Ripening Bliss

This is a pretty much off-the-cuff report on what’s been going on with me in the last week.   I’ve identified a very big objective and I’m working through a gestation period to allow my ideas to fully form.  Realizations are coming rapid fire and my certainty and confidence are growing daily.  tomshawiianphoto

Perhaps you’ve tried to do what you love to do but not enough money has followed.  Or you make lots of money but starve your soul.  Or you might know your big dream but you’re afraid to make the leap.  Or you want to be independent, fulfilled and prosperous but have yet to discover what to go for or how to bring it about. If any of that applies to you read on.

I was talking to colleague and regular reader Keena recently and she remarked how my posts have had a kind of ramping up momentum to them lately.  Keena is right on (a very good trait to have in her business).

So what have I been ramping up for?  In this post,  Make Your Life Count, I hinted about my new big thing.   Funny how it’s become bigger than I ever imagined it would be.

I’ve fully identified the what.   Now I only have to develop the more involved but easier work of the how to.

In this post, I said I was dedicating this year to reconnecting the link between authenticity and prosperity.

I’ve decided that reconnecting that link has become my life’s work and the mission of my soul here on earth.

Funny, I’ve always resisted using the life’s purpose term; probably because as a dedicated Scanner I didn’t like the permanence it implied.

But Holy Shit this is a whole different thing.  This is the real deal and the big banana all rolled into one.  So I’ve set the clock for 60 minutes and I want to share some raw realizations that may be helpful for those of you who are also on a path to discover your souls’ mission.

Yes you’ve read it right.  I’m making it my life’s work to reconnect the link between your original authenticity and your abundance.  For all who want to play along it’s time to put an end to this growing lack of vocational fulfillment.  I’ve got no choice.  I’ve been called in grand fashion and I’m up for it.

My Coaching

My main coaching gig has been coaching the leap to self-employment freedom.  Until my abundance fully manifests I’ll continue to serve one-on-one clients with this aim.  In fact I’m putting it out there – if you are scared shitless because you want to make a very big thing happen now, it will be very advantageous for you to work with me while I’m doing the same thing for myself.

Use Divine Coalescence

Call on Spirit to coalesce and assemble all the discordant facts, learning and realizations you’ve had in your conscious lifetime.  The good news is, even if you’re vocationally lost there is an Authentic Accumulation going on.  This aggrandizement has been amassing and gathering all the forces both seen and unseen in service of your good.  I’ll explain more on how to do this later.   But for now if you’re tuned in – ask for the coalescence to begin.

Hints Of Things To Come

Writing is not my best medium for delivering inspirational transformation.  Phone is good.  Groups on the phone are better.  In person is best.  You may want to pack your bags for an upcoming visit to Pittsburgh because the experiences I’m planning will more than knock your socks off.

I’m not sure how many more posts I’ll be publishing here at Delightful Work. Obviously the Reconnection requires it’s own home.  I’ll send you there once I’ve moved.  If you want to be sure not to miss major announcements and alliance opportunities subscribe to this email list, which is only for inspiring this big link.

Invite Mutation & Evolutionary Flux

Words can’t describe the raw energy that comes rushing in once you hit the mark on your calling!  Callings get heard from a strong declaration of “Bring it on Soul, I’m open and listening and ready to go wherever the journey calls.”  Know this – acceleration happens once you truly let go of dictating terms and throw yourself wide open to guidance.

Rapid Realization

I’ve surrendered.  Now I know what the artist who can’t quit painting feels like.  I must allow the Universe to work out the most important intentions so I’m turning a lot over to higher good.  I’ve been compelled to get my exercise outdoors in more natural settings lately because the ideas flow gloriously in nature.

Right Business Model

The right dream with the wrong business model slows development unnecessarily.  That delay could kill your dream if you don’t have the determination to hang in there no matter what.  And you’re not going to hang in there if you are working on a third place dream.  This has been my most valuable realization.

I know that there are those of you out there who have been trying to hit your sweet spot for some time without success.   I suspect that you also could have fallen prey to your caution.

Consider this.  When you do the business stuff wrong or make the wrong choices is it really because you don’t know how to do the business stuff right? Or is it because you haven’t chosen purely enough?

Could you be playing too small?  Could it be that somewhere, deep within, you really do know what your authentic work is and you know that eventually you will go for it?

I’m a ballsy guy but it took every once of courage I have to go public before working out all the kinks in this link.  But I also know that’s the way I’ll help those of you who want it the most.  I’ll be continuing to put out less polished stuff that you may find helpful.

