Because Spring Is the Time of Love

In my last post I wrote about celebration. Now I’d like to celebrate a success story of one of the people I coach. About a year ago, Bill shared with me an idea for an online relationship-enhancing tool. Bill is one of those folks, like so many of us, that just need someone firmly in his corner to take, and stay in, action. The next few weeks we tossed some ideas back and forth, and then Bill committed to take steps to have the system developed. Bill continued to set targets, making some, missing others, and processing whatever needed to be processed to remain in action.

If you are currently in a romantic relationship, I invite you to try LovePong. It’s fun, it’s free, and it really works!

If you have an idea for a business that you’d like to discuss with me, drop me a line. I’d love to support you in any way I can.

A Client’s Perspective – How I Use My Coach
By Bill Weil

When Tom and I first began working together, he shared his perspective that a coach is simply a tool to add the greatest possible value to the client’s life and business. So how do I use my coach?

  • As a nurturing, safe and affirming sounding board
  • As an accountability partner, so that I honor my own promises
  • As a nudge to get me off the dime and into action
  • As a fellow brainstormer, with an unbiased, third-party view
  • Finally, as a “negative energy clearer,” so that I can release all the raging emotions and conflicting thoughts in my head, find my clarity, and be productive.

I have benefited tremendously from Tom’s coaching and support. I would (and do!) highly recommend Tom to really anyone who is serious about taking their business, or their life, to the next level.

Who Are You?

Good morning friends. I think it’s high time that I explain exactly whom I intend to serve with this blog. It starts with my mission: to increase the number of folks on the planet in active pursuit of their work life happiness and freedom.

But who among you has the highest probability of being helped by working with me? Those who have the following characteristics have a higher probability of getting desired results with my guidance. This post is a profile of those clients who have had the most success working with me in my ten years of life and career coaching.

  1. You are curious, a life-long learner who is willing to look within and self-examine – even when you don’t like what you see.
  2. You are a risk-taker – brave enough to stand tall without compromise when it comes to defending your values.
  3. You are a natural optimist who has always felt that you were destined for greatness.
  4. You are independent by nature, ambitious and unconventional.
  5. You tell the truth to yourself about yourself and embrace self-responsibility.
  6. You are willing to ask for help, and boldly ask more of yourself as well.
  7. You know exactly what you want or else you are willing to make finding what you want your #1 priority.
  8. You are willing to take action now.

So, can you honestly say “yes” to at least four of the above eight? If you can, we can bring you up-to-speed on the others.

If the above describes you, then feel very good about yourself. You might as well stop all that self-flagellation right now. Praise yourself because you are truly magnificent! If you are ready to begin active pursuit of your true calling, then prove it. Read what my pleased coaching clients have to say about my coaching.

Take the action that can save your life. This glorious path has many possible entry points. But they’ll all remain hidden unless you take action now.

Contact me today for a no obligation discussion about your work life freedom and happiness.

Enthusiastically Yours,
Tom Volkar