Making Marketing Work for You

The key to making marketing work for you is to enjoy creating and executing your marketing as much as is possible.

marketing you enjoy

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Ever wonder why you enjoy delivering your actual service so much more than you enjoy marketing it? Why do you think that is? For further insight, let’s take a look at the differences between marketing your service and delivering it.

While delivering your service you’re hands on and deeply involved in the client’s situation so you can see the benefits first hand.

When marketing you invest and hope that your message is reaching targeted clientele but you’re often uncertain as to how it’s received and if it’s really working.

You are the expert when delivering your service and your expertise breeds confidence.

When marketing you must rely on the expertise of others which is often a difficult thing to do because trust hasn’t yet developed.

You have one main service that you’ve honed over time so you know what approach will work best for certain client problems.

When marketing you have dozens of different tactics to choose from and it’s challenging to choose the one that will work best for you.

So how can you make marketing work for you?

Tips that will help you to feel better about the marketing you’re choosing.

  1. Use marketing tactics that fit your environment and situation. For example, online tactics like SEO (search engine optimization) will work well for you if you are running a virtual service with little in-person, prospect contact. But if you’re meeting the public at a trade show you’ll do better using promotional giveaways that will help them remember your logo and service after the show.
  2. Choose marketing tactics that you are naturally eager to master. If you’re eager to learn the best ways to leverage a tactic then you will stick with it long enough to understand how to make it work for you. For example, some of you are far more eager to write marketing content than you are to speak to a room of strangers. Honoring your natural eagerness will keep you from jumping from one new tactic to the next without mastering any.
  3. Use tactics where results can be tested, tracked and improved upon over time. Stand alone opportunities like programs and event sponsorship may make you feel good to see your company name in print but if there is no way of tracking results then there is no way of improving your results.
  4. Choose only the top 3-5 marketing tactics that you sincerely want to master. By limiting your use to 3-5 you’re marketing will improve over time as you master the necessary skills. You also won’t be tempted to jump at the next new tactic because you’ll have decided which ones are within your strategy.

By following the above tips you’ll naturally start to enjoy marketing because you’ll see the improvements and look forward to creating even better results with each campaign.

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