Seven Things That May Surprise You About Money

These are things I’m pretty sure about regarding money. If anyone speaks with greater certainty on the subject of money – run like hell!
Sometimes it seems like money comes more out of the blue than as a result of the work we do.

I am deeply influenced by the teachings of my friend Egbert Sukop. If you dare, read his groundbreaking book The Money Adventure.

  1. Confidence attracts more money than hard work earns.
  2. When we feel really good, we tend to get more of it. Thus our real work is to do things that make us feel good. What delightful work actions can you take now that really make you smile?
  3. A little financial reserve takes away the stress and causes us to feel better. Even though it may be challenging to build a reserve, nothing takes the pressure off like having a reserve.
  4. Money doesn’t necessarily come because of direct actions, but more often parallel to those actions. Without any action, it seldom comes at all.
  5. Any new movement works. When we take new and different actions, we can see opportunities we were previously blind to. We then, of course, must seize those opportunities.
  6. Just as much money comes by mistake as comes by any intended action. Thus we’d better get over our phobia about making mistakes – and get comfortable making them! When it comes to money, it’s the frequency of attempts that count, more than the certainty of them.
  7. “Money cannot solve money problems.” -Egbert Sukop — Whatever we think we’ll get by receiving more money will not come as a result of receiving more money. Money more often provides more relief than resolution.

If we take into account all of the above, it makes a lot of sense to frequently engage in what I call, Massive Inspired Action.

This theory says that we can increase our probability of success by increasing the sheer volume of inspired actions over a short period of time. The success comes not necessarily as a direct result of those actions, but more as a result of the confident vibes one emits around joyfully taking a variety of actions towards an objective one is passionate about.

I’d like to know. Which of these seven points surprised you? Intrigued you? Infuriated you? Which point will you begin to employ in your pursuit of delightful work?
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  1. Louise Aspden | Attract More Joy says:

    I like your focus on feeling. If we look at money from the law of attraction standpoint it is all about feelings which send a vibration out to the universe.

    If we feel “lack’ we will attract more lack. If we feel joy, or even just a little bit better, we will attract same.

    Yes – don’t forget to act! Use your instincts and enjoy whatever feedback you learn from it.

    (The Secret) to money is all about how we feel about it!

    With gratitude….

  2. Welcome Louise, yes feelings are a wonderful indication of how attractive we are. It really is that simple. Whatever we are feeling that is also what we are attracting at that point in time. How sweet it is.

  3. Very good article (I stumbled it …)!

    I’m not sure about the “direct action” part. Energetically, it’s usually a direct consequence of an action. It just might not look very linear …. but then, the whole idea that action A gets us consequence B is an illusion we all like to engage in. But you’re totally right – doing nothing gets us that exact result!

    I totally agree that money problems are never about money. Money is always a representation of something else … security, stability, success, happiness.

    Great thoughts here!

  4. Well, One is infuriating for someone who values hard work.
    Two makes me feel better. If I’m going to work hard, make it something you love.
    Thanks for the points to ponder.

  5. Andrea… Thank you for the Stumble, I appreciate it. I’m interested in hearing more about this comment. “Energetically, it’s usually a direct consequence of an action. It just might not look very linear…. but then, the whole idea that action A gets us consequence B is an illusion we all like to engage in. “ I’m not sure if we’re saying the same thing or not.

    But since I already had to explain part of this post to a coaching client this morning I’ll take another shot here. I said .. Money doesn’t necessarily come because of direct actions, but more often parallel to those actions. I mean… sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. It also depends on who is taking the action. Person A can take the same action as person B and get totally different results because of who they are and because of how confident they were. Is that what you meant by energetically? Also Person A can get result B three times in a row and then never be able to repeat that result again. Cause and effect is just not as exact a science as many info-marketing gurus would have us believe. That’s why Massive Inspired Action works so well. When we take many different approaches towards the same end we increase the probability of our success.

