The Power in Being Pissed Off

Sometimes we just need to get good and mad at ourselves. Not a judging or belittling mad, but an empowering mad. The kind of mad that reaches deep for a determination that will not easily die.

The best time to reach deep and channel your anger is when things are looking dire and could go either way. We could just curl up, cry and go to sleep – or we could reach deep for that fire that burns brightly within.

Once we find that fire, we need to follow it up with action – in the moment. Bold, bodily movement works best.

There is a lot of energy in what pisses you off at a core level. There’s a lot of power to tap within a long-standing struggle that you’re sick and tired of. This kind of power creates a “good-mad” kind of urgency that builds a strong unwavering conviction to act now!

Are you fed up enough with your current situation to act and act today?

It’s up to you, you know. Nobody is going to save you.

I may have never met you and that doesn’t matter. I can tell you this for sure. Whatever you want, you have what it takes to go out and get it. You have within you every talent and quality necessary to make your dream come alive. If you did not, the very idea of it would not have even come to you.

Emilie Cady, in her classic book, Lessons in Truth, said it well, “Desire is the thing you want in incipiency.” That means when you get a fresh idea, it has come directly from Universal Intelligence straight to your heart. Your recognition of the idea not only means that it was meant only for you, but that it’s already on its way into being. So not only can you do it, the fact that you even see the idea proves that you’re already in the midst of manifesting it.

But you’ll never know unless you reach deep and act. Can you get fired up enough? Watch this short clip all the way to the end and scream with him, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”

Because it’s that level of being pissed off that will launch your dream. Nothing short of authentic fire is guaranteed to move you from your funk. Get pissed off, will you? The world needs you to show up with all you have.


  1. I took the plunge to self-employment and then stumbled across your blog in Deborah Martin’s ezine. I’ll sub to your feed. This looks interesting.

  2. Welcome Deborah and hearty congratualtions on taking the plunge. Hope you’re finding it refresshing so far. I’m open to comments on how to make it even more interesting for you and self-employed folks like you.

  3. Tom,
    You wrote this sentence:

    “Are you fed up enough with your current situation to act and act today?”

    Many people are indeed fed up, that’s for sure. But somehow they’re not (yet) “mad as hell”. (And I put myself in that category too from time to time.)

    Howard Beale’s wonderful acting brings put the ole maths teacher in me 😉

    Compassion + powerful anger = life changing force

    mark mcclure

    Mark McClures last blog post..Be Careful What You Wish For – Start Now!

  4. Mark welcome my friend. Thanks so much for your kind words of recognition. Obviously you did indeed read many posts because you commented on four of them!

    I always find it very interesting to see which posts affect first time visitors. I can see that your a man of action and an inspired career changer. I’m looking forward to visiting your site soon.

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