After spending months recovering from a car accident, I specifically looked for a business coach who could help me get my business re-started and guide me in making some necessary changes. After careful consideration, I chose Tom Volkar. Hiring Tom as my business coach has been well worth the investment. Tom helps me work through challenges, holds me accountable, offers suggestions based on his experience and knowledge, has helped me set up step by step plans, gain clarity, be more focused, and so much more! He is supportive by acknowledging and celebrating my successes with me, and gently lets me know when I am getting side-tracked. I am accomplishing much more each week thanks to his guidance. I’m even planning my first live event! Most important to me is that my enthusiasm is back and I’m enjoying my work again. My feelings of overwhelm have faded, and been replaced by confidence. Tom is a caring person with a great sense of humor, and an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend him.

– Beth Earle

When I hired Tom I was at a crossroads in my business. Working with Tom offered the perfect combination of personal and professional coaching that allowed me to identify my ideal path as a business owner. His commitment to me as a client surpassed my expectations, and I knew that at any time during our work together I could reach out to him for accountability, to talk through ideas or for extra support. As a result of my time working with Tom I was able to gain clarity on my work and make the necessary business changes to move forward.

– Stacey Shipman, Online Media Host

Tom is an extremely effective career coach who holds your feet to the fire of your goals and intentions while at the same time encouraging you to dream a bigger, more authentic dream for yourself. I had been self-employed for 5 1/2 years when I hired Tom in the spring of 2008, and in the following 8 months, I increased my income 300%. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I’d found him when I first made the leap to self-employment. No regrets, though, because he’s a valued asset in my business now and I look forward to the milestones and achievements ahead. No matter where you are on the path of self-employment, hiring Tom as your coach is, in my opinion, the best decision you can possibly make right now.

– Suzanne Bird-Harris, Website Developer

Tom nitpicks – for good reason. He is an authority in coaching solopreneurs like me. I am an expert in my work and was neglecting critical business and marketing components. Honestly, I don’t like ‘the business aspects’ yet I am in business. I own a business. It makes a difference when a coach, like Tom, is asking you some very direct, important questions. Hell, I couldn’t hide! He has a knack for seeing the obvious, guiding me towards clarity and being dead on to what needs to be done. At first I was hesitant about business coaching. After three sessions with Tom, I discovered that I had more breathing room because I was able to complete tasks and experience the results fairly quickly. My confidence level grew knowing that certain tasks were in progress or completed. I knew what had to be done, I did it and I quickly returned to what I know best – my work because it is my business. I highly recommend Tom.

– Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT, Hypnotist and EFT Practitioner

Working with Tom was like having access to a “toolbox” for a successful, productive and healthy life. He’s a great mentor, motivational coach and friend. Tom changed my outlook on life to one that serves me better and has better prepared me to reach my short and long-term goals as a new business owner. I am more confident in my personal and professional life, I work out everyday, I’ve improved my relationships, and I am an entrepreneur who feels in control of her own destination.

– Jennifer Ireland Product Development Specialist

Tom’s approach is at once practical and magical. Tom came into my work life at a supreme moment, a time when a radical sensation was required to lift me where I desired to be with my writing career. The result is this: I’m more authentically me and it shows–in my writing and the rest of my life. If you want to get really real with yourself and live/work with greater purpose, I recommend Tom. Give him a coaching opportunity, and he’ll make you feel immensely powerful.

– Gina Mazza Hillier, Author, Everything Matters, Nothing Matters

I am very grateful for the time I spend with Tom as my Coach. The strategies he gave me to deal with the issues I faced were been extremely useful in both my personal and professional life. His encouragement and support helped me to understand how to deal with adversity and focus my energies on success.

– John Hill, HR Professional, Australia

Tom has helped me move my ideas for business from dream to reality. He has a gift for bringing out the best effort in me, always helping me to focus on the intersection of my core values and the next step I need to take as a small business owner. Tom’s intuition is always right on, as he has demonstrated many times when we needed to first clear the air and solve relationship and life issues before we could get to work on the next step for my business.

– Kay Grace, Online Entrepreneur, Stress Free in 7 Minutes

Tom helped me do everything better because it is all connected, life, business, and success at both. We all need someone at our back and on our side — Tom as a ‘business & life coach’ is amazing. Tom is a guiding light, a wise sage and a cattle prod who relieves the stress of trying doing it all yourself!

– Fawn Chang, Certified Feng Shui Consultant & Life Coach

I’ve been married for 20 years and the last 18 months my husband and I have radically improved our marriage working with Tom as our coach. I’ve used therapists for years but coaching is much more effective in bringing honest and open communication to our relationship. We’ve discussed and moved beyond some major challenges with Tom’s coaching because it makes you think more, take action and invest more of yourself than therapy asks of us.

