Focused Fridays

FocusedFridays2What are Focused Fridays?

Here’s the scoop:

Each Friday, I reserve 1.5 hours for what I call, “Focused Fridays.”

There are 3 available slots of 30 minutes each.

During your session, we can talk about anything you want as it relates to your business. It could be:

  • Making a Big Decision
  • Brainstorming a Signature Service
  • Narrowing your Focus
  • A Marketing Question
  • A Mindset Challenge

This is a laser- focused, working session.        

There are no catches, tricks, gimmicks or obligations.

At the end of the Session, one of two things can happen:

  1. You take the value you’ve received and go on your way.
  2. You take the value you’ve received and we speak about possibly working together.

Due to current demands on my time, my schedule allows for limited one-on-one time for non-clients. Focused Fridays are about the only option.

If you want to send me background info in advance of your session, feel free to submit it via email.  Tell me about the single most pressing business issue on which you want to focus.

At the appointed time, please call 724-823-0317.

Here is the link to reserve your spot. Once you’ve scheduled your session, you’ll receive preparation instructions via email.