Starting Your Business

Five Steps to Confidently Quit Your Job & Start Your Business in 90 Days

1). Achieve Perfect Self-Awareness.  Get clearer than ever before, on who you are. This is important because the clarity serves as a personal foundation on which to make key business decisions aligned with who you are. Then you can lead with your own preferences and individuality rather than be swayed by outside pressures and the agendas of others.

Once you’ve gotten really clear on your personal awareness then we’ll move onto step two which replaces fearful obstacles with confidence.

2). Replace Fear with Confidence.  In this step we crystallize what you really want.  You’ll break through self-created limitations and obstacles to get to a place where you have the confidence you need to overcome your fears. You’ll need to do this in order to actually make your business real. As a result you’ll feel more alive and confident as you empower your business choices. At the end of this step any time your mind reaches for a fear that now causes you to hesitate, we will have replaced that fear with confidence and you will act. Right now your fears are holding you back so we are going to make sure that your desire to be in business is more real than your concerns.

Once fear is neutralized and you are leading with your natural confidence we will move onto step three which gives you week by week achievable milestones for leaving your job and starting your business.  Just like you know you are able to walk to the fridge and get some milk – you’ll know that you are in the midst of starting your business with that same certainty.

3). Develop a Week by Week Freedom Plan.  Right now you know how to be an employee.  That’s clear to you.  In this step you will get business owner clear by developing and following your customized plan. For the first time you’ll be making actual progress on your new business startup.  As you follow-through and complete a series of best next steps your confidence will grow. You’ll feel more alive and clearer as you begin to see how happy your being in business for yourself.

Then as a natural progression of your action plan you’ll go to the next step which is to make a firm decision on exactly what business you are inspired to start.

4). Choose the Right Business.  At this point I’ll walk you through a comprehensive decision-making process and it’s here that you’ll make the exact, right business choice for you.  You’ll know that it’s the right choice because it aligns with everything we did in step one. When you make this choice you’ll find that the fears we worked on in step two no longer apply to you because you’ve done the work to dissolve them.

After you choose your business then you’ll be ready for step five to make it real.

5). Make It Real. Here we celebrate because you’ve done it! You’ve set a date to leave your job and start your business. Make it real means that you start telling people about it.  That may sound scary now but in 2-3 months you’ll be excited to spread the word. Make it real means that you’ll get very clear about what you are selling and who you are selling it to.  It’s different for everyone but there is always a next best step to take. It might be doing some basic development of your web presence. You’ll know once we get there but the important thing to realize is this. Here you are actually in business.


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Professional Business Coach Tom Volkar, is an international business start and career coach, who coaches by telephone, from his office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Tom specializes in career coaching for small business start ups in Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.