Six Reasons Why You Hesitate to Start Your Own Business

You hesitate to start your own business because your imagined scenarios seem far worse than staying where you are.

why you hesitate to start a busienssBut what’s really going on when you want to start a business and don’t? Look at these six most likely reasons to determine which of them is more of a block for you.

It could be that:

  1. You’re afraid of how your life would change if you succeeded.
  2. You’re afraid of failing and how the lack of money or security could change your life.
  3. You’re afraid to hear the judgment of others who think you’re needlessly taking a foolish risk.
  4. You’ve chosen a business that is not a good fit for who you are.
  5. You’re thinking way too hard about how to get started.
  6. Or you want the freedom of being your own boss but don’t know which business to start.

Good News

  • You’re creation has meaning and that means that you have the capacity to create something extraordinary.
  • You’re life experience has not been accidental; every experience has forged your core capacities to create in a way that’s unique to you.
  • Yes, your individuality can be leveraged in a way that gives you a clear marketplace advantage.

Not so Good News

All present results are an expression of a certain way of thinking. I have learned that changing results requires new ways of thought and new action until we find the new result. Albert Einstein

You hesitate to start your own business because the majority of your thoughts up until now feed that hesitation.  What can you do about that?

The easiest and most effective way to take Einstein’s advice is to set aside your over-analysis which causes you to come to limiting conclusions. Your new way of thinking needs to be open-ended so new possibilities can come to your awareness.

Thinking too hard about how to start has kept you stuck in doubt and delay. Taking any of the actions in the startup checklist will get you moving.

You can’t see everything in advance of acting. Some moves require that you make a choice and act first. Then only after acting will your optimum path will be revealed.

A New Way of Thinking

Increase your awareness by asking these questions for one week three times a day to feel the inspiration of fresh possibilities.

Please do not rush to answer.  The function of these questions is not to find answers, but to create expanded awareness.  By asking and allowing them some space, your consciousness is enhanced.  Living with these questions will bring you new possibilities.

What choices, questions and consciousness would make my new business startup easy and effortless?   

What if discovering and developing my ideal business is far easier than I can now imagine?

What possibilities and actions am I capable of that I can’t quite see?

If feeling stuck or resistant ask … what’s right about this that I’m not quite getting?

If you’re mind comes to a conclusion immediately ask … What else is possible?

More Good News

You have an optimum path to a successful business launch but to do so you need greater clarity and confidence than you now have.

Becoming aware of inspiring scenarios will build that confidence. Acting on those possibilities will bring even greater clarity to the process.

You are capable of succeeding in your own business. When you choose a business that’s an ideal match to your individuality you’ll no longer hesitate to start your own business.

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