Discover and Develop your unique product or service that honors who you really are…


Turn Your Core Calling Into Cash

Get Paid for Being Yourself and Doing What Matters Most


Did you ever notice that when you’re doing something you love, you:

  • Lose track of time
  • Attract more positive people, projects and opportunities
  • Are much more likely to finish what you start
  • Get more done in less time
  • Find that others ask you for help & advice in that area

What if you could create those same nearly effortless results

over and over, and get paid well for it?


Hello, and welcome.  I’m glad you made it to this web page.  My name is Tom Volkar and I’ve been coaching clients on core calling discovery and authentic business building since 1998.  I believe that being paid very well, just for being who you are, is a basic human right.

I’ve thought of a new way to help more people do just that, and I’d like to tell you about it.  It’s a 3-Part Teleseminar Series with e-support called:

Turn Your Core Calling Into Cash

Whether you are already in business for yourself, or would like to get started soon, this unique series will take you through a powerful process of discovery and development, from identifying the best possible product or service you can develop now, to business model coaching to provide you with the structure and guidance you will need to design, deliver and sell your product or service successfully.

Now, I can almost hear you saying, with a mixture of hope and doubt,

“I’ve tried to create a product or service I care about before, but failed. 

How is this different?”

I can hear you thinking that, because I’ve been there myself.  In fact, it’s why I do what I do – that’s MY passion – helping people make a living by being true to themselves.  I had to learn the hard way, and I’d like to save you the trouble.

Here’s why this series is truly different:

You have the highest probability of both prosperous and fulfilling earning when you create a cash stream that honors the intersection of these four paths, choosing:

1). the product or service that you are most eager to create.

2). the work activity that gives you the deepest gladness.

3). who and what you care about the most right now.

4). the value point others most need from you,  offered how they want it.

Cash streams flow more readily when they are banked with confidence and enthusiasm.

These four paths create both an expression and being of confidence, and that confidence and passion means more money in your bank account.  (Who would you rather buy from; a person who is doing what they care about, or someone who could care less?)

This three part teleseminar series is designed for you to discover and develop a unique cash stream project (product or service) that you can uniquely sell and deliver.   It is NOT a one-size fits all course – it’s tailored to you.

Here’s What’s Inside the 3 part Series:

Call One – Eagerness – You will decide and act sooner on those things that you are eager to do.  Eagerness leads to willingness and you must be repeatedly willing to take inspired actions to create what you want. In this experience you will discover what you are most willing to create in order to earn more money.

Call Two – Deep Gladness & Deep Care – You will identify your core calling cash stream by adding the components of your deep gladness and what and who you care about to your eagerness.

Call Three – Business Model, Pricing & Web Copy – You will decide on your project, price it, develop delivery options and write a first draft of your web (sales) copy.

Now you can purchase all three audios and a work along guidebook for only $27.

Here’s what you get:

1). Extensive pre call preparation intake questions in the guidebook so that these deep inquiries guide you to discovery before you listen to the audios.

2). Discovery guidance that walks you through four main points of inquiry to identify the absolute best cash stream opportunity that you can develop now.

3). Business model coaching that gives you the structure and guidance you need to design your product or service delivery, price it to sell and write preliminary web page copy.

You will leave this three part series having identified the unique core calling cash stream project that you are most eager and confident to market. 

In addition to the pre-call intake questions to help you customize your experience, in between each call your guidebook will give you additional questions and step by step written instructions on exactly what to do to complete each stage of this process.

This class is not currently being offered. Contact Tom for other classes that may fit your needs.