How To Play a Bigger Business Game

istock_000005171756xsmallIn my small business coaching, when I come across struggling small businesses, it’s often because they lack the driving focus of a clear business purpose.  Is your business purpose clear enough to burn your boat on the shore?

Using the game model of business building provides a committed purpose.  Playing the game of business is more focused, effective  and fun.

Games have beginnings, midpoints and ends.  Games have ground rules for guidance.  Games have clear objectives and you know when you’ve won.

But the business game model doesn’t work if you just go through the motions.  Uninspired business building sucks almost as much as working in a job that does not bring you alive.

Fortune favors the bold.  Virgil

In order to engage massive inspired action, one must be pumped about playing a bigger business game.  What does playing a bigger game mean to you?

To truly play a bigger game one must embrace:
1).  Greater Decisiveness
2).  Unwavering Commitment
3).  Laser-like Focus and
4).  Swift Follow-Through.

Be inspired to a Viking-like commitment.

Playing a bigger business game is not rocket science.   If you’ve ever competed, you know how eager you are to score and win.  Do you have that level of eagerness in your business building?

If not then perhaps you’re following someone else’s business dream and not your own.  It’s hard to get pumped up about a second or third place dream.

Winning requires enthusiasm.  Without enthusiasm, bold commitment feels more like obligation than eagerness.

Do you feel more obligated than eager to build your business?

Then you may want to play a bigger business game.

Recently I offered the experience of this game at no charge.  Just being on the phone and present with others who are bold enough to go for a bigger game is a lift in itself.

The opportunity to be stretch coached on your most pressing business challenges is invigorating.  I coached my top three strategies to play a bigger business game.

But are you committed enough to follow-through?  Many aren’t and that’s why I raised the participation bar for this free experience.  Here’s the class description.

Breakthrough Business Coaching; How to Quit Messing Around, Turn Your Life Around & Play a Bigger Game

To the degree that your life sucks, your business suffers.  Everything’s connected to your fearful thoughts and it all counts.  It’s time to quit underestimating your capacity.  If you’re ready to set aside your fears, boldly turn things around and play a bigger game to win; here’s your shot.

This call is not for wussies or for those who cannot focus enough to follow-through with simple requests.  After registering you will receive an email from Tom that requires another action.  If you can’t follow-through, please don’t waste the time of those of us who are seriously intending to create a breakthrough.

Of 14 who registered, 7 followed through and 6 of those 7 actually showed up.  Raising the bar allows the cream to rise to the top.

Would you make the cut?

It’s challenging to play a bigger game while standing on the sidelines.  It’s impossible to play a bigger game if you’re still in the stands watching others play and win.

What do you think of the game business model?


  1. Very inspirational as always. I find that sometimes in hindsight that I was not the quarterback I thought I was but the backup sitting on the sides visualizing I WAS the starter. I believe that sometimes we need to get out of our heads more, and get into the mode of action- even if we have no idea what we are doing yet. Thanks Tom!

    Jays last blog post..The Sunday Ponder

  2. Hi Tom!

    Thank you for this post!

    What came up for me is this: if you are not taking care and nurturing your “personal business” then your professional business will never follow suit…am I following you on the same page?

    Of the four above, I definitely have conquered unwaivering comittment and razor-like focus…I’m good with follow up but not swift enough…well, there you have it…you see what’s lacking! :~)

    Question: Do you think that “fear of failure” and “fear of success” is the same thing?

    “If I mind my business you’ll find my business!” ~Henie~

    Henies last blog post..Double You But One

    • Henie – I absolutely love the way you quote yourself. 🙂 It’s becomeing a signature style for you. Yes if our life is off kilter, our business will reflect that misalignment. That’s why coaching the inner game is in such demand with my business clients. For example, how can we focus if we are fighting battles on the home front?

      You’ve asked a very good question. Please tell me what you think.
      I think that fear of failure and fear of success have similar shackling attributes. They both, for example, are connected to what others will think of us. On one hand, what will they think of us for failing and on the other how will we be judged for separating ourselves from the group and succeeding?

