Trust Your True Calling Gut Feeling

istock_000003792360xsmallHere’s a way for you to shorten the amount of time you spend before starting to work a true calling.   Like most good things in life making a bold, strong start is half the battle.

You have a pretty good idea of what your true calling probably is right now.

If you are not yet enjoying the fulfillment and prosperity of working a true calling maybe it’s time for you to simply trust your gut.  Gut feelings are a much more reliable source of guidance than anything found outside of you, including advice from experts.

So …how much more encouragement do you need to just do what you were meant to do?

If you don’t follow your gut, do you understand what causes you to mistrust your gut feelings?

Perhaps you are misinterpreting confused thoughts for your intuition.  One thing I know for sure, the more you trust yourself and your own inner guidance the stronger and more accurate it gets.

Doubting, over-analyzing and hesitating only add to your confusion.

This is the biggest detriment to working a true calling.  Hesitation.

Most hesitate far too long before getting started on work they were meant to do.  They spend too much time on discussing, researching, thinking and analyzing.  Too much time wasted on all the things short of action.

1). Accept that you are more ready than you think you are.

2). Accept that if your personal true calling idea wasn’t made for you, (meaning you have the complete capacity to pull it off) it would not have even come to you.

3). Invite your intuitive self to communicate your strongest and truest path.

4). Listen attentively and write down what comes to you. Then try it on for a couple of days.  See if any other guidance arises.

5). Ask the most powerful getting started question.  What could I do now to move this idea forward?

6). Do that thing and ask again from the improved perspective of one who has honored her or his true calling by acting on it.

The world is ready to conspire on your behalf but only if you listen to your gut feelings and act.  At which point of the above process did you hesitate? How can I help you to act more boldly today?  What idea have you been hesitating on that you know is meant for you?




  1. Thank you for the link, Tom! 🙂

    Hoo boy, have you hit a sore spot! I am guilty of analysis paralysis. I think it is a bit of a “perfectionist” tendency that I have been working on for awhile. And to add to the motivational quotes for this: “Done is better than perfect!” I have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect for it to still be of great value or excellent quality.

    It takes a lot of conscious effort to not get stuck in your head and go out and take action before you are “ready”. You could spend your whole life waiting to be ready – and then poof! it’s over! Your life is gone. You’re dead with your “music still in you.”

    Getting past hesitation will be one of the biggest and best values from attending the Big Link Rally! It will be awesome!

    .-= Keena´s last blog ..2012 Energy Shifts Have Started… =-.

  2. I got confirmation of my true calling last week, wrapped in tragedy, yet AGAIN.

    What a smack in the face!

    And hey God, if my current path is not my true calling – do a girl a favor would ya? Send me a text, email or a call. I follow directions well, just lead the way. I’m with ya….totally.

    Just Giggling On in anyway I can.

  3. Christa – Love your open prayer. Sounds like the Bring it On God, True Calling prayer I offer here:

    Good to see you still smiling post-tragedy. Confirmation is confirmation. I’m grateful for your bold living example.

  4. A quote I love from Dan Millman: A little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. It has often helped me to move into action.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Sugar and Gluten Free =-.

  5. Evan – That’s a wonderful quote to just get started. I often say that any movement works and it does. But you’ve got to take it. For some reason folks attach a whole lot more importance to true calling and that freezes them. let’s hope they take this quote to heart.

  6. Tom,

    I’m taking steps in the direction I want to go…although I am questioning if there’s still a level of hesitation that I haven’t overcome. And I love Point #5: What could I do to move this idea forward? I’m thinking about…but I’m not sure I’m “really” thinking about it….(so, that’s where my focus should be). Thanks much, Tom – awesome, as always!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..RAOKA: Kindness =-.

  7. John Morlan says:

    Discovery, Validation, Evolvement and Action – All in one day!!

    Two extremely powerful observations –
    “You have a pretty good idea of what your true calling probably is right now.” -and-
    “Accept that if your personal true calling idea wasn’t made for you, (meaning you have the complete capacity to pull it off) it would not have even come to you.”
    I can imagine that The Big Link Rally will be a Super-Charged atmosphere of folks who are listening to their gut and accepting that the universe is conspiring to connect their authenticity with their certain joyous future and great abundance.

  8. Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul says:

    Thanks so much for the link, Tom!

    I so agree with you – when inspiration comes, act now, and think later!

    I sometimes get myself into trouble by spinning an inspiration into a plan … instead of just taking one inspired step and waiting for the next one.

    I guess there is such a thing as being TOO action-happy … nevertheless, I think too much action is better than none. The Universe can only course-correct us when we are in motion. We don’t get that kind of help if we’re rooted in one spot.

    Great article!
    .-= Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul´s last blog ..Intention and Process =-.

