Uniqueness Your Grandest Gift

berriesYour grandest gift is your blessing of uniqueness.  You are one in 6,789,819,852 people in the world.  Out of those almost 7 billion folks you are the one who is best equipped to create a profitable business following your true calling.

Look to the right of this post.  You’ll find a gift I’ve written in celebration of your uniqueness.  It’s a True Calling Guidebook that gives you 9 powerful compass points to work the true calling process.

If you dare to use it, you’ll no longer want to play a smaller game.

When we play too small, we have forgotten how magnificent we really are.

Playing too small amounts to not honoring your grandest gift.

Perhaps the possibility of discovering and engaging a true calling would not scare you so much if you accepted the reality of your certain greatness.

If you had heard others compliment your uniqueness often while growing up,  you would have an entirely higher opinion of yourself now.

Fully accept the sincere praise in this video and then I challenge you to tell me that you can’t engage your calling.   Imagine that everything you see in this video is true about you – because it is.



  1. Suzanne @ vAssistant Services says:

    I am loved. 🙂 Thanks, Tom.

    I love you, too. And I love what you’re up to.
    .-= Suzanne @ vAssistant Services´s last blog ..Your Newsletter: Do You Still Need It If You’re Blogging? =-.

  2. Hi Tom,
    What a great video, and it makes me really think about my life – and what I’m doing – and knowing that I should listen to my heart… Peace to you, my friend…
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  3. The video hit me at my core. In my past I have fed on unhealthy things trying to find love, significance, acceptance etc. Over the year and a half that I have read your blog and talked back and forth with you, I have come to realize that I am most lovable when I am being myself. I am most free then too. Thanks for this reminder that the best Laurie is the authentic one. And that is the one most equipped to take on my own unique challenge in life. Love you too my friend!

  4. Hi Tom,

    I am very blessed in partner, each day she lets me know that she loves me and accepts me.

    As for affirming that I can be successful and turn my authenticity into prosperity, for that I rely on people like you. Many thanks for this.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Your Productivity Questions Answered =-.

  5. Suzanne – You are loved. I love you and so do so many of your clients.I love what I’m up to as well. Because what I’m up to is spreading. When folks give themselves permission to love themselves while loving the work they want to do, the circle of love is complete.

    Laurie – We are all loved whether authentic or not. Yet I agree with you; the self-love comes forth more vividly when we are authentically aligned. I love you and your powerful presence.

    Lance – I love you buddy. Your heart is sooooo big and the world is waiting for you to listen to it and engage what it says all the way.

    Evan – I’m so happy for you. A loving partner is one of life’s greatest blessings. I love you for your relentless pursuit of authentic prosperity. Keep at it my friend. Your uniqueness will not be denied.

  6. John Morlan says:

    A powerfully moving video. Thank you for sharing.
    “Playing too small amounts to not honoring your grandest gift” Ok, I’m guilty. But that was yesterday. Now, thanks to your reminder, I am keenly aware of my grandest gift and what better way to say thanks to the giver of the gift than to share it with others who may have not been fed today.

  7. Hi Tom,
    I must stop and tell you how moved I was by the video you presented. It touched me to my core and moved me to tears.

    Would you mind if I spread the love? I want to place this video on my site:

    Would you mind?
    Thank you for uplifting my spirit 😉
    Love to you and all…

  8. Kathy – I’m pleased that it moved you as well. I’ve watched it three times and every time I connect to that part of me who needs that love. Of course you may use it. The permission isn’t even mine to give. I did not produce it. In fact blogger CG Walters first shared it on facebook and it’s not his either. As a YouTube video it is available for the public to post as they like. You are loved. Thanks for visiting.

  9. I was just teaching a workshop and a woman said she had a hard time with the word unique…cause she did not see what made her unique. It was so interesting because all of the other participants were practically jumping out of their seats to share with her what they saw so uniquely with her.
    It does not matter though if we are not able or willing to look deep within and see our unique medicine which we have to give the world simply by being our selves.
    May we offer everyday the medicine that is ours so that we may in our daily living be like balm for those who share this wide planet with us.
    Beautiful video. You rock.
    .-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s last blog ..Shine your Light and Change the World =-.

  10. John – You are welcome. Your relentless pursuit towards your own calling is inspiring and fun to witness. Bless them all brother.

    Katie – Yes you are correct. One must be willing to see the uniqueness that is under-engaged. The willingness to be very aware is really the first step. Blessings – you rock as well.

  11. I think I finally have a finger on my uniqueness. It took a while to figure out. But stopping to listen internally and to those around me, I realize what I have to offer. And it was a matter of digging deep and creating awareness. Tough work, but so worthwhile.
    .-= Stacey Shipman´s last blog ..How I Found “Work Happiness”, Finally =-.

  12. I love this! I’m so glad @GeorgeKao posted it on Twitter for me to find!

    All the best,
    Christine Elisabeth Hueber
    .-= Christine Elisabeth Hueber´s last blog ..How to Have a Good-Feeling Long Weekend! =-.

  13. Stacey – Ah that’s wonderful now go forth and be your edgy self. Work for purity of expression and appropriateness be damned.

    Christine – Welcome. It’s a pleasure to meet you under such delightful circumstances. 🙂

  14. Tom, this video is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!
    .-= Jodi at Joy Discovered´s last blog ..Love in All Directions =-.

  15. In addition to being unique among 7 billion, I would add that each individual and each experience of each individual is a unique event in the history of the universe.

  16. Jodi- I’m please you enjoyed it. Be well and love a lot.

    Carl – Welcome man and you make an excellent point. Whoever said nothing new is ever created was a fool!

  17. KL Karrington says:

    What a moving video. Not only does it make me contemplate on who I am, but it also makes me appreciate the people around me who have made me feel this, if only I took notice.

  18. Primary Work at Home says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing it.
    .-= Primary Work at Home´s last blog ..What would google do? =-.

  19. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your words and the video.

    When athletes, musicians, scientists train, they go over and over the basics. I feel it is important for my spiritual walk to train on the basics and I believe that the keystone or fundamental concept is knowing who we are, how wonderfully we are made, how each cell sings praise to light, life, and love, if we allow the flow, if we make it a daily practice to align ourselves with the basics.

    We are all children of God and miracles evolving toward pure light and love. We are told that we should love others as we love ourselves… hmmm, if we may only see in others the love that is within, what more honorable a gift than to realize how much we are loved and who we truly are!

  20. KL – Welcome. May you be blessed with the self-love of recognition form this point on.

    Janneth – Your welcome. Be the strength you see here. You are ready for what you face.

    Suzen – Welcome. Yes indeed it is a daily practice just like running and strength training. We are given a loving beautiful foundation and it is up to us to keep it focused and strong. You are loved!

  21. so true..,i wonder when i walk in school and see these different people surrounds me, i realize the diversity of thoughts and idealisms.it me then realize how unique i am..

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