Quit Searching – You Have No Life Purpose

start your business nowReally, what if there is no right life purpose answer to find? The traditional reality in which we all live is greatly influenced by educational and business opinions that insist there is one right answer to be found.

This wastes years of searching because if it’s not there you won’t find it. When you come to a conclusion that there is one right answer to big questions like life purpose then a few things happen.

  1. You might expect a heavenly revelation to hit you like a ton of bricks. But what if hints to your calling come more like subtle whispers on the wind? What if you never experience the big bang of insight? Will you just go one searching forever frustrated by a lack of life purpose?
  2. Believing that you have one, big, sacred life purpose can cause you to fear that you aren’t strong enough or smart enough to succeed in such a big way. So you may wait until you think you might be more ready. The waiting kills your momentum and it kills your awareness of other possibilities.
  3. One big life purpose can seem so final and exact. But what if you experience an earth shattering event that changes the way you see everything? Should you stubbornly try to make sense of your life purpose within the context of that event? I don’t think so.

Each of us has a special capacity to contribute multiple unique gifts to humanity. As your life experience changes and expands so does your capacity to contribute from that special perspective.The Blessing of Unique Contribution promises that you are uniquely equipped with the capacity to discover original ideas that are your special contribution to humanity. It also promises that you can bring these ideas forth and monetize them as your true calling based business. Why else would an intelligent Creator bless each of us so uniquely?

What if you’ve already searched enough? What if you’ve already come across and overlooked many business ideas that that could each be a special part of your contribution?
In my coaching experience of 16 years hundreds of clients already are very close to what their contribution actually is. What if it’s the same for you? Do yourself a favor and get started today.

Answer these questions and get moving. Humanity needs the lift of your special contribution.

  1. What are the top three ideas I’ve always wondered about?
  2. Of these three which makes me feel most expansive when I consider operating it as a business?
  3. What is one step I can take today to bring it to life?

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Is Your Life Purpose Keeping You From Making Money?

Silhouette of man and sunshineYour life purpose could be holding you back from making money and enjoying your work.

Could you have set yourself up with a life purpose that’s so big that you never seem to get traction? Do you hesitate because you don’t feel up to the task or you don’t know where to start?

Or worse, perhaps you’ve started and failed to earn enough money so you began to doubt yourself.  Or maybe you doubt that you’ve discovered the right life purpose?   Sometimes it’s as simple as aligning your purpose with an offer and marketing it so people will buy it.

I wonder, could you be happy, fulfilled and prosperous without ever trying to fulfill a life’s purpose?

What if terms like life purpose are loosely thrown around by the fortunate few who have experienced making money from doing what they love? What if these well-meaning folks, in their attempt to explain their own success, have mistakenly set you up for failure?  Here’s why I think that could be what’s happened.

Life Purpose sounds so colossal, so final and so very singular. By its very definition it limits you to fulfilling one big meaningful purpose.  What if you change your mind?  What then?

What if you experience an earth shattering event that changes the way you see everything? Should you stubbornly try to make sense of your life purpose within the context of that event?

I don’t think so and for own sanity and prosperity please consider an alternative to life purpose.  How does contribution sound to you?

Each of us has a special capacity to contribute something unique to humanity.  As your life experience changes and expands so does your capacity to contribute from that special perspective.

Your experience through this life will never be repeated. You will experience — every day — things that no one else will ever know. To think that we each have only one Contribution that can lift and expand the capacity of the human race is silly. We have an infinite array of possibilities that lay before us.  Jeff Bollow

Life Purpose seems so final and singular while contribution is ever-evolving and plural.

Contribution is a dynamic series of gifts that we realize and share with others as we reach new milestones of insight.

The real possibilities in life show up when you are willing to be in question – recognize you have choice, get that you have possibilities and be the contribution and receive the contribution the world wants to give.  If you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy. Gary Douglas

Douglas wisely claims that a life purpose is too limiting and fixed because it acts as a foundation.  Foundations have walls that act as boundaries.  Nothing new may enter outside the closed walls of a foundation.  When refreshing new possibilities approach a life purpose they are often judged as not fitting within pre-concluded boundary definitions.

Those judgments then continue to block the expanded awareness of more possibilities that don’t fit within the stated life purpose.  The all or nothing perspective of life purpose is restrictive and limiting.

As an alternative consider the structure of contribution.  The many pillars of a contribution can support your business with both strength and flexibility to allow in new opportunities.

Isn’t it time for you to bring forth your special contribution for the good of all?

Your contribution is the actualization of your unique being expressed as inspiration, ideas and energy.  You are the only one who can deliver it in the way that you can.  Until you do, humanity will be missing an important linchpin of inspiration.

Want to take the first step to discovering your contribution?  Just leave a comment below and I’ll send you the info and prep to join us for a special free, phone class, Going Within to Bring Forth My Brilliance. 

Courageous Individuality

Thank goodness this isn’t the norm today but this was true for girls of my generation. It used to be, if you asked an 11-year-old preteen what she wanted on her pizza, she decisively said, pepperoni. But ask her just four years later at 15 and she’d be more inclined to respond. “Oh I don’t know, what do you want?”

Cultural pressure to fit in is a powerful conditioner that affects all of us.

It’s takes a lot of courage to stand tall, speak up and boldly act as an individual.

But expressing as an individual is your only chance if you want to create an authentic business with sustainable prosperity and fulfillment. Conformity is not a selling point. Being average is dull.

Yet the truth is, it’s far easier to just go along with the crowd and follow a system created by someone else, than it is to boldly and authentically speak your mind.

So what. Who said easy and comfortable wins? Hyped up marketers pitching systems tell lies of easy money and big riches. If it sounds too good to be true it’s not either right? So why do we fall for those lies?

I know why. We fall for them because it’s safer not to stand out. It’s safer to hide behind someone else’s creation than to expose our own vulnerable individuality.

But these, more and more often, systems are collapsing and remarkable individuals are succeeding.

Money is attracted to confidence and I think it might be time for all of us to take a look at the path less followed.

What if your greatest potential source of confidence was your expressed individuality?

What if your greatest way to make more money was also your greatest way to make a difference?

Spiritually evolved communities have been announcing a new age of consciousness for years now. It seems to me that we are willing to lend our financial and emotional support to those who create authentically.

I hope you can see that this is your time to serve humanity through individual expression. I’ve realized that a true calling can be started in a much smaller way than I’d originally recommended. To follow your calling you can take the big leap off the cliff or barely stick your toe in the water.

In fact a more prudent entry point for many could be starting smaller. That’s why I’ve been creating a product that combines the three most powerful concepts I have experience of.

1). The Supportive Accountability of Coaching

2). The Authentic Aliveness of True Calling

3). The Inspired Productivity of Completion


You can’t save the day by sitting on the sidelines. I hope you agree that it’s your time to push all of your chips to the center of the table and bet big on your individuality.