Ready Or Not – Here I Come

They call me intense.

I think that’s because I go deep and speak up, whether that’s comfortable for you or not.

Admittedly I’m a handful, especially if you think you aren’t ready to face the real stuff. One coaching client described working with me like diving into a cold lake. Our work together can be both invigorating and chilling, in all the right ways.

I like the way I am and I like others who can accept me as I am. Since I like me so much, I’m able to accept and champion you.

If you blow smoke or make flattering, inauthentic comments I’ll call you on it.

Being appropriate is the death of individuality.

I’d rather you express your wild, untamed self and join me in pissing all over cultural appropriateness.

If you want to play the game of appropriateness go work for the State Department or lose yourself in a big corporation.

But if you want to be real and make some money from your realness, you want a coach like me who will tell it like it is.

I like getting down and dirty into the messes of life. I thrive in relationship messes because that’s where all the growth comes from. Everything is a relationship.

It’s my way, to challenge you, with a smile on my face.

I love the way I am and I love the way you are, however you are.

I love how you are, as long as you are the real you. If you don’t know what that means – you’re faking it.

I love how you push my buttons because the resulting understanding is life’s greatest gift.

Happy Valentines Day my friend, May you be deeply loved and appreciated for who you truly are.


  1. > Being appropriate is the death of individuality.
    Very well put. I’ve seen people lose themselves in the process.

  2. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — I love the picture! I can see your playful side there, and also the fierce bear who will stand up for the dreams of his clients and roar the fiery compassion they need!

  3. J. D. – Yes our societal conditioning is so strong that fitting in is the easier path than standing tall and being strong in your own voice. It takes an aware and strong individual to choose authenticity over conformity.

    Chris – A playful compassionate bear I am! Thank you.

  4. Awesome article! We are taught at a young age to be “appropriate” and not make waves, which can be difficult for a highly expressive, energetic child. You can try to program as long as you like but eventually your soul will no longer allow the inauthentic behavior. That is when the discomfort sets in and your dreams are right around the corner.

    • Well said Heidi! It’s our choice to let out the Wild Tommy or not. We all know that our version of him or her is in there just dying to express without pretense or limitation. I’m up to finding out what our world might be if we were all set free of appropriateness.

  5. I love this post 🙂

    Being authentic not only sets you free, but gives you the oportunity to bring your core gifts to the world. Those talents are only available through your true being. If you constrain your expression you block the way out of your gifts, as they are attached to who you really are.

    Tom, join you in waiting for the day when the “appropiateness” gives place to the Authenticity.

    Thanks for sharing!

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