Stop Career Insanity

Dear Frustrated Right Career Seeker:

Are you vocationally frustrated and confused?  Do you find yourself at a career crossroads without a map?  Tired of guessing and doubting?

If so look into your gut and see if you can believe in the following statement at least 51%.

You came here to fulfill a special purpose and the value of that purpose is best delivered by you.

That means that until you identify and engage your right career, some special group of waiting individuals will be missing the original product or service that only you are equipped to create, in your own special way.

They can’t get what they really want or need, until you wake up and do what you were meant to do.

With me so far? (If you’re one of those special few who is already enjoying career bliss, please email this post to a lost soul of you acquaintance.)

Here’s what’s nuts about the way you’ve gone about finding your life’s work.

You try to be who you are without first knowing who you are.

Your try to do what works without first knowing what works especially well for you.

You try to go for what you want without first knowing what you really want.

Understanding your essential blessing of uniqueness could lead to your life’s purpose and career clarity. No one has a specific core makeup just like yours. But even if you know yourself well – it’s not enough.

That’s why searching for your right career feels like madness. Just knowing who you are is only one third of the right career equation. If you were still a toddler we could bank on that alone.

But you’ve lived some life and that has formed you into a special dynamo of perceptions, preferences and possibilities.

No one has experienced the exact life that you have.

You must not only know yourself as you arrived but know yourself now, as a fully functioning adult.

The trouble is that a lot of the life experiences you remember, are the challenging ones, so you don’t see yourself as functioning well but as the sacred little kid who was unrecognized and under-celebrated.

Understanding this valuable combination of core makeup, life experience and life competency is the key to solving your career/prosperity/fulfillment puzzle.

So the real question is this. Are you ready to end this insanity?

Right career discovery is what I do best. I’ve been career coaching since 1998 and it still floats my boat better than anything else. I’ve written the playbook and I’ve traveled the paths so I can guide you there.

Going it alone is really pretty silly. The trouble is that you are far too close to the challenge to see through the fog.

On this page and podcast I’ve identified 15 blocks that fog your career clarity. Take a look or listen and see which are slowing you down. Perhaps you’ll realize that there is a right career discovery process that works.

In the podcast I explain engaging the process of Divine Coalescence to gather all of your resources and gifts into one workable structure that leverages who you are for the highest good of humankind and for you.

Until now this beautifully empowering process of Divine Coalescence has only been discussed as a concept and as a guided meditation here.

But now I’ve decided to work with a very select group of frustrated right career seekers to put my theories to the test.  You’ll have my special support  in a real life research and development laboratory.

At the very least, reclaim your sanity by valuing your core makeup, your experience and the competency of what has worked well for you.


  1. I’m with you on this, Tom –> “Until you identify and engage your right career, some special group of waiting individuals will be missing the original product or service that only you are equipped to create.”

    We don’t necessarily know what we are equipped to create until we start doing something; just to try it on for size. I know I have certain skills and passions, but putting them into the ‘right’ package to work co-actively takes trial and error… tweaking. I think that’s where a lot of people fall short; they’re not sure so they don’t try.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Guest Post: A Muse for My Dreams =-.

  2. Davina – Yes that understanding drives me deeper and deeper into my own sense of service. I’ve looked at this from every possible angle and there simply is no other good reason for our distinctiveness form one another. Tweaking and stumbling forward is also my favorite way to view it. When we tinker with our passions good things happen.

  3. To me, Divine Coalescence sounds like a big idea. And it can feel overwhelming or intimidating at first. But then as I read what it means in your guidebook, I have fallen in love with it! (reading it is a better starting place for me than a meditation, though I did that afterwards and it felt great!) As someone who has been working to know myself for years and years, yet still feels like I haven’t quite put my finger on what is my highest calling, this principle is now feeling great to me. So Tom, what do you suggest that we do to experience more of this coalescence for real? Many thanks, sarah

  4. Wow! That is an excellent post. It is true that most of us are doing it the wrong way. We need to know who are first, to know what our special gifts are to offer the world.

    In the middle of this myself at the moment….trying to be as authentic to who I really am, and trying to find a job that accommodates that as best as possible at the moment to pay my bills (while in the long-term moving towards what truly floats my boat).

    Thanks for this!


  5. Sarah – You’ve made a fine start by doing the meditation and reading about it in the guidebook. Obviously you’ve committed to much more by joining the upcoming true calling discovery coaching group. In addition to that just bring the idea into your consciousness and present moment awareness. Be grateful for the presence of every experience and opportunity and keep asking what’s good about it.

    Kara – Good for you. You understand that our core makeup is the first priority because alignment cannot happen without it. If I can do anything to help let me know. Coaching is a great clarity accelerator.

  6. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — I like the theme of putting your focus on what you could be contributing to others, rather than what I think a lot of people do, which is fall into the trap of worrying about how much they’ll supposedly be “taking” from others by asking for money, advertising, and so on.

  7. Chris – Yes you’re very wise to see that. When we first focus on the service or on our passion or even on our own joy and fulfillment the value of what we are offering is more easily communicated.

  8. Find a career that you like and put your heart and soul into it. This is the only way I have found to stay sane at work.

  9. “You try to be who you are without first knowing who you are.

    Your try to do what works without first knowing what works especially well for you.

    You try to go for what you want without first knowing what you really want.”

    This quote is BRILLIANT, Tom. It rings with truth at many levels.
    I am continually astounded by how many people don’t know who they are, or that they do – and they are scared. Scared of revealing their brilliance and power. As well, the third part also falls into this category. People know what they DON’T want, but don’t pause to think about what they DO want.
    When it comes to career, they only know that they don’t want the job they have, and they know they don’t want to work at McDonald’s…. But that’s it.
    It’s time people learned their life purpose and developed their passions!


  10. Nathan – That’s right heart and soul; we must bring our passion and meaning to our daily work.

    Keena – Yes! I’m honored to have you tooting that horn of determined career discovery right along with me.

  11. Hello Tom,
    First of all I would like to congratulate for the post.
    I am very confused, don’t really know what to do.
    I am a Chef. I graduate from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles. I just moved back to Brazil where I am from, and I guess that because of the financial situation that we all are going through in the entire world, I’m seeing myself very unfocused, just trying to do just about anything that brings money.
    I have lots and lots of business ideas, but unfortunately takes the initial money to start a business, and I don’t have any, so that’s why I am so confused.

  12. Marina – Welcome. Do what you can do now. There is always some small action that you can take to get closer to what you want. Decide on that action and take it. Your perspective will then change.

  13. thanks man..the very thought of what am destined to be or what works best for me confuses me most…at times my own judgement misdirects me and not till am late then i realize the mistake I’ve made throughout..thanks everyone.

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