Make Your Move to the Freedom of Self-Employment

Many talk about the wonderful freedoms of self-employment, but they wait to make their move. They have made up all kinds of reasons why now just isn’t the right time. But if they take the time to look within, they know they’re lying to themselves.

Here’s the truth. Most folks are more ready to make their move than they give themselves credit for. I’d like to prove it to you. Are you willing to play along? In my coaching practice, I know a client is going to eventually get where they want to be once they reach a state of inspired confidence. Inspired confidence simply means that you know what you want and you are confident that you can make it happen.

I know that you’ll feel better about yourself once you take any small inspired action towards your objective. I know you’ll believe in yourself and your capabilities more once you are in active pursuit of your work life freedom. Somehow, we’ve got to get you out of your head and into action. So let’s start here. I’ll provide the formula. You provide the ingredients.

Right now, in this moment, what inspires you?

You might have a new goal or an old dream or a budding idea that inspires you. I’m talking about that animating, enlivening, emboldening, invigorating inspiration that lifts you and lightens you just thinking about it. There’s no sense playing along unless you can stop and write something down now. It’s time to leave the realm of just reading and thinking. Do yourself a big favor and actively participate this time.

It inspires me to imagine a world where the majority of folks are actively engaged in their work life freedom. Wouldn’t that be something? Imagine how uplifting it would be to run into more folks who were inspired by their work than bored by it.

But what inspires you? Got something? Excellent! Let’s make it a reality.

First I want to share some ground rules. It really can be this simple. If you can agree to these ground rules you’ve got it licked.

  1. You accept and act on the basis that you inherently have the capability to pull this off.
  2. You agree to take one small action that will get you closer to realizing the objective of your inspiration.
  3. You agree to celebrate the completion of that action regardless of its results.
  4. You agree to honor these ground rules as if they were sacred covenants.

Here’s the formula:

Inspiration + Belief + Divine Connection = Inspired Confidence

Here’s why this formula will work for you. You’ve provided the object of your inspiration, so we know it’s authentic.

Anything works when you believe it does. Why not believe that this simple formula can work for you? If what you’re doing isn’t working, then what do you have to lose? I’m not charging you for this. I’m just asking you to trust my experience as a coach and my deep desire for the world to be free from deadening work.

Divine connection states that God is not a tease. If you were not capable of bringing forth your inspired idea to reality, then it would not have ever come to you as a desire. All desires originally emanate from Divine Intelligence. The connection is yours for the asking. Your desires are not some cruel joke being played on you. If you aren’t acting on your inspirations – you’re the one playing the joke.

Please remember the ground rules you agreed to. No more hesitation – it’s your time to act. Before you do, right now, imagine your dream in actuality. Feel the gloriousness of living it. Imagine the beautiful change you’ve brought to the world. Isn’t it time to find your vocation within the freedom of self-employment?

Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. Frederich Buechner

The world is thirsty for the expression of your deep gladness. Don’t make us wait any longer.

If you know of someone who has dreamed of being their own boss but has waited, please forward them this post. It’s my mission to help them see that they need not wait any longer. There is always a small step that can be taken to move us closer to where we want to be.


  1. Thank you, Tom. You are right, the world is waiting for that book, that smile, that inspiration of seeing someone totally alive in their joy of doing.

    How about this re: Divine Connection:

    “We are mistaken to believe we are the thinkers when in fact we are the thoughts of God.” (me, I think)

    When I track the place that intuition speaks to your from you have found it…and we all do know where it is, it’s that small little “I don’t know why but…” that asks us to do the illogical, the inconvenient, the exciting thing, the left turn instead of right.

    Think of the last time you said, “I just KNEW I should have…” then do this, try to find the place in your body where you felt it, knew it, the feeling you experienced. Don’t judge it, just find it. That place is a sacred line to your internal guidance system that is the Divine.

    The only thing left to do is fearlessly, illogically act on it. When yoyu are looking for ‘reasons’ to not do something, you have crossed to the left brain and hung up on your intuitive guidance.
    Our free will is to go with the flow or paddle like hell upstream.

    Act and be fearless when it comes to making mistakes, find the 10,000 things that didn’t work and smile.

    Thanks for all your posts; you are an inspiration so it’s working!

    Back to work, I have a slave driver of a boss: me, but I LOVE her.


  2. Suzanne Bird-Harris | Learning Curve Coaching says:

    Your desires are not some cruel joke being played on you. If you aren’t acting on your inspirations – you’re the one playing the joke.

    You know, Tom, sometimes you are quite profound. I’m going to print this out in BIG BOLD letters and hang it here in my office. Might even write it on my dresser mirror in red lip liner, too.

    I know, as sure as I know my own name, that this is true, but the constant reminder will help me live it better. Thanks for that.

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | Learning Curve Coachings last blog post..Not Fade Away

  3. Barbara Swafford says:

    Hi Tom,

    As someone who has been self employed for over 20 years, your post nails it.

    There are many joys to being your own boss. Yes, it is scary when you don’t have a steady paycheck coming in, but you learn to budget, you learn to save, and you learn what’s truly important in life.

    You do answer to your clients, but you’re not answering to “the man”. You can pick your hours, but if you’re doing something you love, time becomes irrelevant.

    You get to leave your mark on society, and if you’re good at what you do, your business will grow from referrals.

    For anyone thinking of becoming self employed, this post is fabulous inspiration. A must read.

  4. Fawn I am a thought of God. Yep that feels right. Fearlessly and illogically acting on what comes to us. That sounds about right as well. 🙂 You are full of excellent tips today. I hope that means you’ll be writing about seizing the opportunities that intuition presents on your blog someday soon.

    Suzanne yes we have no choices but to follow the course of our desires. After all they are ours. Who else is better suited. Reminders work well for me too.

    Barbara welcome, that is very well said. We do learn to get by on less if necessary because we learn what’s truly important. Thanks for the kind words and our inspiration.

  5. Tim Brownson says:

    Tom, I really like the way you’ve taken this blog. In fact i like it so much that it partly inspired this

    Let’s keep telling like it is 😉

    Tim Brownsons last blog post..Who Are You Today?

  6. Tim will do. Telling it like is inspires me to be even more boldly authentic in every area of my life. I’ll pop over to your blog now and see what you’re up to.

  7. Tom,

    Thank you for the comment on my blog post, Work, Life, Happiness. –And I love your whole blog! How very topical right now for me, and for society as a whole.

    How great, that you are following your own work/life dream by teaching others how to follow theirs. Just by doing this, I feel you contribute to the force of positive change in the universe.


    Dianas last blog post..In Search of the Perfect Pace

  8. Diana I’m so happy for you. Seizing our freedom and moving full force into the unknown is an exciting and somewhat scary experience. But you seem grounded in your authenticity more than enough to make this move payoff.

  9. I know someone… it’s me! =)
    I have a lot of concern, financial need, how to sell and market, and that like-ability factor….
    anyway, I’ve got to start doing something part time.
    Thanks for this article… this quote…
    “The world is thirsty for the expression of your deep gladness. Don’t make us wait any longer.”
    is really an inspiration.
    .-= Robert A. Henru´s last blog ..Simplifying Your Life Message =-.

  10. Robert – Good show! Now that you know you are making your move what is the next small step for you? There’s always something that you can do now. Focus on doing that.

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