Of this I am certain. We are all in this together. The link will not connect without the strong unconditional support of those who also believe in the glory of uniqueness.  I welcome all supportive comments and questions for connecting your link.   Let the real games begin now.


  1. Tom I think you are on to something!…Big. I have been conscious of and staying curious about my own authentic accumulation… surrendering into the journey. For those of us on this path who are in reach of your powerful voice it is a privilege to share your journey, and have your coaching. Best, Allan
    .-= Allan Goldstein´s last blog ..Mental Stress Training Is Planned for U.S. Soldiers =-.

  2. Marvellous and exciting news Tom. Very much looking forward to see what shape emerges.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Predicting a Healthy Old Age =-.

  3. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching says:

    Hi Tom — I was inspired by your excitement in reading this and I definitely want to hear the details.

  4. Oh Tom….I totally saw this one coming. Keena was right…it was like each post had its own life force. After reading your posts lately, I have felt like I needed to ROAR afterwards just to make good use of the energy from reading it (fortunately as a Levity Coach I can do that sort of thing quite easily and get away with it fearlessly)

    Do keep me posted. In fact, heck…I think we may need to chat as our timelines for opening to awesomeness are somewhat aligned.

    Thank you for your ballsy-ness. It is needed in the world. And it is definitely needed to help you go as big as you know you are being asked to go.

    Go forward and kick ass, jedi!
    .-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s last blog ..Dear Church Lady =-.

  5. Tom, I just love the descriptive words you come up with — ripening bliss is great. You’ve already peeled back the layers and life is juicy! 🙂

    You said, “Funny how it’s become bigger than I ever imagined it would be.” I think that’s what happens when a person surrenders to the process… gives it more room to grow. Gimme a “T”… Go, go Tom!
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Social Media? Go Ahead, Fly Your Freak Flag =-.

  6. Allan – Thanks for your show of support my friend. You are exactly the quality of client that I hope to serve well in this transformation.
    Glad you recognize the existence of ones authentic accumulation. If it’s all good then the synergistic result of being present and conscious will continue to build.

    Evan – Thanks Evan I’m really due for a trip down under. I hope we get the opportunity to press the flesh and shine authentically together then.

    Davina – Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me for you are a far more eloquent wordsmith than I. It’s public now and I’m not going back. Great fun and I truly appreciate your support.

  7. John Morlan says:

    Hey Tom,
    You aimed your two-by-four perfectly and hit me directly between the eyes! Connecting my original authenticity (or should I say, rediscovering it) with my abundance would truly be a blessing. And, I relate to pursuing a dream with a lot of hard work only to end in meltdown and desparation. Likewise, I have backed off, worked as little as was necessary and still find myself lacking in abundance and extremely pissed off. Show me the way! Lead on Tom – I’ll follow!

  8. Hi Tom

    How fortunate I happened to stop by today!
    Perhaps “Divine Coalescence” has played a part in that.

    I wish you so much well!

    .-= Juliet´s last blog ..The Test of Three =-.

  9. Evelyn Lim says:

    Hey Tom, I have to admit that I haven’t been here in a while due to my intuitive reading work and one-on-one coaching services. I must say that it is definitely great to come back, to know that you are doing extremely well and that you are about to start on something really exciting.

    Like you, I have recently come to the realization that I have been playing too small. I am close to identifying the “what” but have not gotten started on the “how”. At the same time, I can’t quite get started on the “what” as I have to complete my current work commitments to a certain satisfactory level. It may well be that I am still on the Authentic Accumulation phase (if I get the meaning right).

    It is really great watching your business flourish since last year. I love how you are putting all the elements together. Your passion and dedication to helping clients build authentic businesses shows! I continue to wish you every success!! I’ll be looking out for the wonderful surprise you have for us all!

    Abundance always,
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Create Powerfully In Pictures =-.

  10. Tom!

    Here’s to rocking the world!! You do! And will!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..The Jungle of Food Choices =-.

  11. Hi Tom – I think you know I absolutely love the link you make between being authentice and having prosperity. And it is FANTASTIC that you are experiencing the creative flow of “the artist who can’t quit painting”. Looking forward to seeing the new project!

    I’d like to make a movie on a particular topic (no prizes for guessing what) – but I don’t have any ideas about plot, story, direction, anything – oh well. Guess I’ve plenty of time – heh
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Birds Returning, Returning Birds =-.

  12. Suzanne @ vAssistant Services says:

    Tom – what, in your opinion, are the first questions to ask yourself when connecting the link between your authenticity and your prosperity?