  9. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — that’s a good point, that a career idea can sound intellectually “right” but not create a feeling of real inspiration — and vice versa. I’ve been thinking lately about how the need to be able to logically defend everything we do can be such a block to fulfillment in our careers and elsewhere.

  10. Keena – I love that theme you keep mentioning about not wanting to die with your music still in you. It’s such a great metaphor for so many. We all fall prey to this sore spot. The important thing is you are not letting it keep you there. Get pissed – – ride the wave of “good mad” determination!

    Lance – Good point – you aren’t really thinking about it until you come up with a couple of answers that you are willing to act on today! That’s the great balls behind the question. Stay with it buddy. You have too big of a heart to waste in small work.

    John – The rally will be that and more. I’m super-charged that you’ve decided to attend and be the flat out, all the way, hold nothing back guy that you’ve always been. Expect epiphanies!

  11. This is the most powerful thing I’ve read all week and very timely for me. I will be doing 2 things today to move my calling forward. The only things that I feel holding me back have to do with me not trusting the next steps…and if we don’t trust then what’s the point of anything?

    thank you.
    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Halloween, Librarians and That Sassy Superhero… =-.

  12. I am hearing a calling to become a international relief aid-worker but the problem with this calling is that I won’t be able to support my partner on the income this would bring and the fact that your constantly away on assignments. The worse thing about this calling is that I can seem to find no way into this industry and most of the jobs are filled by people who have masters in disaster management and ethics. Whilst I have no qualifications or skills that would be utilized my international charities and NGO’s. This just annoys me how am I supposed to be following this calling it seems impossible and im-practical from where I sit

  13. Robyn – Welcome and I’m honored that this post inspired you to do those two things. That’s all it takes for now. A bold start where you trust yourself. You know better than anyone. Be strong!

    Andrea – “The Universe can only course-correct us when we are in motion. We don’t get that kind of help if we’re rooted in one spot.”
    This is very well said. We just can’t see all the openings rooted in one spot. I’m with you boldly act and then tweak. At least we’ve then taken our calling into the beautiful realm of possibilities.

    Chris – Yes who d says things need to make logical sense especially when we are first inspired? I’m glad you’re questioning that. let me know what you come up with. True callings are movement and they have emotional messages. The right folks will get it regardless of how much sense it maes. Sense to whom? Now that’s a good question to ask.

  14. Mitesh – Welcome! I hear you now I’m asking you to really hear me. You said it. This calling makes no sense from where you SIT! May I suggest that’s because you are sitting on it instead of taking some action. There is always a small action that we can take. Ask, what can I do now? Do that and see how your closed perspective opens.

    Secondly don’t think jobs. Jobs aren’t callings. Jobs were not created to serve individuals but they were created to serve the needs of systems.

    The good news is you know what you are called to do and who you are called to help. Dig into that and see what aid you can offer to the needy in your own hometown. Earn a name for helping and people will come to you. Qualifications won’t matter once they see you are living your calling.

    Take that small step and then another. Surprise yourself at what opens then.

  15. Tom, today at lunch I told a close friend about you and your work. She had an interesting take:

    She is a professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She opened her own school 4 years ago, and despite the tough times, the school has positively flourished.

    She is poised to quit her day job, as the studio can now support her, and she is having reservations. Her fear is that if she begins to rely on her true calling as her sole income stream, it will be *less* authentic and more of a have-to.

    My suspicion is that if she goes ahead with her plans, she will never look back, except perhaps to wonder why she ever hesitated.

    However, on a related note, I have often wondered if the joy I derive from cooking would diminish if I did it for a living. So, I suppose she has a point (even though my advice to her was to quit the day job).

  16. We are almost to the point where have capped out this phase of our business without making our next move. I mean there are only so many dates on the school’s calendar available for our programs. We are now brainstorming our next move. It’s a fun problem to have.

  17. Vivianna – It sounds as though your friend has some fears that are caused by not fully understanding herself. It amazes me when folks do this to themselves. They see wonderful evidence that their calling could and will support them but instead of looking at what’s working well they look at the fear. I’d love to spend a few minutes on the phone with her. Please make that offer; we’ll call the session a gift from you. Clarity around what she really wants could make all the difference for her.

    To your cooking question: that depends. I also love to cook but I wouldn’t want to turn it into a profession because it is clearly not where I can have the most impact and deliver the greatest service value. Sometimes avocations are just that. They are meant to be stress relievers and enjoyable distractions. Turning them into a business changes how we experience them. So the key to understanding the difference is to understand yourself and all of the components of right livelihood as they relate to you. Examining all of our vocational fears is also one of the components.

    Laurie – Thanks for that exciting report. Yes deciding when to grow and in what direction is a blessing indeed. Go at it with the same confidence that you approached your start-up.

