The Minimalist’s Guide to Leveraging Less Is More

Using a less is more strategy leads to simpler living and more rewarding business.
less is more

If you boiled your business down to its most essential nature what might it look like?

What results might you produce if you removed every unnecessary step?

Make the complex simple to make the impossible possible. Lisa Murray

Is less really more? Hell yes it is! Prove it to yourself.

Consciously engage these 8 less is more principles on your next project.

  1. Less pressure equals greater ease.
  2. Less distraction equals greater focus.
  3. Less unnecessary activities equal more essential completions.
  4. Less hesitation equals more boldness.
  5. Less complexity equals greater simplicity.
  6. Less verbosity equals greater brevity.
  7. Less meandering equals more direct to the heart of the matter.
  8. Less nice to have or do equals greater clarity on essential requirements.

By using the above to condense your efforts you’ll see how less is more creates greater results.

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