    Seems to me they’re pretty basic, like:

    “What am I passionate about?”

    Or restated: “What just pisses me smooth off in an instant?” or “What makes my heart bust with joy?”

    Or better yet: “When was the last time I felt joy?”

    Or more to the point: “Over what will I take a stand, Devil be damned?”

    Or: “What one thing do I ‘get’ that others don’t (but maybe wish they did)?”

    You also have to know what prosperity means to you.

    Do you have to go all Oprah-like and be a billionaire?

    Is prosperity defined only in terms of money?

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far on my journey to connecting authenticity with prosperity is that I have to value myself and my uniqueness as precious before anyone else will – and then I have to have the balls to put a commensurate price on that.

    Ok, I realize I just lied. There is a tie for ‘biggest lesson’.

    The other one is saying NO to what brings money but no joy. When you don’t have enough money – that is hard, BUT REQUIRED. Seems ass backward when you’re in it, but if you can suck up the nerve to say no, you’re actually saying yes to the opportunity to have both.

    So, if you aren’t quite sure if you know yourself well enough to claim authenticity and if you haven’t clearly defined what prosperity means to you – and you know enough to know that you can’t ‘eat the elephant whole’….where do you start?

    Is there an element of thrashing around figuring this stuff out that is just part of the deal? Or is there a way to skip over that part?
    .-= Suzanne @ vAssistant Services´s last blog ..What’s Keeping You from Blogging? =-.

  13. Chris – Thanks buddy I’m glad that my enthusisam is shining through.

    Katie – Thank you for roaring! I love the sincerity and power in your comment. Yes indeed let’s talk. Big dreams require big collegial support!

    John – Stay tuned! You won’t need smacked with a 2×4 once you begin boldly walking this path. Your authenticity will become more and more evident as you commit to playing for keeps.

    Juliet – Perhaps it has – thanks for the warm well wishes!

    Evelyn – It’s always good to see an old friend return. As you know I also have cut way back on my blog visits mainly because I can support others better by working in the area of my most authentic richness and highest value. Kudos for doing the same. I’ll be writing more about Authentic Accumulation. It’s delicious to recognize and spurn on.

    Robin – Absolutely I’ve always felt your love and support. Let me know what I can do to stimulate the clarity you need for your next movie step. That’s not an ideal offer. If you’re ready I’ll support you boldly.

    Lance – Thanks brother. It’s already in motion. Hang on tight!

  14. Tom,

    Thank you so much for the mention and the link! I appreciate it! 🙂

    This project is going to be life-changing for everyone involved! I particularly loved the sections you wrote about coalescence (I am asking for it! I can always use more) and about the business model aspects of the link. And I feel so privileged to witness the journey.

    So, my questions come from an angle of already knowing your uniqueness(es)…

    1. I know there are a LOT of “starving artists” who would love to make a living doing what they love, but finding that the market does not support making a living at it. How would you suggest they go about linking their authenticity to their abundance?
    2. For the scanner-types: How would you suggest going about gaining abundance from numerous varied interests?
    3. For the quasi-scanner types: How would you go about linking your several different and varied interests with abundance? For both 2 & 3: Split them? Lump them? Maybe that’s dependent on the interests themselves? Perhaps it is a moot point if they are coalesced enough?
    4. There are hundreds of business models. How do you know which one(s) apply BEST to your linking of authenticity and abundance? And maybe you might even need to create a new model!

    Ha! I think my brain just crashed! I need to re-boot! 😉 So much to think about!!!!

    Thanks, Tom! I can’t wait for more updates. So many creators (and we are all creators by nature – many just need to wake up to that fact) are hungry for the acknowledgement, support and encouragement. We are ALL “jumping up and down!” 😉

    Have you read that book by Daniel Pink about why right-brainers will rule the world?

    All the best to you, my friend!
    .-= Keena´s last blog ..The Secret to Happiness… =-.

  15. Suzanne – Wow! Thanks for all of these delicious questions. I may choose to answer them more thoroughly in a follow-up post. But here goes.

    I love your approach of identifying the very first question to ask. I’d like to suggest this one. What is the question that if I knew the answer it would connect my link?

    Most folks I’ve worked with either have been working for the man and earning the money but lacking the fulfillment. Or they have had the balls to attempt doing what they love but the money hasn’t followed. In both cases they are missing a key component. So yes prosperity means heavenly amounts of both cash and joy. Whatever abundance as measured means to you. Most folks have a number in mind and most folks understand the image of bouncing out of bed each morning.