  18. Hesitation can kill the most motivated person. I know I’ve hesitated. I was afraid of the response that I would receive. It was all my imagination getting me carried away. I over thought my concerns and made them feel real.

    By stepping back and realizing that I was wrecking my motivation, the light bulb went off. I just needed to make the best plan I could and go for it.

    My business has finally been coming together the way I wanted. Thanks for you blog posts. They’ve been a big help.
    .-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s last blog ..How Your Company Can Bring the Fun Back =-.

  19. Karl – But it sounds as though you hesitate no more. Good to see you are on your feet and honoring who you are. The world needs you to make it happier. Good work! I’m very proud of you for persisting.

  20. I can definitely identify with over-analyzing! But now that’s shifted to… procrastinating!

    Can you steer me in the direction of any ‘motivational’ posts you’ve done in the past Tom?
    .-= Andrew´s last blog ..Why You Don’t Need to Go to School to Be Successful =-.

  21. Andrew – You don’t need motivation that’s from the outside in. What you want is inspiration to create what would be best for you. Are you for sure working on what you want? Have you gone deep and committed to creating something that is aligned with who you are? In my experience procrastination occurs because we are not enthused enough about our path. Answer those questions and I’ll be happy to point you to some posts.

  22. I agree with Tom about procrastination…occurs because we are not enthused about our path. I’ve lived it.

    “Doubting, over-analyzing and hesitating only add to your confusion.”

    Yes. Tough lessons learned along the way. A data collector and analyzer by nature, this has hurt more than helped me. For me it comes down to integration of body/mind/soul.

    Trust your gut. (Soul)
    Collect enough data (mind)
    Take some action (which in turn helps you collect even more data!) (body)

  23. Thank you, Tom! That is very generous of you, and I plan to make that offer today.

  24. Tom — I liked this post and your suggestions. I agree that intuition is a strong resource in finding your true calling or passion. However, as you said…it can point me in the right direction, but it’s up to me to pay attention and take action…that’s why I think this post is so good.

    In my case, writing has always been a calling for me, but I hesitated or was afraid to really put my writing out there. Blogging opened a big door for me. For the first time, I’m willing to take a chance and have just posted the first part of a fiction story I’ve written. This is something totally new for me, but my “gut” says I need to do this.

    Thank you very much for this post. It came at a good time:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..The Journey Begins: Part One =-.

  25. Stacey – That’s the best way to learn by our mistakes. Congrats. But you are spot on – we must follow our energy. If it’s not clicking it’s because it is a drag and holds no engagement for us. We must be fully engaged and enthused about what our work and about who benefits from it.

    Sara – Your welcome. Yes combining intuition and action is so powerful and an absolute necessity. Too many think the idea itself ought to sweep them off their feet. Baloney! We need our gut knowing, our heart’s desire and our mind as Stacey suggests to get the best read and then of course we need to act. Success requires that we engage authentically.

  26. My inspiration to action plans seem to involve other people spending money….
    still working on this and why I do not wish to make money….I am just so tired of dealing with money….

    I am fasting right now….food and money….on a water diet – still have to pay the water bill…pouring rain outside.

    Responsibility plays a role in here?
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Dear Michael Pollan =-.

  27. where will be if the next generation of leaders never steps up?
    We are them and the time is now. Tom you are brilliant. I am SO sad to miss the big rally. I am camping on a mountain for New Years and yes, I live in Maine!!! But I am sending thoughts to you and will be there for the 2nd Big Rally with out a doubt.

    Keep on rounding up the troops. It is our time to shine.
    .-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s last blog ..And End Your Week Even Better! =-.

  28. Sophia Hudson says:

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I agree that intuition gets you on the good way and direction,it allow you to do the things the way you want.

  29. You’re right. Hesitation is the big dream killer. I encourage my clients to break down the goal into itty-bitty chunks. The fact that they only have to take one little action at a time usually helps them move forward.

  30. Patricia – I understand your pain. If you are tired of dealing with money then do what you are most confident doing and the money will come along for the ride. That’s your responsibility. Be strong like only you can.

    Katie – You are a gem. You really get it and I’m so gratefully pleased to have met you. You understand the impact of pure encouragement and I love you for it.

    Sophia – Welcome. Keep following our intuition because it knows what’s good for you. You are your own wisest counsel.

    Kingsley – Welcome. Indeed any action small, big or in between works well because it changes our perspective and kills resistance. I’m grateful for your visit and for your service to action.

  31. Dear Lord:
    If rejection is your way of saying “wrong direction!”, then please show me the right direction!

  32. Fjune – Your prayer will be answered through the next action you take. Pray and move your feet the Quakers always said. I agree.

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