    Ivyarts… welcome and I know what you mean. I used to believe in hard work until I noticed that it’s not the hardest workers who make the most money. There is a very different value equation going on in our society. But this is actually great news. It’s not that hard to be your wild self. It’s actually the most natural thing in the world. We just make it hard because we are afraid to let it all rip. Keep coming back. ‘I’ll be addressing this fear of what others might think of us in an upcoming post.

    Cathy … welcome and how right you are about computer blur. Technology is both my greatest source of frustration and my greatest source of opportunity. Thanks for your kind comments.

  6. 8. Only after the last tree has been cut down,
    Only after the last river has been poisoned,
    Only after the last fish has been caught,
    Only then will we realize money can not be eaten.
    ~~Cree Prophecy~

  7. Hey Tom,

    I wanted to say, first of all, that I was really excited to discover your site a couple weeks ago, because so much of what you say speaks directly to my own view of work and its place in our lives. I’m looking forward to more discussion, exploration, and sharing of ideas.

    The second thing is, thank you for this post. I’ve been working with my own coach on issues of prosperity, and one of the first things she asked me to do when we first started was to disconnect the notion of money from hard work – or any kind of work, for that matter. It’s a tough one, but I’m enjoying the challenge. Once you start bringing conscious awareness into that and start paying attention, you realize that money comes into your life out of all kinds of places that have nothing to do with work. As with so many other things in life, it’s not so much about what you do but about who you and how you are in the world – which takes us right back to your friend’s point about confidence.


  8. incrediblemessages says:

    Money can’t solve money problems–now that’s a profound comment! I also like the idea that money can bring relief but not satisfaction. Stress about money is a frequent cause for divorce, but lots of money doesn’t necessarily keep people together.

    Thanks for the helpful article!
    Bonnie Budzowski from

  9. You make a lot of good points about money. I believe that money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    John Ubele

  10. Dianarn, welcome but your comment isn’t really about money, is it? Hopefully we’ll realize it can’t be eaten far before that.

    Hi Bonnie, money can bring satisfaction but seldom does. Usually whatever we want the money for is a feeling that can be easier reached by doing something that brings up that feeling. The money once reached usually doesn’t hit the mark.

    John, welcome. Yes that’s certainly a healthier way to look at it. It also depends on the end and how much fun you had earning the money.

    Izabella, you beat me to it. You’re quite the provocative and prolific writer.
    I’m certain I’ll be visiting your blog with a comment or two soon. Welcome to the blogging and career coaching community. You’ve got a wise coach. Obviously when we only connect money to work we place limits on how it can arrive. But we also load ourselves with tons of guilt when we just don’t feel like working. Work life freedom is my mantra. That means designing a life where you work when you want, on what you want and with whom you want. Or not work at all if you want.

  11. These points are so true. More money does relieve stress – though it doesn’t relieve the stresses that aren’t caused by money!

    And money definitely doesn’t solve money problems. If you throw more money at a problem before you figure out where you went wrong to begin with you’re in the soup.

    This is a brilliant post. Now I just have to figure out how to be more confident and work less at the same time.

  12. Hi Tom,

    Sorry, I guess I was a little unclear! The way I see it is that every action has an underlying energetic resonance, right? Let’s say we’re advertising or marketing our business. We can do that out of fear – “oh, s–t, I need to make some money or I can’t pay the rent.” Or we can do it out of joy, or abundance, or love, etc. It just depends on our state of being, our intent, our history, our level of consciousness, etc. Now, that advertising may bring in business or not. But what can absolutely be counted on is that action taken with the energy of fear will create more fear, action taken out of love will create more love, and so forth. We manifest according to the energy we broadcast with our actions.

    I often receive a lot of business when I advertise. Almost none of the business comes from the advertising itself. As you say, it comes in from parallels. Is my advertising “working?’ Energetically, it certainly is! It is the energetic root cause of the business I’m receiving. But if you look at it in a linear, action-and-consequence kind of way, it is a failure.

