Business Start Coaching

After working with me as your coach:

  • You will know which business is best for you.
  • You will know how to start a profitable business.
  • You will be inspired to create, act and follow-through.
  • You will see how to leverage your true calling into a profitable business.

Most would be entrepreneurs totally miss the post important ingredient for business startup success.   They miss it because they look to much at what others are doing and don’t pay enough attention to who they are.

The most successful new businesses are successful because the founders understood the importance of starting a true-calling based business.

Right career exploration is finding the right career and then starting a business that frees you because it suits you.  When you start your business in alignment with who you are, you have increased the probability of both sustained fulfillment and prosperity. Why just be rich when you can be rich and happy?

In order to start your own business there are many factors to consider and many decisions to make.   Being your business coach, I’ll guide your so that you’ll see what you need to see and act, much faster than you could on your own.

Action is key for momentum but it must be the right action at the right time.  Most potential entrepreneurs are more ready to launch than they think they are.  Often they delay because of a lack of confidence but planning does not inspire confidence, action does.

But business success is not only about business. It’s also about having a fulfilling life outside of business and solid relationships to support the business.  An effective small business coach knows how to bring the three disciplines together for your maximum gain.

Life Coaching for Small Business Startup Success

Everything counts and everything is connected.  If your life is lacking, then your business results will be lacking as well. If you focus and energy are elsewhere then you will not be as decisive and powerful in your follow-through.

Starting your own business can be the most challenging adventure you’ll ever take.  It helps to have a strong guide who will unconditionally support you and hold you firmly accountable, to complete what you say you want to complete.

Often before business coaching is effective you’ll need life coaching to build a strong life foundation, since you are the major driver of your business success.   In order to increase business productivity, adjustments must be first made in personal productivity.

It’s essential to learn how to make and honor agreements with yourself.   It’s important to be able to focus all the way to completion.  A good business life coach can help you to decide what you really want.  A lack of focused clarity, because of perfectionism, procrastination and over-analyzing keeps new business owners from getting a startup off the ground.

Relationship Coaching for Small Business Startup Success

Being skilled and experienced as a relationship coach comes in handy in business coaching when the would be entrepreneur needs to garner the support of his or her spouse or life partner.   Generally there is a temporary decline in household income when starting a new business so it can be challenging to get everybody on board.

In these cases it is very helpful to have a supportive business coach in your corner so that you can get very clear on what you want and be encouraged and supported unconditionally as you go for it.  I have extensive experience coaching couples to make and honor agreements.  Gaining the enthusiastic support of your spouse or life partner is much easier when guided by an objective third party with professional communication skills.

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Professional Business Coach Tom Volkar, is an international business start and career coach, who coaches by telephone, from his office in Pittsburgh PA.     Tom specializes in career coaching for small business start ups in Maryland, Washington D.C., Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.