Know Your Unique Personal Greatness

The most accomplished creators in every field amaze us with their ability to know and leverage their uniqueness equals greatnessunique personal greatness. They don’t question being wildly outside of the appropriateness box in order to express this brilliance and they certainly don’t mind being called weird or eccentric.

Recently I’ve been developing ways for you to experience yourself as the magnificently unique being that you are. The fastest way to access your unique personal greatness is to not worry about being seen as wild or weird. Instead become the authority of your own life.

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You can leverage your uniqueness to achieve your personal greatness if you can answer yes to at least 12 of the following 16 questions.

  1. Are you willing to care more about what you think of you, than you care about what others think of you?
  2. Do you truly believe that almost anything is possible?
  3. Have you ever sensed that you were destined for unique personal greatness?
  4. Are you open and willing to receive joy and money easily and effortlessly without working hard for it?
  5. When challenged, are you willing to quit asking why things are the way they are and instead choose the easiest way out?
  6. Are you willing to consider the possibility that being joyful is always a choice?
  7. Do you think it’s possible to let go of the past and make a complete fresh start?
  8. Are you willing to stop being so hard on yourself?
  9. Do you believe that your most direct route to financial prosperity is through being the unique contribution to humanity that only you can be?
  10. Do you consider yourself to be a natural optimist?
  11. Are you willing to more often use gratitude to effectively get what you desire?
  12. Do you believe that your decisions, conclusions and points of view create your reality?
  13. Could you accept that all life occurrences happen for you and through you but not to you?
  14. Are you willing to quit trying to figure things out and instead choose how you want them to be?
  15. Can you at least sometimes, sense the presence of a guiding, inner wisdom (connection to God, higher self or soul) that loves you and only wants the best for you?
  16. Are you willing to look for the good in every challenging situation?

Please join us if you could answer Yes to 12 or more.