How to End the Fear of Not Making Enough Money

You must end the fear of not making enough money in order to make the leap to being your own boss.

I’ve listened to hundreds who deeply desire the freedom of self-employment but they just can’t get past the security fears of not making enough money.  They are “waiting people.”

Fearfully they wait for the right time to start their business and that time never comes.end fears of not making enough money
If you have delayed going out on your own because you fear that you won’t earn enough money, I’ve written this free self-coaching guideChoosing Your Ideal Business: How to Decide with Confidence & Eliminate Fears about Making Enough Money, just for you.

You don’t need to hit bottom like I did, although it is one hell of a motivator. If you trust me like you’re paying me – this guidance will change your life.

Every potential client who wants to operate their own business is faced with needing to end the fear of not making enough money.  It’s the number one obstacle that stops folks from choosing the freedom of being their own boss.

Yet after only being coached for 1-2 weeks, 80% of my new clients report having absolutely no fear after completing the agreements of only one coaching session.
Over 16 years I’ve refined my new business startup coaching into a powerful process. I’m very good at what I do and I only work with clients who are committed to creating a remarkable outcome in 90 days.

Contained within this eBook, Choosing Your Ideal Business: How to Decide with Confidence & Eliminate Fears about Making Enough Money, is a greater arsenal of fear clearing tools, than my paying clients use. You can download it for free here.

You can use the same guidance that my clients use to choose their ideal business and end the fear of not making enough money by following this powerful three pronged approach. start up business success
1. Validating & acknowledging who you are
2. Clearing the fear of not making enough money
3. Identifying aligned business possibilities

Real time fear-clearing, with no avoidance, is  essential to becoming financially fearless but it’s only one of three essentails to being ready to start your on business.

You must also end the second biggest fear that causes you to delay starting your own business.


The Second Biggest Fear

The second biggest fear for individuals, who want to be their own boss, is the fear of not knowing what business to start. You want to know what business will bring you optimum fulfillment and prosperity.

Perhaps you’ve chosen and failed before and you want to get it “right” this time. Or maybe you have so many interests that you can’t imagine boiling it down to one business, let alone knowing how to do that.

During live, one-on-one coaching, my clients and I work on enhanced self-awareness and identifying the most aligned business for each individual, while clearing every limiting belief and fear that comes up, as it comes up.

Essential Components to Confident Empowerment components of confident empowerment

Remove any one of these essential compnents and your transformation to fearlessness and new found confidence will slow or not happen at all.

I have done my very best to include all 9 components in this self-coaching guide for you. You are getting the same top notch, proven tools and methods that my paying clients use.

It is my intention that you use this guide to become financially fearless so that you can start and succeed in the ideal business for you.

Download this powerful free resource now and you could end the fear of not making enough money in 17 days.   If you want to start your business even sooner, apply for a no-obligation, Confidently Make the Leap, strategy session here.


  1. Diana Morgan says

    As someone just beginning my first real business where I am really ME, this is very valuable and pertinent information. The entrepreneurial path can be quite scary, but your message is a bright light to follow – that the call in my heart is more powerful than any fear. Your process and words are practical and inspiring, and I’m incredibly excited to move forward! I know that these tools will help me immensely to build my business, and I am very grateful. Thank you!

    • @Diana – Be sure to work the process as instructed. You’ll begin to feel a lift in a matter of days. Once you replace fear with natural confidence look out world!

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