– Kim S., Homemaker

I hired Tom Volkar as my coach to help me gain confidence to start my own business. Tom got me into action quickly so that I began enjoying the actual process of business building. I’m excited now because I know I can succeed. If you want a coach who will INSPIRE YOU TO BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE, hire Tom; you’ll be more than pleased!

– Jason Ray, Independent Business Owner

Tom Volkar has been instrumental as a coach in helping me begin my new business venture in the field of Fee-Only Financial Planning. He immediately saw that the business was for me. Tom has a keen ability to “go deep” along with you to determine what it is that is truly authentic for you. He knows that life is too short and there is no reason to keep on faking it (pretending to like something day-in and day-out that you really don’t enjoy). He believes that you should do what is natural and authentic … and the joys and rewards will follow. Everyone needs a coach today at some time in his or her life and there is no better person than Tom. I highly recommend that you explore the opportunities of having Tom work along with you as your personal coach.

– Robert S. Gibb III, Certified Financial Planner

Tom Volkar is unique. I originally called him to gain some support and structure for a project that was bogging down badly, expecting a time management approach. Instead he took me on a journey of self-discovery into old personality patterns that had robbed me of energy for years. With gentleness, humor and total support he helped me “walk my talk” in a way I never had been able to attain. His enormous gift is in not directing or telling one what to do, how to change, what is missing, but in skillfully guiding one into one “aha” after another. My original plan was to work with him a month and “get organized.” Eight months later I am still his client because working with him is such a helpful journey. In my enthusiasm I have given my husband several months coaching as a birthday present, and then gave my son the same present. Because of multi talents and a lot of wisdom, he has helped them both with totally different challenges. His base is one of authentic spirituality; his service is helping his clients toward being all they were meant to be.

– Isabel Meisler, teacher and writer

Thank you once again for your expertise in coaching. Your knowledge of business was very helpful. I have implemented many of the organizational tools you shared with me. When we finished, my office files were more organized and indexed that they had ever been. Now I always know where things are and I am more productive because of it. I especially appreciated your guidance and your patience in helping me discover my areas of resistance. I thought it was very effective the way you guided me to work out my own solutions, like the “dig a little deeper” conversations. Best of all, you were so affirming. Whatever I did, you found an affirmation in it and that just made me want to do more! Thank you so much, Tom, for your continued support. I really appreciate your gifts and that your life’s work is to share them.

– J.S., Financial Controller

Tom has helped me to begin a journey where I am beginning to know the man I am, understand why I feel the feelings I feel, and will become the person I want to be in body, mind, and spirit. As Tom says, we “walk the brave walk,” and we do it together. Each and every step is a step that we choose to make together. With the continual and unconditional support of my Coach, I live life with greater confidence, better understanding, and a clearer perspective.

– Clem Gigliotti, self-employed business owner

Good two-way communication. The old saying “two heads are better than one” certainly applies big time here. My apartment was overwhelmingly cluttered and in a complete state of disorder before you became my coach. Although it hasn’t been easy, I’m sure I would not have gotten anywhere at all if I did not have you to guide and inspire me. Coaching is obviously not just a job with you. Your enthusiasm for what you do is one of the things, which serves to inspire. I know you are genuinely happy when you hear of my successes, and your heart-felt encouragement is always given when you hear of my difficulties. I would highly recommend you as a coach, so please feel free to forward this message to any potential clients.

– Clare Tyler, life-long learner

Tom Volkar of CoreU has been working with our Plant Manager for the past six months. We were so impressed with the positive changes that occurred with him that we decided to have Tom train our supervisors and have our plant manager coach them using the techniques Tom taught. We’ve all seen positive changes in how our supervisory staff works together and how they interact with our hourly workforce. We found Tom’s approach to be highly effective and affordable since much of his work was done over the telephone and by way of email. Based on our positive results I would highly recommend Tom as a coach and management trainer.

– Ed Brinker, SPHR, Human Resources Director, General Carbide

Tom has shown me the possibilities of my own strengths and the validity of my character. He doesn’t tell me what to do. He makes me think, decide, and commit. I started my own company and things are going much better than I would have anticipated at this time. I give Tom much credit for helping me focus and prioritize; but, more importantly, he allows me to have control over my life.

– Lin Fullem, Entrepreneur

Your Authentic Business Building workshop on was outstanding! You packed your program with value, providing a smorgasbord of life-changing insights. Perhaps what was most impressive was how you walked your talk. You spoke from the heart and used personal examples that helped you connect with your listeners and bring your ideas to life. You were a living, breathing example of someone who is building a business from authenticity.

– Sam Weider, Professional Speaker

Thank you for making our sales meeting a roaring success. The day after the meeting I had sales people in my office in tears, pouring out emotion and renewing their commitment to West Point. I’ve been barraged with letters saying things like, best sales meeting ever, finally something we can take home and use. The morale boost has spread throughout the entire company.

– Tom Day, President, West Point Products