    This is why different things work for different people in different ways. It’s not about what we do, it’s the energy with which we do it.


  13. Catherine … that’s a very interesting intention you have there. Work less and be more confident sounds like an excellent plan. Here’s one of the ways I do it. I use periodization. I engage massive inspired action only occasionally. That way I get the benefits of lots of action, it doesn’t seem so much like work because it’s inspired and it has a predetermined start, middle and end, thus the periodization. Working this way I don’t stress or wear myself out. The confidence comes from believing it will work, being grateful that it has and noticing every small positive desired result. It also helps to pre-pave your way with positive thoughts before you engage in the action.

    Andrea … thanks so much for the clarification. Seems like we were saying the same thing. I like the way you describe it because it reminds me to pause and consider what energy I intend with the action. Blessings back at you.

  14. “Money can’t solve money problems” just resonated with me! It makes sense in business, and it most certainly makes sense in life. How many of us have had “if only” thoughts about how different things would be if we didn’t have to think about money. I suppose it would be different…different problems, different fears, different curve balls.

    I have a friend who spent a few years as a missionary in a very remote jungle near the Amazon. Food was occasionally scarce, the heat unbearable, medical care often non-existent. A comfort-free environment, you could say. He once commented to me that he doesn’t recall feeling any more or any less frustrated, sad, happy, angry, joyous, you-name-it, on a given day there in the jungle than he did back home.

  15. Ariana, welcome, resonation is always a good thing. I love the realizations that come unexpectedly like that. That’s an interesting story with your friend. I thought you were going to say that he was actually happier living that simple existence. Thanks for your comment and please return.

  16. Massive Inspired Action! I love it!

    There is nothing like having the creative fires burning to get great action going.

    And, as a friend of mine always says, “Money is never the real problem.” It’s just the story we lay over the problem…


  17. Welcome Lexi, I’m pleased you love it. All it takes is an occasional well-directed burst to get momentum going. Your friend is so right about that. Just about everything we blame on the lack of money has its source in the lack of our willingness.

  18. Desika Nadadur | I Am My Own Master says:


    Great article! I gave it a stumble.

    Nothing is accomplished without action. In Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says, “Nothing is possible without action, even the sustenance of the body is not possible without action. But, the key is to act without any attachment to the goal itself.” So, if the goal is solving money problems, then constantly thinking of money is not going to solve the money problems, but only taking concrete inspired actions, “in the now” will get you there. However, the end result may not be money itself, but solving the money problem.

    Main ingradient this is one’s state of mind. If one is constantly worried about money then that’s what will manifest in the current reality. We project on to the world, our inner reality. As within, so without. If one wants to solve money problems, then mind set should of abundance. Abundance here is not just money, it is the overall experience of well-being. Then, one will get inspiration to take certain actions that will resolve the problems; one aspect of that could be money. First thing is changing one’s inner reality and inner experience, then we will rearrange our outer reality based on the inner experience.


  19. Tom,

    Great article. I gave it a stumble.

    Massive Inspired Action … Pure Genius!

    In Balance and Prosperity,


  20. Desika …. It’s very good to know that my thoughts are somewhat aligned with an esteemed master like Sri Krishna. I think he may endorse the principle of Inspired Massive Action because it is engaged without too much attachment to outcome. When we take many different actions dressed in many varying approaches we have no idea, which will deliver. This attachment to the result is not foremost in our thinking. Especially when we keep in mind that desired results come paralell to our actions not necessarily because of them. Please visit again. You always offer a very learned perspective. I appreciate the stumlbe.

    Shann…. Thank you very much. I appreciate the stumble and the very generous compliment. Let me know when you put it into action.

  21. charlotte | Stepfamilyheaven says:


    The more I read in your blog, and in Egbert’s , I realize that I have been hitting my head against a brick wall, just over and over again.

