Career Change & Discovery

90 Days of Intense Work Life Purpose Exploration

An authentic career exploration identifies who you are so that your alignment with your career or business is clearly evident.  An authentic career is more calling than job, more vocation than profession.

Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.  Fredrich Buechner

A vocation, from the Latin vocare (verb, to call), is a term for an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which they are most suited and qualified because of innate talents, strengths and abilities.

Because individual uniqueness must be honored first in this discovery process, each path is as unique as the individual walking it.  Coaching in this process works best to have a structure to follow that can be customized to each individual.

I’ve been career coaching since September of 1998 and the guiding structure I created is illustrated in the Nine Elements of Authentic Career Discovery.

Coaching Process

Step One – We begin with an in depth conversation about who you are and what you most want to create.  This intake interview is to agree on objectives and to co-create a career coaching exploration structure that is customized to optimize your individual success.

Step Two – From our initial conversation I’ll create a set of intake questions designed to further zero in on what you most want and how best to go about creating it. You’ll return your responses to these questions.

Step Three – We’ll conduct an exploratory coaching session on one essential issue or desire. Before we make the decision to work with one another, we must confirm our client/coach synergy.

Step Four – If we both agree, you hire me and commit to a rigorous 90 days of intense, life purpose (true calling) discovery coaching.

* Together we’ll schedule nine, 50-60 minute sessions spread out within the 90 days. As your coach I’m available for email feedback and support 24/7.

* Additionally an unlimited number of 5-10 minutes laser coaching sessions may be scheduled by you on an as needed and wanted basis.

* Together we’ll agree on your 90 day measurable discovery objective and then you’ll determine your 30 and 60 day milestones. I’ll hold you accountable to creating the life and lifestyle you most want.

* Your coaching will be customized to the degree that you need guidance on each of the Nine Elements of Authentic Career Discovery.

* No one is good at seeing his or her blinds spots. Without a coach, needless time is often wasted working one ineffective business strategy because that’s the only one the client is aware of.

Essential Concepts of Authentic Career Discovery

1). The Blessing of Unique Capability states that you are uniquely equipped with the ability and the capacity to bring your true calling based business idea to fruition.

2). Your authentic work must first be discovered within and then developed without.

3). True Calling inspired careers or businesses are more effectively created from scratch, than found already created by employers or other outside resources.  That’s why I have a strong bias for self-employment.  Very few employees are both intrinsically fulfilled and financially satisfied.

4). Divine Coalescence actively engages the saying, “it’s all good.”  It’s a spiritual practice of recognizing that everything counts: every mistake, experience, gift, relationship and knowledge you have ever been exposed to, has created the body of capacity that is uniquely you.  Devine Coalescence is a focusing declaration that leverages the total of your makeup and experience, on your own behalf, so that you may most fittingly and effectively serve humanity.

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Professional Business Coach Tom Volkar, is an international business start and career coach, who coaches by telephone, from his office in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.