      I really don’t put much stock in understanding our fears when the better route is simply to act so that the fears are null and void.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I love the game analogy – especially since my life seems to revolve around one real game or another (through my kids)! As I think about it, I’m thinking about – are you playing offense or are you playing defense. Obviously in sports, both are needed. I waver to say that while a strong defense will win the game, it take a scoring offense in the first place to give you some points. In business, also – while you need both – coming out on the offensive – going after the prize – is where it’s at. Not in just protecting what you already have (defense) – but in going for it, throwing the bomb once in a while…

    Anyway, you’ve got me thinking…and that’s a good thing…

    Best to you and all the participants on the upcoming call.

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  4. Jay – Thanks for continuing with the game analogy. You’re right. Once we are on the field we can then respond to whatever the defense gives us. I really don’t understand why so many folks tune out when we use sports analogies. They work so well.

  5. Hee hee … I love this phrase: “To the degree that your life sucks, your business suffers.” So true. We can’t separate ourselves out into little bits and pieces, with our work in one box and our personal life in another. Some of the best work on our business is done on ourselves in seemingly unrelated life areas – our health, diet, going on trips, engaging in new activities or with new people.

    I’m tempted to sign up just to see what that second required action is!

    To abundance for all,

    Andrea|Seven Figure Psychics last blog post..Is Your Business Working?

  6. Hi Tom – I’m really looking forward to this call. I’m a bit nervous too, as I haven’t done this type of thing before. When do you send us the number to ring?

    Enthusiasm makes a huge difference. I’ve experienced the difference between feeling enthusiastic and unenthusiastic in different businesses and it definitely affects your performance.

    • Cath – This type of nervousness is very good for you. It proves that your time is right for playing a bigger came. Check the emails you got just after registering and the first from me. The number was on both of those. 🙂

  7. Brett Legree says:

    Tom – totally awesome stuff, man – and thanks for the linkback.

    I am so not afraid to do this – I’ll be there, if my schedule allows. I will check – if all goes well, expect to see me there.


    Brett Legrees last blog post..what are you living for?

  8. OK Tom, now 4 have turned in their work ! 🙂

    I feel like I have suited up and started the game. I have even scored a quick TD with what I did this year. Now it’s time to plan and execute some additional plays to score some more points. I have so many plays in mind that I am hugely excited but need to focus on one play at a time (or at least look at them in waves).

    You said: “I really don’t put much stock in understanding our fears when the better route is simply to act so that the fears are null and void.”

    I need to remember this. I tend to get stuck in fear and forget to move forward with the next step, when if I made the next step, I would see that I didn’t fall (or at least I could get back up if I did).

  9. Hi Tom

    You are right on the 4 keys to the business game. I always say Learn to make decision quickly and commit to them a long term.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

    Giovanna Garcias last blog post..An amazing 13 years old.

  10. Hi Tom,

    This is awesome and again so timely, I just signed up to do your project blast off to complete a project that started as a BHAG last year and I have been playing very small on.

    I like the analogy of being on the field- how true and reminding me it is meant to be fun:)

    Now I know I need to to step into my greatness, and accept what others see and tell me:)

    Now I just checked 11am EST is 1 am Thursday in tomorrow land, I am normally an early riser .

    Okay I decided to register and thought I would let you know got call in details, but no call to action email?

    Suzie Cheels last blog post..Law of Attraction Card: Being In Harmony

  11. Great post. I especially liked your suggestion which stated that “businesses must be pumped about playing a bigger business game.” It’s very challenging to do so when you are smaller, but also necessary. I appreciate your thoughts.

    Mariano M. Jaucos last blog post..important tips areas of personal growth in goal setting

  12. Hi Tom,

    One of your sentences in the comments really struck me: “I really don’t put much stock in understanding our fears when the better route is simply to act so that the fears are null and void.”

    This is so true. We give energy to what we focus on, and if we focus on fear we fear more, but if we focus on action then the ‘how’ takes over and we have no time to think of the fear. Well said!

    I’m so tempted to sign up just to see if I can clear the 4 steps! You’ll correctly deduce that I’m very competitive by nature when it comes to games. The thing is I don’t really have a business, unless I decide to treat my blog as a business. Perhaps I should since it takes up so much time anyway!

    I like you analogy of the opening game, middle game and end game. I think of chess when you say this. So many of us obsess over the opening when we need to know something about all 3 aspects.

