I’m Betting On Your Authentic Good Sense

Have you ever been left with a feeling of frustration and empty promises after watching a video from a big name guru? Here’s the tipoff. If they say it will be packed with lots of content – it usually isn’t.

I wasted about 12 minutes watching one recently because the link came from someone who I used to trust.

But I smelled the stink early and checked the comments and that made me feel good. Sure 90% of the comments were of the brown nosing variety but it was the 10% that spoke the truth.

Some of these guys are so good at repeating the “what” 20 different ways that they confuse you into thinking you missed the meat. You didn’t miss it. Real meat wasn’t served, only the come on.

Then I realized. I already know more about how to treat a seeker than this guy does.

I already care more, share more and know more, than this seemingly well-respected guru was willing to share in his entire 90-minute webinar.

I bet you’re just like me. I bet you’ve read enough and experienced enough to be of great value to many.

I bet you know what’s authentic and what’s bull.

I bet you’re more ready, than you think you are, for whatever big change you want to make.

Readiness is a choice not a state of being.

Who are you when you dream big? Be that person.

I’m betting that you’re ready to make your move, right now. You are the source of your best career change advice.

Sometimes we simply need to quit seeking. Sometimes we need to quit following the guru and become the guru.

How about you? Are you ready to put your authentic good sense on the line? I’m betting you are.


  1. I love this! I call some of the females “lip gloss gurus.” They leave you feeling like you’ve eaten cotton candy…. a whole lot of sugar and fluff. πŸ˜‰ I do owe a lot to some of them, though…. I still enjoy people like Wayne Dyer and Debbie Ford….they do have some great stuff to say….. when I was first going through a major inner shift many years ago, they felt so accessible and compassionate for my brain that was doing major neural pathway shifting! πŸ™‚ But now I feel more drawn to people who are just sort of everyday gurus….friends, connections I make through the net, people who don’t have a layer of “veneer” …. who still have their struggles and who admit it, laugh, and let go.

  2. I’m a bit of a sceptic at heart. People who are called ‘gur’s’ I’m suspicious of (especially if they call themselves that).

    I’m coming more and more to value people who tell their experience fairly directly as they go along. People like you Tom.

    I’m nowhere near where I want to be yet. But I have begun the journey.

  3. hi tom ~
    i really like this post. as someone who has explored the internet for the past year and half, seeking wisdom and great ideas, i can attest that many a guru falls short of what they advertise.

    it’s almost like a rite of passage to find one’s way through the maze of gurus to the real source of action – as you aptly put it: Sometimes we simply need to quit seeking. Sometimes we need to quit following the guru and become the guru.

    it’s a journey! becoming our own best guru is an awesome goal. i do love stopping by and reading your words – they are always authentic and i can tell you are speaking from the heart.


  4. Hi Susannah – Ditto your comments. The lip gloss gurus always seem to have very stylish hair as well as if that makes them more believable. I get my kicks form deleting emails that have “must open now” in the subject line. I take delight in deciding my own musts. Yet like you said I’ve gotten some good value form these folks as well. Me too, it seems like a lot of us are drawn to the more down home every day folks. πŸ™‚

    Hi Evan – Thanks brother, it means a lot to me that I’ve made your authenticity cut.

    Hi Julie – Cool then you also are your own guru. Bravo! You can always count that you have your best interests at heart.

  5. > Readiness is a choice not a state of being
    So true.

    I think it’s a powerful shift of focus when we go from “Am I ready?” to “How or what can I share that will help?” … it changes the focus from self to others and is actually empowering … lifting others up means you don’t have to be the best or recognized … you just do your part the way that you can … making the most of what you’ve got.

    It’s disempowering to think “I’m not qualified” … but it’s empowering to think, “I”ll share what I know … may it serve you well.”

  6. John Orian says:

    Hi Tom;

    Enjoyed your post.

    “Sometimes we simply need to quit seeking”. How true. Stop seeking, evaluating, wondering, and second guessing ourselves. Make a choice then take action.

    Sometimes we can spend years wondering what the right thing to do is, and all it takes is the courage to make a choice and live with the consequences. Most often they’ll be much better than we can imagine.

  7. Hi J.D. – You are spot ion. Often it’s the question we ask that directs the work we do. Sharing what we think we know is often more than enough to get a project moving.

    Hi John – Welcome! Well said. What courageous choice have you made lately? You sound like a guy on the brink of busting loose!

  8. Beth Owens says:

    Its nothing wrong i hope, nobody will take advice or buy something who claims they are not making big money with their formula, so obviously people will try to convince the readers that they are the experts in what ever they talk about…


  9. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — yeah, the “readiness” issue is one I’m definitely intimately familiar with — the sense that I might need another degree or 5 more years of experience before it’s okay for me to do what I want. At my best, my focus is on what I’m offering to the world, as opposed to whether I have enough credentials or Twitter followers, or whatever is supposed to qualify me to say what I’m saying.

  10. The bad thing about us is we sometimes forget that we are different from others. In a way that we just simply want to follow their steps of attaining their success. Success comes within, there’s no real process of achieving it. All we need to do is to concentrate on ourselves and focus on our goals.

  11. Hi Beth – Welcome! I agree nothing wrong with making a profit. There is a lot wrong with playing games and being less than transparent by using indirect, manipulative marketing.

    Hi Chris – Well said. the results we get for our clients and our own expressed authenticity is more than enough credentialing anything else is simply an outside opinion of our readiness.

    Hi Cole – Welcome! I appreciate a good oversimplification. I do it all the time myself. πŸ™‚ I do think there is a process to success but it involves acting on the wisdom within that you speak of.

  12. Hi Tom,
    I’m all for a new wave of authenticity and truth. Many of the gurus like Susannah have helped me as well. I think Wayne Dyer has been regurgitating the same stuff for years. I know for a fact Deepak Chopra no longer writes his own books. I learn the most from ordinary bloggers writing about extraordinary experiences. I also quote them!

  13. Tom Volkar,

    I liked:

    “Readiness is a choice not a state of being”

    it was very helpful to me.

    I keep looking for this kind of stuff…..

    Thanks for your nice work.

  14. Hi Tess – I agree there is wisdom everywhere we look. Life is good and getting better.

    Hi Mike – Welcome! It was a powerful realization for me as well. We are always ready when we choose to be.

  15. Samantha Dermot says:

    We should bear in mind that we need to find ways just for ourselves. Simpy relying on others strategy can sometimes be effective since it’s a proven strategy but it doesn’t automatically mean that once we use it, we will also be successful.

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