You Are Enough

You’re smart enough, resilient enough and creative enough to follow-through and do what you are uniquely inspired to do.

If you think anything less about yourself, you believe uninvestigated thoughts that are limiting your capacity to act.

What matters most, is what you believe, about you.

Everyone Doesn’t Have To Love You

Seth Godin shares a powerful message today that makes a great marketing point.  Everyone doesn’t have to love you in order for you to succeed.

If you need the validation and acceptance and patronage of everyone you meet, you’ll get stuck, and soon.  Seth Godin

Everyone doesn’t need to love you or even understand you.  Don’t mix up your personal needs with your business needs.  Especially for self-employed one-man and one-woman shows, we are the business.  In marketing activities like self-promotion, the line can get awful blurry.

But our personal, emotional needs are just that, they’re personal.  It’s a good move to create some separation, at least in your own mind.

Don’t take business rejection personally. The marketplace is rejecting your offer not you.

Don’t get defensive when challenged. The marketplace is challenging the value of your business concept not your personal value.

For the people you came here to serve, you are more than enough.

Proof That God Cares

Does God care about your daily work?  I’ve joined a community of bloggers, Higher Calling Blogs who say yes.  I agree.

My proof is this.  God loves and wants only the best for all. That’s why you were gifted with unique individuality.  You were meant to uniquely express for the highest good of all.

Your special makeup is not some cruel joke.  You came here specially equipped to make a difference in a way that feeds your soul and serves humanity.

Anything less and you’re not even in the game.  Quit selling yourself short.  Express who you are and the right folks will support you.

Choose Your Champions Well

This is a special salute to Barbara Swafford, of Blogging Without a Blog, Barbara is a noble soul who believes in conversation, community and in carrying the flag of blogging.

Since 1997 Barbara has asked very good questions for bloggers to consider and respond. She’s a champion for bloggers and backs in up in word and deed. Go here to list your blog for free in the Blogging Without a Blog Registry


  1. I love this “Barbara is a noble soul who believes in conversation, community and in carrying the flag of blogging.” Spot on!

    And what a powerful post. I’ll have to check out Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Lori – Yep, Barbara, sure is a peach. be well, I’ll see you over at Higher Callings.

  3. Hi Tom.

    I’m having a great morning running from post to post and commenting on these tribute posts. I loved your line about uninvestigated thoughts — tweeted.

    Noble is a great word to describe, Barbara. Since her blog is based a lot on asking questions, I suspect that you, being a Life Coach, will appreciate how much value that has added to the blogosphere. 🙂

    I will check out Higher Calling, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tom,
    This is a wonderful post and tribute…stumbled and will go check out Higher Calling too..

    Thank you for sharing and participating….It is just a wonderful tribute all round…

    (It is a new liver virus attack – I am already getting better – watch out, I am coming back to life!)

  5. thank you, tom!

    i laughed out loud when i read “your special makeup is not some cruel joke” –

    so perfect to address: my wandering mind, my penchant for not following directions, my desire to explore mysterious unknowns, etc., sometimes feel like challenges rather than gifts – yet that’s exactly why i have created works of art that mimic no one else’s, why and how i have built sculptures of deep meaning, why i am constantly curious and in love with new people, new ways of thinking, new discoveries of all sorts.

    thank you for the gift of your insight and for bringing your unique self into my world to help me remember i am enough.

  6. Hey Tom!
    Barbara rocks!! What a gift she is to those in the blogging space! I know that I have learned so much from her, and even more – felt her care and understanding through her words.

    And that truly is a higher calling…and touching many like the wings of an angel…

  7. Davina – Yes we are both in the admiring Barbara Swafford club. She’s always had a kind ear for me.

    Patricia – You are a gem for thinking of this tribute. I’m ready to witness your new found burst of determination.

    Julie – I’m glad it spoke to you. Thank you. You are an inspiration and yes even your challenges are meaningful gifts. It’s all good. Keep putting it out there in the way that only you can.

    Lance – Hey Buddy, thanks for dropping by. I’m off for a piece of pie at your place next.

  8. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Tom — this is always an intriguing issue to explore — partly because there seems to be no end to the obstacles that come up because of it. One question I like to ask myself is “what if this person actually is rejecting me — what if they know absolutely everything about me and they find it all wanting? What does that really mean?”

  9. BLOOMING PARIS/ Jenn says:

    Tom, this post is totally where I am at. I cannot pick even one favorite line. This was for me in every way! Thank you for this beautiful illumination and reassurance today.
    It feels so good to be here tonight to receive this message.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    I appreciate you blessing w/ light and encouragement to so many!!
    hugs… Jenn

  10. > Choose Your Champions Well
    You have a way with words and that is a sticky one-liner.

    Life’s a great trip when you choose the right champs.

  11. Chris – That’s interesting. What does that really mean? it could be as simple as the two folks just aren’t clicking enough to communicate. We are all such complex individuals who can only see things form our own perspective. So really how valid is any individual opinion?

    Jenn – If it’s totally where you are then congratulations. You know you are more than enough to decide and take the next step.

    J.D. – Thanks man. You are certainly right about that. Inspiration is all around us, all we need to do is tune into the right message by folks we respect.

  12. Thank you Tom,

    I’m still speechless. Here I was, unplugged from blogosphere for a week, and what do I come back to but one blog post after another honoring ‘lil ole me. I truly feel blessed.

    I can identify with the sentence, “You came here specially equipped to make a difference in a way that feeds your soul and serves humanity.”. For me, blogging does that. Where else can we reach thousands (or millions) of people, feed our soul and serve?

    For your kind words I thank you Tom, and for those who commented and showed support, I am forever grateful.

    P.S. Higher Calling Blogs looks fascinating. I’ll be taking a closer look at their site in the near future. Thank you for the head up.

  13. Barbara – That’s funny that you were unplugged for the very week we all decided to honor you and your work. You do indeed serve humanity well and I’m so very happy for you that it feeds your soul.

  14. Tom,

    Thanks for the reminder that who I am, really is enough. Even after a year of trying to be my most authentic self on my blog, I still have fears revealing the next layer of who I really am.

    But, in alignment with your words, I really do think revealing the next layer of me, will be the key to even more success. I guess I still have some more fears to release, before I reveal even more of myself.


  15. Kara – Authentic discovery does begin to take on a faster pace when we are open to it. It sounds like you’re there. The fears are only there to show you how much you really care about being your bold self all the way.

  16. It is my first time here. And i really enjoyed reading your articles. You give sense in every words you said.

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