.

  22. So many of the things you said were ideas I have been coming to in the past few months. I am ready to take action and give my all to my divine calling. Thank you for helping me along my path.

  23. Pam – Welcome. Please return and tell us how things keep flowing for you. declaring your readiness is a huge step. Congratulations!

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