    So I like to start people here. What work must I do in order to trust my uniqueness enough to bet the farm on it? Is it my time to go all the way? Because half measures in the realm of authenticity just don’t cut it.

    I love your last question as well and it’s central to my work. I did the thrashing with plenty of misfires and it has taken me since 1992 to come to the collective realizations that I’ve earned. So yes dammit, there ought to be a shortcut and it’s the experience of that, that I’m working on.

    The key is to create an environment of unconditional support, encouragement and acceptance that is out of this world! In that kind of an atmosphere creators can chance looking like fools to save their asses. That’s what it takes. Big balls, a willingness to look like a fool, unconditional support for others on the same mission and deep love and respect for your fellow travelers. It takes that just to get into the game.

    Your two lessons by the way are spot. They prove that you have the willingness of a warrior.

    Start by finding your balls and your willingness and by hanging around folks who want to play at that high level with you. That’s the playing field that I aim to make possible.

    Your initial set of questions are good for discovery and my point is this. They need to be asked in an atmosphere where they will be encouraged and championed. One would not talk about celebrating a woman’s right to abortion at a Republican Party Convention. The support just would not be there. That’s the problem with our culture, our workplaces and our stupid families (for the most part) they do not champion uniqueness but push for fitting in.

    My calling is to create supportive incubator experiences where hitting the home run of authentic uniqueness expressed is celebrated , championed and encouraged.

    Any other questions? 🙂

  16. Tom, these are all very key ideas that you present, and finding myself on a path of self-employment and wanting to always keep that side of authenticity, while seeking abundance (rephrase that “being abundance”), I can so relate to this.

    I have no problem being authentic, no matter what, but that doesn’t always bring the abundance one wants…

    So I look forward to your new home and project ideas!
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Interview With Akashic Record Reader: Akemi Gaines =-.

  17. Awesome post and I am on for the ride…I really liked Keena’s questions and the other commenters words

    I can feel the energy
    Thank you
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Some More Sand in the City Pictures – 2009 =-.

  18. Admittedly I had to read the post twice to make sure I understood what you were saying about divine coalescence… I get it! Good luck with this new venture! Can’t wait to learn more as you go…

    This kind of energy is contagious…thanks for spreading it!

  19. Hi again, Tom.

    I just wanted to say that you ask the hardest questions at times! I was pondering the question you asked, “What work must I do in order to trust my uniquness enough to bet the farm on it?”

    What criteria do you use to decide to whether to bet the farm?!
    Enthusiasm? Profitability? Uniqueness in the marketplace?

    Thanks! 🙂

    .-= Keena´s last blog ..The Secret to Happiness… =-.

  20. I’m happy to hear that you have such big ideas brewing. I could feel that you were pulling back from this blog. I hope that you don’t pull back too far. I love these articles. They always give me inspiration.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. It looks exciting.
    .-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s last blog ..Wine Company is Buzzing about Work Happy Now =-.

  21. Evita – Thank you. I love it that my new direction is attracting the highest level of authentic folks. Those who proclaim authenticity no matter what, as you did. Stay tuned, I do believe that your abundance will rise simply by catching the spirit here with the rest of us.

    Keena – I love your questions and I totally appreciate your friendship and support. You asked. I know there are a LOT of “starving artists” who would love to make a living doing what they love, but finding that the market does not support making a living at it. How would you suggest they go about linking their authenticity to their abundance?

    The same way as the rest of us. In short work a process that assures they are going for their purest vein of authenticity, while also putting themselves in environments around others who are not starving. I suspect that many of these folks have come to believe a self-story that does not give them much of a chance. They need to write and believe a new story. Send them here, that’s my calling to show them how.

    2. For the scanner-types: How would you suggest going about gaining abundance from numerous varied interests? Even for Scanner’s there is a main sweet spot that is more likely to r provide the most joy and cash. I think that some Scanners scan because they never have hit that pure vein and ridden the natural enthusiasm of it. I know because in retrospect that’s what I did. Scanners need help in seeing that there is one thing that can they can do better than anyone else. Send them here. The way will be shown to them.

    3. For the quasi-scanner types: How would you go about linking your several different and varied interests with abundance? For both 2 & 3: Split them? Lump them? Maybe that’s dependent on the interests themselves? Perhaps it is a moot point if they are coalesced enough? I’m not sure I really understand your question. But even Scanners need one stream working well first before they ought to start a second. By well I mean a certain level of income that they can count on. So do your main thing well, make it profitable and then build your second stream.