    I like Andrea’s idea about doing whatever you do out of joy, love, etc, and there comes Egbert’s “lust” into place, or, as Jack Zufelt calls it, your Core Desire. Somehow I get told the same story from different angles: Follow your passion, and you’ll find yourself being happy&prosperous.

    Passion=Lust, Egbert 🙂

    I have been living my dream for some time now, especially over the last two years, and somehow the money won’t follow.

    Is it the programming that money is bothersome/difficult/dangerous/bad/stinking?
    Could that be one of the main challenges for people with money “issues”?

    I do like Jack Zufelt’s ideas; anybody agree/disagree?

  22. I’m not familiar with Mr. Zufelt’s writing but I know this. “Do what you love and the money will follow” does not always work or at least it doesn’t seem to follow soon enough. I have no doubt about Egbert’s theory that money comes parallel to our doing not always as a direct result of it.

    I try not to look for reasons so much. Asking why when we are in a tough spot almost never gets us what we want. Just create something and then ask people to buy it. If that doesn’t work – create something else. At least you’ll be enjoying yourself in the doing and not frozen in analysis.

  23. Will Kriski says:

    Great post, I’m sure it is helpful to many. I believe all these statements and have seen them individually and talk about them myself – “Work smart, not hard”, “Take Massive Action (Tony Robbins)”, “Choose new over more” (Stephen M. Pollan from Live Rich).

    I quit one job to learn something new. It turned out the software product I ended up learning wasn’t what I expected. It’s led to me being in a highly profitable niche market. The actions were all tied to together but my philosophy of doing new things, not being afraid to change resulted in this events happening.

    Having no debt and some money saved comes across during negotations. I go into any interview or negotiation thinking ‘I don’t need this job, I’ll be fine either way’. Sometimes that ‘Care, but not that much’ attitude comes across in a positive way. I show interest in the contract, but it’s not going to make or break me. I ask for high hourly rates – that kind of confidence comes through and is partially because I don’t have debt. It’s all about empowerment and attitude. It’s also all fun and you should enjoy the present moment at all times. Thanks Echkhart Tolle!

    Will Kriski

  24. @Will welcome to this forum. I appreciate your comments and especially sharing more about the emotional strength that comes through in the absence of debt. Your confidence obviously works because you can walk away at anytime. I’m very pleased that you are engaged in your delightful work.

  25. Hi Tom,

    Great thought provoking post!

    The one that bugs me is that hard work and confidence one. Doesn’t it take both? Not one more than the other a balance between them?

    A recent UCSDUniversity study concluded that in this era it was”harder” to maintain stability then it was for the past generation. The reasons were: healthcare costs, mortgage, insurance costs, two household necessity, energy costs. There were more but those were the biggest. It pretty much said that to have reserves was much less doable because disposable income was close to nil. And if any hardship happened in the past the one income family had the spouse work to make ends meet. I thought it was interesting. And watching the recent news just seems to validate it.

    All of these people affected are concientous “hardworking people” and so it goes… Sorry if it’s off topic. Or maybe it isnt’.

    Do you think to call it hard builds confidence? And self-esteem?

  26. Diane – I think calling it hard work has different affects on each of us. I for one now only like to leverage my time and take strategic shortcuts when I can. The easy way out actually makes me feel more confident because I demonstrated how savvy I am.

    Hard work isn’t the answer or those who worked the hardest would be making the most money. I’m thinking of coal miners and other really dangerous, hard ways to Make a living.

    Nope money follows confidence so especially when we are self-employed we have to decide what gives us the most confidence and do that.

  27. “Money cannot solve money problems.” -Egbert Sukop-

    Really nice article. Thanks a lot. I added this to my bookmarks.

    adanal?s last blog post..Adanal? 5. Bölüm Özeti ve Fragman?

  28. Really interesting article… like the above poster, i like the quote – “Money cannot solve money problems.”
    It really does make you think about the money – and like your title suggests, i am surprised! 🙂

  29. The Hedgehog Concept. says:

    Keep working ,great job! Helpful Informational.


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