How to Start Over In a New Career

Start over in a new career possibilitiesWhat if starting over in new career was far easier than you think it is?  If you’re dying from the inside trying to live in a toxic work environment – rejoice!  That dissatisfaction is your life trying to get you to see that you can make a move and start over.

That’s the purpose of contrast. Without those deadening work experiences you might remain blind and deaf to even the possibility of making a fresh new start over.

The first step is to be grateful for that feeling that you’ve got to get out.  Honor the urge to escape the corporate politics and unexplainable management decisions.  Just look yourself in the mirror and say thank you.

Thank you for presenting enough pain in my life to urge me to make my move.

Then you must being to tell yourself a story of hope, gratitude and possibility instead of a prison-locking story of despair. Statements like those that follow only keep you locked into one possibility.

I’m stuck because I’ll never make as much money on my own.  I hate my job but I don’t know what to do about it.  It’s a tough economy I’d be crazy to leave now.  I can’t start my own business because I don’t know where to start.

You must let go of all of those limiting one-way conclusions or that’s the only options you’ll see.

Instead declare and acknowledge out loud, that you are at choice to start over in a new career.

The swiftest change comes from asking the most positively powerful questions like this one.

Thank you for helping me to see that I have choices, what are all the possibilities?

Right there is your key on how to start over in a new career because it combines gratitude, choice and possibility.

Most who remain hoping but never act do not allow themselves to dare ask, what else is possible?

Did you notice that I did not talk about the specific new career you might start over in? That’s because the possibilities only can surface after gratitude is expressed and choice is acknowledged.

One more important tip – do not try to answer a possibility question with your conscious mind.  Just ask it and live with the question unanswered for a while. That way the Universe can go to work by helping you to see all the possibilities.

If you allow your mind to answer the following question, it can only respond by giving you options that you already know.

Thank you for helping me to see that  am at choice, what are all the possibilities?

So here is your action step. Right now ask this question 10 times in a row and then comment on how you feel about your possibilities.

Thank you for helping me to see that I have many choices, what are all the possibilities?

If you are ready to make your move even faster contact me now to discuss the possibilities.


  1. Brian Emig says

    I have a difficult time making important and not so important decisions at times. I believe it is because I am afraid of the possibility of making a mistake or that I want things to be as perfect as possible. Analysis paralysis if you will. There seem to be several things I do well and am talented at, but I cannot necessarily say that any particular one of them stands out as something I want to do more than the rest. In fact, I cannot say that I derive a great deal of pleasure in maybe any of them anymore. How do you renew that childhood excitement and dream you wanted to achieve when you were little? And how do you decide what you really want to “be when you grow up”?

    • I wouldn’t try to renew a childhood energy. Instead I would seek fresh aliveness form the adult perspective you are now. The absolute surest and quickest way I know of is to be in the question. Ask powerful open ended questions and live with them for awhile. Don’t allow your mind to answer. For you ask these questions for a week and see what comes to you.
      What would it take for me to be overjoyed and fulfilled in my work? What energy and consciousness would help me to easily see the work that would bring me alive?

  2. The question that comes to mind after having read this insightful post, is “Is it possiblie for me to market myself as an ‘education entrepreneur’, working on a contractural basis to provide consulting/training services for various local educational organizations? I believe that the answer is a resounding yes! This way, I can continue to utilize my professional teaching experience.

    Thanks, Tom.

    • Of course, anything really is possible. Now ask, what would it take for me to rapidly get started in this new business? What can I do today that would prove that I was well on my way? Then do that thing and ask again tomorrow.

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