How To Extract Your Best Business Idea

You have powerful points of wisdom within that when expressed could be your authentic edge in the marketplace.  That wisdom represents better business ideas than anything your conscious mind realizes.

We talk a lot about authentic expression in terms of standing up for what’s important and in terms of life purpose but I don’t think we talk enough about our inner wisdom and how to extract it.

When you decide to express your well-earned inner wisdom you set yourself apart in remarkable ways.  It’s your wisdom and no one else can express and exploit it like you can.

Your best idea is waiting just below the surface, buried under your lack of willingness to dig and your fears.

How about instead of waiting for true calling epiphanies you take a look at how to dig deep and extract your own inner wisdom?



Major Wisdom Extraction Realizations

1). Forced Urgency is like a shortcut because it goes directly to the engagement of wisdom extraction.
2). With Increased Decisiveness you can discover, decide on and develop wisdom much more quickly than imaginable.

Forced Urgency

One of the most practical therapists I’ve ever read is Nathaniel Branden. He’s written classics such as The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem and Taking Responsibility.  One technique that Branden uses to extract wisdom is the technique of Sentence Stem Completion.

When we intensify awareness, we tend to generate a need for action that expresses our changed psychological state.  Nathaniel Branden

By swiftly answering strategically chosen sentence stems, six days in a row, with at least six complete sentence endings, we access resources that normally remain hidden from our consciousness.

Without the exercise this wisdom does not normally show up in our behavior. This powerful technique doesn’t give enough time for self-doubt and questioning so resistance doesn’t rear its ugly head.

If you’d like me to email you complete instructions on this technique ask for them here.

Increased Decisiveness

Resistance adores delay. It will seize any excuse to delay you just long enough so that your original inspiration fades.  Resistance knows that when left to discipline alone you are more likely to give up.

Self-control is exhaustible.  Chip & Dan Heath from their book, Switch: How To Change When Change Is Hard

So if self control (willpower, discipline) is an exhaustible resource, it’s only a matter of time when burning adrenaline alone, you run out of fuel.

What’s the answer?  Increase your speed to action by making decisions much quicker and engaging them much sooner.  In a word, decisiveness.

Surprisingly speed inspires sounder decision-making than careful analysis. When you’re quick about it, the best ideas surface and it’s easier to pick out the viable ideas from among the junk.

We have assumed that taking longer and being more thorough is good for us.  But getting lost in the delay of over-analysis is always more costly than acting decisively and making lots of mistakes.

What’s your experience using forced urgency and greater decisiveness?

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I think it has a lot to do with these three factors.
1). They didn’t go deep and extract their waiting wisdom so the idea was not authentically aligned.
2). They never followed a firm, creation/completion process with supportive structure and environment.
3). They were not able to use discipline and willpower to follow-through.



  1. Tom,

    I liked this post and the idea of forced urgency in the sense that it makes us rely on our intuition, which I believe is usually right on. Resistance creates shadows over our intuitive instincts often causing us to back away.

    Then again, I think your idea of taking our intuitive ideas and making sure the are both”authentically aligned”and followed by a “completion process” is important. Then, of course, you must have the will to carry out the idea.

    Even the best seed cannot grow without the assistance of good earth, sunshine and water:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..The Nature of the Beast =-.

  2. I would encourage folks to take advantage of Tom’s class. He really helped me focus on my start up and get it going in the right way. We have been growing ever since!

  3. Sara – Well said. When we use urgency we have no choice but to relay on our intuition. Yes indeed, moving forward on our good ideas is what brings it all together so we can express value in the marketplace. Your thoughts are sound and right on. Thank you.

  4. It’s a great reminder that making decisions makes things happen.

    Time changes what’s important and the blend of urgency and making decisions helps debottleneck good ideas in the making. I’ve seen too many great ideas die a slow, over-engineered death.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Information Overload is Not the Problem – It’s Filter Failure =-.

  5. Tom, this post is wonderful! I signed up for your teleconference and those techniques you shared. Thank you so much! This is right where I am at! hugs, Jenn
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..1 of 10 Workshops: The Emotional Shift for New Beginnings =-.

  6. As a former victim of over-analysis paralysis – you are right on!
    Intuition plays a huge part, and so does the urgency. If you think, “Oh wouldn’t it be nice to do _____.” You will never get around to it. I will admit that sometimes I have to extend my deadlines because I tend to overbook myself, but at least there is a deadline. And Tom, I owe a lot of getting over my paralysis to YOU!!! Thanks so much.

    There are a lot of big wonderful ideas out there. Lots of people have them. But it is a rare person who acts on their ideas.

    .-= Keena´s last blog ..Why Are We Here? On Soul and Life Purpose =-.

  7. Laurie – I truly appreciate the ringing endorsement. You are a fine example of an inspired entrepreneur.

    J.D. – That is well said. I continue to amaze myself by how much can get accomplished with an urgent focus. We never know the limits of our creation until we test them.

    Jenn – If this is right where you are then get ready for blastoff with a great class tomorrow. You will create movement!

    Keena – I love that you call yourself a former victim. Right on! 🙂
    Intuition and urgency are a powerful combination. You’re becoming quite the action gal yourself.

  8. That’s a great information. I have learned a lot from it. I know now how I can come up with great business ideas. Thanks for sharing this information.
    .-= Web Design Chicago´s last blog ..6 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns =-.

  9. It’s a great reminder that making decisions makes things happen.

    Time changes what’s important and the blend of urgency and making decisions helps debottleneck good ideas in the making. I’ve seen too many great ideas die a slow, over-engineered death.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Information Overload is Not the Problem – It’s Filter Failure =-.


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