Five Ways Why You Are Your Ideal Client

ideal client keyAs a professional service provider understanding, yourself is essential to understanding and attracting your ideal client. Ideal means quintessential – a perfect embodiment and essential essence of something.

In the personal service arena fit is everything.  The best way to be aligned is to actually and authentically share the same aspirations, values and struggles.

When you are aligned with your ideal client in every essential way these five qualities naturally create a sense of shared experience.

1 Affinity

Clients enjoy doing meaningful work with others in shared experiences. When you are energetically playing in the same arena and inspired by similar calls, working together is lighter and more expansive than having to suck it up and use discipline.

2 Empathy

Clients need to know that you care. You’ll naturally care more for those who hurt like you’ve hurt and feel the same things you’ve felt and continue to feel.

3 Connection

Clients need to know that you’re real and trustworthy.  By developing the habit of being vulnerably open your connection will deepen without pretense and limitations.

4 Relevance

Clients need to know that you really get them and deeply understand what they’re going through.  Relevance creates value in the hearts of your ideal clients.  Buying is an emotional decision.  When you can demonstrate that you’ve shared the same struggles and thoughts as your ideal client then they know you understand.  A special intuitive sync and synergy develop that adds value sooner because doubt and confusion are considerably lessened.

5 Desires

Clients need to know that they can get what they want.  When you can prove that you’ve gotten yourself to where they want to be then they know that they can trust you to guide them to the same.

You can best add value for your ideal client by leveraging your knowledge of the exact situation in which they find themselves stuck.

Since you are a couple of steps ahead of them on the same journey you can share how you got there.  If you want to take a deeper dive into validating and attracting your ideal client this training is superb.

Your ideal client statement can be as clear as mine.

I guide optimistic, spiritual, pioneering solo, service providers to build richly rewarding businesses that honor their individuality.  Tom Volkar

These are two ideal client situations where my expertise is most valuable:

  1. You want to start or grow an ideal business but you fear failure, success or the opinions of others.
  2. You want to build a richly rewarding business but you struggle to choose and follow-through the optimum path to get you there.

You can have the same clarity about the situation your clients will find most valuable.



What’s Your Main Thing?

Your main thing both grounds you and inspires you. istock_000005339131xsmall

Your main thing presents an opportunity for self-honor and personal integrity.

Your main thing must be something that you’d always defend when backed against the wall.

Your main thing emboldens you organically with natural confidence.

Your main thing is the core backbone of your business niche.

If you aren’t sure about your main thing then you may struggle in business.

Do not confuse the business function built around your main thing as your main thing.

My core business function, as a start up coach, is to guide clients through the process of discovering, validating and expressing their main thing in the form of a prosperous business.

But that’s not my main thing.

My main thing is championing uniqueness.  My main thing is encouraging you to express your authentic singularity.

The world needs you to express your magnificent unlikeness.

The independent nature of your makeup is the key to finding and profiting from your authentic sweet spot.

We want to know what makes you different.

We’ll pay you well for your distinctiveness.

What’s your main thing? If you know it will you honor us by sharing it here?

Have an idea for a business and your not sure if it will fly? Then join us for this free phone class, on July 15, to run your idea through the gauntlet.