Yes Be Yourself But Not By Yourself

You are not alone. You are connected but you often don’t act like it.

You are not supposed to face challenges by yourself.

Going it alone creates separation and discord. Following the myth of the rugged individual entrepreneur is not the surest path to success.

Going it alone causes you to judge yourself and exclude others. More fear is conjured out of thin air when you try to handle it all by yourself. Fear breeds more fear. Connection breeds strength.

Going it alone creates doubt and delay. Connection is a much better way.

What if the surest way to success and fulfillment was connection and you aren’t really connected?

What if your higher self cannot fully reveal your calling while going it alone?

What if true service can only be realized in deep connection with others?

What if life really happens for you, not to you but in order to get that you can’t go it alone?

It’s only through connection that all good things are allowed and received. Business is no exception. Value is exchanged because of the trust in connection.

I believe that connection is the missing link between authenticity and prosperity. Don’t you find it more rewarding to truly express who you are when others encourage you to do so?

Authentic abundance is the natural state of affairs in the Universe but we can’t see it while working alone. The fear of being alone, blocks out the warmth of serving others.

Money is attracted to confidence. I think confidence increases to the degree that we hang with others who are eager to unconditionally support us. Confidence builds as others voice appreciation and recognition for our creations.

One of the biggest blocks to creating original value occurs when solo business owners feel judged and not supported by others. When entrepreneurs feel the sincere well wishes of positive intention they care less about what others think because they can feel the sincere connection.

Even if you’re self-employed, how could you increase your connection to like-minded others in the same boat?

What concerns come up for you when you consider being more vulnerable in connection with other small business owners?

Do you think the quantum physicists are correct when they say that everything is energy so we already are connected to everything and everyone?

If you knew that to be true without doubt, how might you conduct business differently?


  1. Hi Tom,
    I agree that we shouldn’t go it alone and the kind of success that many of us are looking for can only be found by sharing and helping others.

    We are all connected on an energetic basis so why not connect with others that are on the same path as us.

    I am in the process of connecting with other bloggers to create some projects together and also to do some brainstorming.

  2. Justin – I’m pleased that you see the wisdom of connection. Taking and energetic concept and bringing it alive in actuality is a powerful step. Congratulations!

  3. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — this definitely resonates with where I’ve been going recently — I used to hold back from doing collaborative projects out of a concern that “the other person won’t do any work and I’ll have to do it all,” but what I’ve come to realize is that others will only support me to the extent that I’m willing to take the lead, and that many people actually want to be led by me.

  4. Confidence, competence, and compassion go a long way.

    I’ve seen way too many people with amazing caliber, limited by their own confidence. It’s such a shame.

    The irony of competence is that it grows out of confidence.

  5. Chris – I totally hear you. I used to have that same fear of unbalanced effort based on some real experiences. But like any limited thought we can’t allow the past to determine our creative future. Connection is essential for peace of mind and for most big projects.

  6. J.D. – Absolutely they do and I’ve found that confidence,,being a state of mind – more readily surfaces in the presence of unconditional, community support.

  7. Yes, I do absolutely agree with that!

    If we have something to offer, and there is people out there that need what we can offer… how come can they know it if we don’t engage with them authentically through a heart connection?

    And not just that but connection, at least to me, offers the posibility of sharing and learning. I find myself learning from my own words when authentically communicating to others… plus the amazing revenue of learning from others’ feedback.

    Yes, authentic and truthful connection is essential to grow, success and joy!

    Thanks for sharing Tom!

  8. Marta – Welcome! It’s an honor to meet another heart-centered entrepreneur. Blessings to you and to your business.

  9. Again, confidence is what makes people reach greater heights.

  10. That is certainly several inspiring stuff. and I Never knew that thoughts could be this different. I have to say that experiences are the things that make me strong and it helps me to become who I am now. I agree too that authentic and truthful connection is essential to grow, success and joy. Many thanks for all of the enthusiasm to offer such information right here.

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