Coming Into Your Own Individuality

Coming into your own individuality is to accept your divine gift and be the one core thing that only you can be.  This is my spiritual theory of self-actualization. coming into your own

You have been blessed with unique talents so that you can express them and create a contribution to humanity that could not happen without you in it. If you decide to stop short of coming into your own, you are telling God, “no thank you” and returning the gift that was meant only for you.

Do Not Limit God’s Gifts

Rigid and defining conclusions on God and God’s capability leads to further limiting conclusions on what God can and cannot do for you. These beliefs actually limit how you can receive Divine Grace and Divine Intelligence even though they may be what you call your religion.

Infinite intelligence is undefinable beyond all description and comparison including definitions set forth by all religions. These religious restrictions on what’s possible were created by others to make sense of the Divine.

I use the term Universe to describe my personal experience of God because I can imagine myself working in partnership with God more readily if I refer to infinite intelligence as the Universe.  Actualization will come easier to you if you also use the name for God that feels and sounds most infinite and personal to you.

The Universe actually has your back and looks to support you unconditionally. Yet you must make an effort to express yourself as a powerful individual who knows and engages your one core thing in a distinctively unique way.

God doesn’t make dummies or copies. Be all of who you are to reconnect your essence to the infinite being you can be.

Ask Big Questions to Create a Big Life

Open-ended inquiry expands consciousness so that you become aware of possibilities other than those that can be seen. Asking an uplifting question is actually asking the Universe to rearrange molecular possibilities on your behalf.

Without daily inquiry you are limiting yourself to what has been and what can already be seen.

This contextual reality only defines limitations set down by the collective opinions of others that you have adopted as your own. Since the non-contextual reality is infinite, the contextual reality (what can be seen) comprises only a small portion of what’s actually possible.

Your infinite, non-contextual reality is stimulated by fresh realizations, new choices, uplifting questions and ever-increasing awareness.  It’s necessary to ask big questions beyond your current understanding to inspire the process of coming into your own individuality.

The essence of you, your core being is far greater than you think it to be.  Ask this question and feel the spiritual uplift of coming into your own.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could create and enjoy my unique magnificence daily?

When you ask a question, make a new choice or observe a fresh insight you are asking the universe to show you something greater than you are now experiencing. When you allow what you perceive without judgment you are essentially signaling the Universe to show you more of the same.

Allowing What Is Increases Your Power

Allowance without judgement, good or bad, is the key to self-actualization.  Self-actualization is the ultimate in coming into your own individuality.

When you allow what is with heartfelt gratitude you are setting in motion a causative energy that brings you greater and keener insights into what works especially well for you.

Allowance is not agreement. It is your ability to observe and not resist what is happening because you’re wise enough to know that life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens through you and for you.

Thank you God and thank you Universe what else is possible that I have yet to imagine?

Magnificence Is Your Choice

The only thing you must do is be true to you. Originality beats mimicry. Individuality is your most valuable selling point.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s significant yet.  If it’s yours, you can make it so.  If it’s not yours, you’ll never succeed at it anyway. ― Al Ries

You can only provide significant value for others when your one core thing is absolutely true for you.

This quote urges you to persist in developing what only you can in the way that only you can.

It matters not how many times you’ve fallen short before. The only thing that matters is that you will rise again with an idea so beautiful that it could only have come from someone as special as you.

I salute you and the remarkably innovative concept that you are capable of bringing to humanity.

Determination and persistence become supercharged when you connect to your purest vein of actualized originality.

It’s up to you to ride your individuality all the way up.

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What is your one thing?

discover your one thingIdentifying and expressing your one thing makes everything in your life feel more fitting because it leads to self-actualization.

Your one thing is …. man’s tendency  to actualize himself, to become his potentialities… to express and activate all the capacities of the organism. — Carl Rogers

When you express your one thing marketing your services becomes much simpler. By consistently offering that one thing in a way that others need and want to buy it, your marketing becomes more effective as well.

We all have many valued capabilities but do you know which one that is most valued by others?

Of all the things you can do, which can you do remarkably better than anyone else?

It’s the same thing that you have mastered beyond all the other things that you could do?

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It’s the sharpest distinction that you can make from other practitioners in your field.

Scarcity is valued more than any other distinction. If you are the only one who can provide a special service because of who you are and that service is highly effective, then it’s only a matter of time until you are rewarded as the number one expert.

Your one thing is your divergent edge.

Your one thing totally honors and is aligned with your core individuality.

It’s a match for your signature energy and while doing it you are highly enthused and deeply inspired.

It’s found at the intersection of what makes you different and the outcome of your ideal client’s greatest desire.

It’s the thing that you could be the best in the world at.  It’s not the thing that you want to be the best in the world at. For a deeper dive into what this could be for you read this free eBook Choosing Your Ideal Niche. 

Your one thing is the answer to this big question. Why should I choose to do business with you rather than every other option including doing nothing?

Identifying this special service takes focus, determination and a strong conviction that you have such a skill.

That requires a deep exploration within a special environment. I’ve created this unconditionally supportive environment for you to succeed in knowing that one thing that will differentiate you above all others.

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