Success Via Authentic Connection

I believe that the more we express our authentic uniqueness, the more likely we are to enjoy fulfillment, prosperity and freedom, …in a word success.

I believe that authentic expression counts for more than hard work and more than knowing the right thing to do.

Since success is based on the expression of your authentic uniqueness, what causes you to feel safe enough to express authentically?

What causes you to confidently express original thoughts?

In what environments are you more likely to take a stand?

You and I were meant to do something very special.Β  That’s why we are so unique.

But what if, in order to come into our own, we could not stand-alone?

What if your most beautiful and most valuable expression of authentic individuality, just couldn’t be reached by going it alone?

What if a certain part of you, (the most confident and strongest part) only emerged in deep connection with others?

What if the special music you came here to sing could not be sung solo?

If these words speak to you are interested in cooperative, authentic connection, let me know.


  1. Authenticity also means allowing yourself to make mistakes and be human.

  2. Steven – Yes I agree that its authentic to make mistakes. I’m curious; I don’t see the connection to this post. Was there something about what I wrote that made you think otherwise?

  3. Hi Tom, what I treasure most is authentic connection with others. If it is a deep connection then that’s good. But just in passing is good too – we can give a genuine greeting even if it is just a quick ‘hello’.

  4. What if a certain part of you, (the most confident and strongest part) only emerged in deep connection with others?

    I know this is definitely true for me…whatcha got up your sleeve? πŸ™‚

  5. Evan – Well said my friend, even a passing connection can be fulfilling. You’re right, making it real is what counts.

    Suzanne – I think it’s pretty cool that you do agree with that statement and know it to be true. What do I have up my sleeve? Thanks for asking. You’ll be one of the first to see the details.

    It’s a new start up to bring co-creation and unconditional support together, in a co-owned, for profit business model, which will provide a framework for greater individual expression and authentic earning.

  6. Though, we are both human, but one of us has its own uniqueness, specifically, attitude, appearance but we are not unique in making sins. Am I right? But the more we enjoy life we could find peace on it. Thanks for posting this article, anyway. I’d love to read it again, in order to know more about my inner self.

  7. our authentic uniqueness is like a feast – it’s most fun when we share it with others. this is how we serve each other as our lives unfold. as we connect, my story becomes part of your story, and your story touches me, too.

    i’ve learned so much from other people sharing themselves in often humbling ways. i’m so impressed when people reach into my life like that and i’m so grateful for how they have shared their inner worlds with me.

    thanks for the thoughtful post on how important it is to connect! and thank you for sharing your story, as well as learning about mine.

    to authentic uniqueness – shared!

  8. Kuntsmaler – Welcome. I believe that uniqueness extends to all areas of life.

    Julie – Good to see that you are a champion for expressed authenticity. Shared uniqueness is indeed connection.

  9. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — that’s an important reminder about taking a stand — that’s a message that’s always relevant for me. I write “stand up for Chris” sometimes when I’m taking handwritten notes. And the person I’m “standing up to,” of course, is myself, manifested in the critical part that says things aren’t going well or I should have done more or something like that.

  10. I’ve always tried to be more authentic with others, and I feel one of my unique skills is being honest, and having great listening skills.

  11. alex johnson says:

    Well put, being yourself also means being true to yourself. I’m a big advocate of following your passions and not accepting monotony.

  12. Chris – I like that. it sounds like you often stand up for Chris, to Chris. πŸ™‚ Powerful realization!

    Henway – I’m sure that skill takes you far. Who wouldn’t want to be heard?

    Alex – Yep there is a big gap between passionate and boring.

  13. Hi Tom!

    Just came back from a 3-week vacation with new insights and inspirations, saw my Reader for the first time in months, and this is what I read.

    I think you are channeling what I need to hear, Tom!

    I’ve come to realize that for so long I’ve been holding back and scaling down, trying to make myself “digestible” in the name of branding, because I fear that so many people just don’t get it.

    Now, I feel that I need to go the other way — just unfilter my messages and not worry about those who don’t get it.

    The world is a big place, I’m sure someone will. πŸ™‚


  14. Hi Ari,

    Well said. If you are feeling it – let it rip. You were created as you are for a scared purpose. If you water that down you also water down the message and decrease the possibility of connection with those who hunger for your special voice.

  15. Samantha Dermot says:

    Proving yourself to everybody is possible but not all of them will surely appreciate you. So, you must actually program yourself that time will come, there will be someone who will do a clear connection to you.

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