Self-Awareness for Business Results

Self-Awareness starts by identifying nine authentic career elements that essentially make up who you are. Once these are known then you have a decision-making foundation from which to choose business possibilities and actions that are in close alignment with your core self. self-awareness

There’s a special business that you can start and develop, in your way that will light you up and once you increase your self-awareness you’ll more clearly see it.

This is the work that you were especially meant to do.  And it could very well be that you can’t see it from your present perspective.  Cognitive scientists have determined that our minds can only solve puzzles by searching in our past experiences. Give yourself some credit. If you knew what to do – you would have already done it.

Discovering, creating and developing the business that only you can do in the way that only you can do it requires an increased self-awareness to see possibilities that you can’t now see.

Once you reach that level of self-awareness no concerns remain. You’ll launch that business. Boredom and confusion will be a thing of the past because you will get very clear on your natural eagerness. That eagerness will shine a spotlight on new insights and choices that will payoff in the eight business results below.

1. Decision Making Ease

Once you know yourself greater you will be more aware while developing your business. Business success comes more readily by making the most optimum choice in every situation.  When you know who you are it’s infinitely easier to see how aligned specific choices are with your individuality. Alignment brings clarity which lessens confusion and self-doubt.

2. Increased Natural Confidence

Confidence is a special state of being that isn’t easily generated without some depth behind it. Depth comes from either experience or thorough preparation. When you take the time to really get to know yourself then confidence is earned by the depth of practice and the thoroughness of self-discovery.

3. More Time

When you know who you are you create the space to honor yourself by becoming more purposefully driven. You say no thank you to invitations and distractions that don’t lineup with your priorities and most meaningful work. That creates more space which frees up the available time you have to play.

4. Clearer Vision

It’s real hard to get where you want to be when you don’t know where that is. Once you know who you are – you’ll know what you want. Choices become so much clearer because you can feel them as either expansive or deadening to your being. Then you just tune into your feelings and sensations and choose the choices that bring you alive.  Soon you’ll imagine a vision that lights you up just thinking about it.

5. More Supportive Environments

It’s hard for the universe to have your back when you keep showing up within environments that do none of the work for you. In the supportive environments you are in the flow of life cruising downstream. In resistive, non-supportive environments you’re guard is always up in defense or caution. This leaves little energy and awareness for creativity and joy.  Once you get in sync with your place in the natural order you’ll allow your environments to support and stimulate you by choosing on those that do. For more on environments grab my free eBook, 9 Compass Points of Core Calling.

6. Less Stress

You become more grounded and peaceful. Because you regularly connect with your inner wisdom there is nothing to stress out about. Stress is created when you want to be somewhere else and don’t know how to get there. When you know who you are you’ll see choices to put you on the path to where you want to be.

7. Greater Productivity 

Knowing who you are allows you to tap your purest vein of inspiration so you don’t have to use will power, discipline and self-control to get things done. Inspiration is the only natural effective antidote to resistance. Go ahead and keep sucking it up if that turns you on but if you’re ready to get more done, more naturally then really get to know yourself better.

8. Bottom Line Clarity

Once you know and acknowledge who you are you’ll become dedicated to a set of personal business standards. Choosing projects and partners becomes a breeze because you know the bottom line that you will not cross. Whether you’re changing a job, starting your own business or getting involved in a new opportunity the clarity of your non-negotiable requirements will cause you to only seek your own wise counsel.  These requirements guide your decision-making with assuredness that becomes increasingly evident.

elements of self-awarenessThese eight business results of increased self-awareness allow you to see many more choices in every aspect of your business. This journey begins by getting very clear with your coach as you identify each of the nine authentic career elements in the graphic to the right.  Once you know yourself that well you can select business actions and opportunities that are in alignment with who you are. What if business success didn’t have to be difficult?  You can contact me here to take the first step in your self-awareness journey.






  1. Hi Tom. I love your emphasis on building on our uniqueness.

    And I think it’s great that you also point out that we need to do this in a way that suits our uniqueness also. (There are too many people recommending ways of doing things that don’t come from our heart in my opinion. The ‘use marketing methods for your alternative business’ kind of thing.)

    I like too your point about not having to use will power when you are in alignment.

    I really like your positive take on business and how it can flow from our uniqueness.

  2. Hi Evan,
    I appreciate you point out especially that the way we explore and discover also needs to be unique to us. You’re quite right – far too many gurus are recommending something just because it worked for them. I’ve worked with some of those experts and if the strategies selected don’t match up with your energy and preferences it can be challenging to sue them.

    One is much better off working with a coach or consultant who is flexible enough to allow the room for the client to do it her way.

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