    4. There are hundreds of business models. How do you know which one(s) apply BEST to your linking of authenticity and abundance? And maybe you might even need to create a new model! Excellent question. I think most of us do need to create the model that works best for us. There is too much dependence on proven methods by the experts. But if it goes against your nature to use an already constructed model – it won’t work for you. Everything is better off when structure in service to your uniqueness. Dig the round hole rather than trying to fit the square peg in it. Most folks just don’t take their uniqueness far enough! I’m glad you have fearlessly decided to go wherever you need to go!

    Patricia – You are welcome. Be strong and focus on what brings you alive!

    Stacey – Than you for keeping the enthusiasm bug alive and for spreading it. For something to spread it must first be caught. I’m please that you have decided to enact Divine coalescence for yourself. Enjoy the buzz!

    Karl – Thanks man. I live to inspire. It means a lot to me that it’s working. Who knows how far I will pull back? But if I do I promise something better in its stead. I always though retain the right to change my mind. 🙂

  22. Hi Keena, you asked..What criteria do you use to decide to whether to bet the farm?!
    Enthusiasm? Profitability? Uniqueness in the marketplace?

    I’d say of the three you offered definitely enthusiasm. One decides in her heart not head. Profit is a head projection.

    I’d personally never bet the farm on something that was not fully aligned on the inside. What makes you feel gloriously alive? Nail that and you’ll at least be in the ballpark.

  23. Hi Tom,

    I just spent the last half hour +/- reading your current post, plus this one and all of the comments. This is powerful stuff and is definitely not for the half hearted.

    In fact, it verifies what you wrote in a recent comment on my blog – that your blog “kicks ass”. It truly does.

    What you wrote and that which is shared here in the comment section has me thinking….

    I love when blog posts do that for me.

    Thank you.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..It’s About Time =-.

  24. Barbara – I always appreciate your considered interest and support for my callings. If you ever want to take the next step beyond thinking – let me know. I have a powerfully receptive ear.

  25. WOW Tom! Wow wow wow! I can’t wait to see how this develops for you. You deserve all the success in the world! All my best to you!

  26. Laurie – Thanks for your blessings! I’m saying Wow a lot myself these days. I don’t even care how it develops. There’s not much difference between abundant bliss and expressed magnificence so I am already blessed being called to connect this link.

  27. “authenticity and prosperity”

    I think you should write an article about knowing when to quit – healthy authenticity vs. toxic; what happens when ‘authentic belief’ results compromised thinking?

    In my position I have the unfortunate position of occasionally hearing stories about failed businesses that are basically grounded in authenticity – ‘since I’m convinced this is what I really want I just know it will work out … I don’t really need a business or marketing plan’ sums it up pretty well.

    Every single one of them has just been a roll of the dice… they are ‘trusting the universe’ using authenticity as the rationalization.

    It’s just seems a matter of the right tool for the job. When it comes to personal relationships there’s no question of the power of authentic vulnerability. But when it comes to fostering business relationships that may not be a good application.

    I would simply rather think than pray/hope/wish or go by feelings when it comes to business.

  28. hi Tom,
    I totally am following you,… and understand what you meant in this blog so very much!
    ..”if you are scared shi*&less because you want to make a very big thing happen now, it will be very advantageous for you to work with me while I’m doing the same thing for myself.”
    this is me, right now.. waiting for an agent and prepping my part. It’s not easy being vulnerable and so excited for the shift at the same time and a bit nervous what it could mean for my life when it happens!
    I wish you very much success in your divine calling!
    You definitely have a gift here as I just read your other blog with meditation on Divine Coalescence / Give It Your All & Go For It!
    Blessings to you!
    .-= Love’s Leading Companion´s last blog ..It’s Essential: Self-Care for Stability =-.

  29. Randy – Thanks for your contribution here. You do bring up a good point. Some folks do substitute perceived authenticity for good business practices. Following an authentic calling is not a substitution for strategic marketing. That said I would rather coach an authentic person you resists marketing than a soulless
    entrepreneur who is not in touch with his feeling s at all. Feelings and the heart/mind connection along with intuition have very practical business applications. I’ll agree to meet you have way on your stance. Thanks for the visit.

    Jen – I’m pleased that my call speaks to you. If it’s your time be sure to follow-through and sign up for the email list so that you can find out about some great events to connect the link between authenticity and abundance. You may even want to sign up for the free phone experience here. Honor your core. Be bold!

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