Make Your Life Count

Every thought, spoken word, environment, person, and deed contributes to what you are in the midst of creating. iStock_000003842598XSmall

Everything counts to move you in the direction of what you want or in the direction of what you don’t.

Standing pat is a lie.  When you think you’re standing pat you are really slipping slowly away from what you want.

Authenticity must me chosen again and again.  Authenticity is an active practice.

Look within and decide what’s really right for you.   At your core you are brilliant.  Quit pretending that you don’t know how to be real.

Your conditioning wins when you refuse to stand tall and choose what only you can create.

Here’s one thing that really pisses me off!   It really pisses me off when people say everything has already been invented.   It really pisses me off when they say everything has already been created.   Bull!  Even the sandwich I ate yesterday was an original.

Don’t spread that crap.  I’m not here to live some copycat life and you aren’t either.

You’re one in 6,775,480,099 and you doubt your uniqueness?  Bull!  You have what it takes.  Cash in on your authenticity!

There’s a direct link between authenticity and prosperity and you’ll never make the connection by believing that you can’t.

Even your environments are unique.  Environments either support or smother.   What’s the environment at your work doing for you?

Other people either encourage or exhaust.  Are you hanging around encouragers?

We live in a black and white world but we’d like to believe that we don’t.  We want to believe in grey because it seems like a place of rest.  But the only real sanctuary is aliveness.  Playing it safe is a slow death.

The only real refuge is found within courageous, authentic practice.

I’m working on something really big right now, it’s scaring the hell out of me and I love it.

We were built for aliveness and challenge.  We were built for glorious boldness.  We were built for hard charging.

We are warhorses.  We were built to gallop.  When we try to trot through life, by just getting by, we never reach the true authentic creation that we’re capable of.

Everything in your life you create, promote, allow or refuse.

Create anew.

Or … open your eyes wide to accept and allow.

Or … choose to endorse and promote.

Or …be strong and say no thank you.

Wake up! There are no other choices.

Wake up! Your life is happening right now.

Wake up! Everything counts. Choose authentic aliveness.

Become more aware to lessen the effect of random occurrences.  Decide what works, what does not and bravely choose what works.

Choose life or lose life.  It’s your call.

Why Don’t We Use What We Already Know?

One of the most frequent comments I see on self-development blogs is, “thanks for reminding me.” Often this is followed by the exasperating question, “I know this stuff; why do I forget to use it?”

Why do we forget to use what we already know to be useful for us?

When this occurs, have we really learned it well in the first place?

Perhaps we’ve read something a few times and we assume we’ve learned it because we recognize it when we see it again. But have we learned it deeply enough for it to become a habit?

Particularly in the practice of self-development, why do we tend to slip back into less-than-conscious, default behaviors that don’t serve us well?

Is it a matter of a lack of awareness?

It could be. But I think it’s mainly because we’ve unwittingly fallen under the influence of an outside belief that appears to be strong. As we absorb that outside belief, and as we do, it latches onto other limiting, pre-existing beliefs; before we know it, we are focusing on the lack of what we really want.

For example, take our so-called “troubled” economy. I generally don’t watch national newscasts but I’ve been so excited about having a real choice in the year’s presidential election that I got sucked into all the news regarding the economic bailout. Even though I consciously choose my thoughts, the insidious nature of doom and gloom affected the future I was imagining.

Gratefully, I was jarred back to an abundant reality by reading Slade Roberson’s excellent post, Paper Money Airplane.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to creating our own reality: garbage in results in garbage out. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known something, you aren’t immune to a fearful collective consciousness with an opposing view. Remain diligent, filter your outside influences, and decide what you know as often as necessary to create the life and business you desire.

If all of this depressing economic news has you down, decide to clear it now by watching this excellent video of Brad Yates using EFT (emotional freedom technique).

I’m interested; in the comments, please tell me why you don’t always use what you already know.