    Daphnes last blog post..17 Inspiring Examples of Personal Creeds

  13. Sounds great, Tom. Enthusiasm and commitment will get us a very long way!

    Robins last blog post..Making The Most Of Life

  14. I’m a fan of metaphors and games are one of the best.

    It’s so true that if you set the rules, you can win the game. More importantly though, a game mentality implies competition and fun. Competing with yourself is the way to grow.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Top 5 Characteristics of Leaders

  15. Lance – yes offense usually rules in the game of life but defense comes in when we want to make a stand!

    Andrea – Good to see you here. Yes everything counts! Guess you’re not that tempted. 🙂

    Laurie – How about tattooing on the back of your hand? FEAR NOT – Act Now!

    Giovanna – I love quick decisions. No time is wasted on false choices.

    Suzie – Now that’s commitment! If you want the lift bad enough you’ll show.

    Brett – Hope it works out for you brother.

    Mariano – You can find your pump! Look for those areas where you are eager to do business.

    Daphne – You’re welcome. You can play a bigger game in life as well. I’m sure you could apply the strategies.

    Robin – Life is good!

    J.D. – Absolutely, lightening up is a great strategy!

  16. LifeMadeGreat | Juliet says:

    Hi Tom

    I think it will be a great call – from my experience.
    I’d be joining if I had a traditional business…and if it weren’t my Birthday 😉
    Or are those excuses?


    LifeMadeGreat | Juliets last blog post..What Do You Think Of This Quote?

  17. I positively ADORE the analogy of business building as a game.

    Just as a game has a beginning a middle and an end, many games require practice outside the competition to hone your skills.

    I view your upcoming coaching call as just that – preparation for the big game!

    Kathy | Virtual Impaxs last blog post..Selling the “Magic” of Social Media

  18. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Thanks for this post. What it brought up for me was the way I spent a lot of time trying to “earn the right” to enjoy my life by working furiously, but what I ultimately recognized was that this is not only impossible, but actually restricts what I can accomplish in my work. I’m in the process of moving beyond that now.

    Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coachings last blog post..Recording Of “Transcending Procrastination” Teleseminar

  19. I think playing a bigger business game if you lack enthusiasm is great advice. Sometimes we feel unchallenged or even board with our “obligations” and need something new or far-reaching to help motivate or inspire us.

    Great tip! 🙂

    Matt Thomass last blog post..Is Innovation Necessary to Survive?

  20. Juliet – Happy Birthday! You are officially excused. Celebrate!

    Kathy – I’m honored that you’ve decided to join us for this scrimmage.

    Chris – I always enjoy how transparent and authentic your comments are. If you’re in the process you’re half-way home.

    Matt – Thanks buddy, a bigger game with it’s corresponding focus certainly fits that bill. 🙂

  21. Tom,
    I love the post and the information shared here and my heart says – oh yes sign up, but I know that when I play games with others, I always lose because I can not keep up.

    I learned how to find my dashboard through a self paced class, and I saved the lessons, so that now that I can’t find my dashboard again I know how to look it up.

    So as much as I could certainly use the help and learning, I think I will need to do this kind of work one on one. Great ideas.

    Hope the class is a great success – I’d love to have reports on progress and hear how folks are doing…What fun

    Patricias last blog post..Announcing a Writing Contest – With a Financial Incentive!

  22. Patricia – The class went extremely well. Join us next time. Only you decide if you’ve won or lost. You can set ground rules that will work for you.

  23. It took time, commitment and effort to get to place of laser focus (I’ve been working on it for 3 years now). Now I’m up at 5am because I WANT to, not because I have to. It’s an incredible feeling and as a result my first book is due out soon. Part of a series of self-published pocket sized handbooks, and I’m really excited.

    Self-employment success is worth it when you give it the time and commitment it requires. I’m so glad I did the work required to create the strength I needed. I guess that means I believe in the game! But really I believed in myself and my ability to make it work. My thoughts are too big to let go…so I keep them close every day!

  24. To the degree that your life sucks, your business suffers.

    Truer words were never spoken. And people need to realize that’s the way it works… And that the vice versa (bad business, bad life) doesn’t need to be true.


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