Break Comes Before Breakthrough

making a breakthroughSorry Dad.    You were right and I didn’t realize it until now.  I thought my Dad was just trying to cheer me up when he said.  “You just need to catch a break.” Finally I see the wisdom in those words.

Maybe we ought to listen more carefully every time someone who loves us tries to help us?

The thing is – breaks do need to be caught.  To be caught they need to be realized as the potential shift in consciousness that they are.

A break is at the same time a fracture and a gap. It’s a tearing apart and an opening.  Thus the wisdom in …. break comes before breakthrough.

In what specific life area do you need to catch a break?  Are you aware enough to catch it when one is being offered? Are you really committed to making that break?

The only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy.  Angelina Jolie

The same area where you would love a break is the most challenging situation where you want to make a breakthrough.

In what specific life area do you need to catch a break because I’m offering you one right now?  But this isn’t merely a cognitive gift of wisdom.  I’m offering you a breakthrough experience.

We’ll meet this Thursday Feb. 7, 4:30 PM Eastren, on the phone.  To join us you only need to reply to this message answering two questions. Your responses will be kept confidential and only be used by me to prepare the experience.

In what specific area of my life would I most benefit from making a breakthrough?

What is the number one obstacle to me breaking through and shifting to a new way of being?

That’s all that’s required for you to participate in this breakthrough experience.  Or you can just go one saying that you never catch a break.

Tom Volkar

PS Remember that joke about the praying man who turned down three lifesaving rescue attempts and then asked God why he wasn’t saved?  Don’t let that be you. Respond now and answer the two questions above.




  1. Love this, Tom. Another thing is just hanging in there. HP started out selling heating pads, and apparently not very good ones. So many failures can be attributed to just not sticking around long enough.

    • Thanks Bill. Well said. Mistakes are just missing the mark and getting us closer to offerring our unique brilliance. The essence of catching a break is to increae ones awareness of the breaks available. One might ask. What am I missing here that could be really good for me?

  2. Tom – as an old follower, I’m glad to connect with you from your old site. With regard to your topic on breaks, I’ve been having a number of them show up recently (more opportunities than you would call breaks) and I’ve been taking advantage of them.

    I think each of us know in our hearts when we’re ready and the old saying seems to ring true (at least it has for me) that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

    Hope to read more and see what you’ve been up to Tom. Glad to talk to you again.

  3. Hi Pat,

    It’s a pleasure to reconnect with you and it’s good to hear about your increased opportunties. Yep the heart really does know. The trick is being wiling to go within and ask.

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